Italy has already defeated England 2-1 and now that Uruguay has been defeated as well, there is no team who can stand a chance to them in their group: Italy has the best goal keeper in the world, Buffon, and excellent players like Pirlo, Balotelli and De Rossi not counting that they have a truly impressive defense as well. Italy won the World Cup 4 times (only Brasil won more times. And stats as well show how much stronger Italy is then other major teams having beaten Germany 15 times in 32 games (10 draws) (7 defeats). Spain could have been a threat but their defeat 5-1 against Netherlands was humiliating.

I couldn't disagree more with this position. Italy is always a candidate for winning any soccer competition coming in its way. I really can't quite get why people don't take Italy, a 4-times World Cup Champion, as seriously as they do the likes of England (? ), Spain (? ) and Germany, to name but just a few besides Brazil.

Italy has always beat Germany in any professional game except for friendlies. Also Argentina only has Messi as a good player but their defense sucks. Italy also tied with Spain when they were a player down and scored on them. If anything Brazil will beat them because of a home advantage but Italy will be a major factor in the World Cup. In 2010 they just got balotelli and weren't use to him on the team making them lose early. I believe they will win in Brazil against Germany. But that would be the best game to watch.

I love when everyone underestimates Italia, it makes winning that much more sweet. Everyone concerned about Germany... When was the last time Germany beat Italy in a World Cup? England is a joke. Brazil are young and largely inexperienced. Spain is not nearly the same as they have been in the recent past. Argentina could give Italy trouble. Other than that, I don't see any team in the tournament better than Italy from top to bottom.

Unlike England, Italy have won the World Cup quite recently.

There's no way England is going to win but if you noticed in the considerations cup Italy dominated Spain without balotelli and el sharraway but Italy couldn't finish the 3 breakaways. Spain couldn't get pass the Italian defense.

Italy is no doubt better than Germany... Their team is very versatile and improve in every next game... I don't think this position suits Italy

In order to win the world cup you must first get by Italy... Not easy at all! Just name ONE team that would like to to have Italy in it's way?

I believe Germany are the favorites, HOWEVER, we saw what happened when they faced Italy at the Euro 2012. Italy are the best defending team on the planet, making them dangerous, and very capable of going far. Being a Germany supporter I've learned one thing, NEVER underestimate the Italians

Italy Like always, will surprise everyone by winning the World 2014 cup. Will just find some difficulties in trace passing the group stage, but that is common for them.

Italy should deserve more than this

So many are losing faith in Italy, just wait until we show up in the finals and surprise the world! Although Rossi would've been an even greater addition to the team, all players are physically and mentally ready to take on this years cup. Forza Italia!


Their goalkeeper is the best in the world and the Captain Andrea Pirlo with a lot of experience which will lead them to the Cup. Their defense is very difficult to break through and if the opponents break it then their is more tough player to be beaten up Gianluigi Buffon.

Everyone underestimates Italy. But I like it, when they underestimate Italy it makes them mad when Italy overcome the opposition. For me, Italy will make it at least to the last 8, and I wouldn't be surprised if Italy make it to the semis and go through to the finals. I think Italy have one of the best teams in the World Cup. They have a strong team all around. Italy's team includes the likes of pirlo, de Rossi, balotelli, Rossi, chiellini, Barzagli, Buffon, marchisio, de sciglio, and many more amazingly talented players. I can't wait for the World Cup to begin

As a die-hard Azzurri fan, I truly believe that we will have what it takes to win it all. It's without a doubt going to be a very tough World Cup. Best of luck to everyone's favorite nation in here. Forza Italia!

They're often underrated because of their friendly matches. But men, they are the best national team in the history, after Brazil: tactic, technique and heart. when it counts, they can defeat everybody.

There playing quite well and I think that they have been showing some great football which shows there in it to win it and if they believe that which they usually do they can take them selves all the way

Italy will win, because they are the world's best.

Because they have the ability to do the best beyond the imagination.

Italy has always had a rough start but manage to qualify past their group in the round of 16 and moving up.

I think Italy is one of the three best teams in the world. Italy is a great team and it is very strong. Italy has experienced players, like Gianluigi Buffon, Andrea Barzagli, Giorgio Chiellini and Andrea Pirlo. Also, Italy has new and young players like Mario Balotelli and Thiago Motta. Cesare Prandelli is one of the best coaches. Italy has won 4 times the world cup and went 6 times in the final. Italy may go to the final, and it may also win World Cup 2014. I predict the final to be Italy vs Brazil, and Italy will win 3-2. Bye, and I hope that Italy will win World Cup 2014.

Italy has young players good players one of the best players in the world Pirlo. Italia wins World Cup beating Germany 2 to 1 in extra time. GO ITALIA GO! '

I'm a huge fan of Italy, but if they keep playing in the same way, and with this stupid coach, they have no chance at all, especially that Buffon is not participating so far

Italy are consistently very good and to put them at 8th place is ridiculous.