They did surprisingly well last time around. They tend to control the game and the pace every time they play. They just had a lack of good strikers. You can never rule them out as contenders. Much of the old guard has retired and are being replaced by new young talent that can keep up to anyone on the field. They are well organised and work well as a team on the whole. The management of old are gone and the new are stepping up their game and filling in the gaps where they lacked support and talent. I have watched many games where they ruled the pitch but couldn't buy a goal. That is changing now and they are playing a much more open game while still retaining control of the ball. Spain was their downfall last time around and I don't think they will let that happen again. Their first game is against Spain... That will be their ultimate chance to see if they have what it takes this time round.

Van Persie and Robben are two incredibly talented footballers who both have the ability to score. However, they are very different players. Van Persie, who has just recovered from an injury, he is more of a timing goal scorer which means he has amazing timing when running on to long balls sent to him by his teammates. To sum that up, he is a very quick player. Then there is Robben, who is very patient player who uses his skill set to get the goal. Together as a team Holland has a great team chemistry.

The Netherlands is one the best teams in the world. Robben, Sneijder, and Robin van Persie are going to kick butt in the World Cup!

I will cut my tongue off if Netherlands don't win the cup this year... ! It is fated for them to win it this time... ! Don't believe? Just wait for july 14 2014.

I think that Netherlands will win because I looked at the Groups and calculated everything from them took that average from everything and that gives you an idea of who has the best team I know I'm late on picking the right team but I started calculating everything up on the first day that the World Cup 2014 started and this is how long it took me to do all of the work so Netherlands should win. - Jakob_Gentile_220

They might not have the best all round team in terms of superstars, but they may make up for that by being a team. Lack of team spirit used prevented talents and the best football analytics to ever come out first. Now they may lack proven talent in the back, they do appear to work as a team. Moreover, I think the 1-5-3-2 strategy may not look Dutch, it does look sensible with these players. Couple this with the tactics of Van Gaal, and who knows, they might just make it to the finals (at which point they will probably loose, cause they always have :-)

I was very pleasantly surprised by the quality of play of the Dutch team after not expecting much from them following the evaluation of my Dutch family members back home. However, I think they can pull it together as they appear to actually want to play with and for each other. They've got some stunning talent in the team and have thus far very nicely dealt with the competition.

Will start by saying there are no bad teams in the world cup... all have rightfully earned there place here through qualifying, BUT... there are good teams and great teams and that's where the biggest difference lies, The dutch didn't lose 1 match in qualifying and have just hammered Spain 5-1... Brazil Netherlands final, winner will be the best team on the day.

Holland has exceeded the expectation and is still in good shape. They even beat Spain! Holland is overpowered. On the other hand, Argentina has very good players, but they aren't trying hard. The Netherlands have tried all their best to win every match. Remember, Holland has never won a world cup, so that will motivate them to try harder than any other team. -And no I am English. I know England just lost. :( - manurox

Best strikers, midfielders, winger, style of play, academies... TOTAL FOOTBALL

To the guy who said "I'll cut my tongue of if Netherlands don't win" is a complete retard! Sorry, but to even think about cutting your tongue off is stupid. As for Netherlands, they will lose against Germany in the final. This year is not the year in which Netherlands' are granted the champions. They deserve it, yes, but I stick by what I said. They'll lose in the final against the Germans.

In my view Netherlands is the second best bet to win the title after Argentina. Lot of people voted for Brasil but I think that too much home pressure will eat them all. So, the team with fearless play and skill would win and Netherlands is one of them who will show their guts.

Because Holland came so close last World Cup they will want to make up for their close win by making it a win this year. Trust me teams like Germany, Spain, Brazil and Argentina don't stand a chance.

Netherlands has an allround good squad with talended experienced players like van Persie, Snijder, etc. They allso have talented young, fast players. Their midfield and attack is supurb with van Persie as their captain in the middle. No doubt an ocean of orange fans will turn up to support them. I think Netherland will win the Cup this time and the worst mistake a team can make is to underestimate Holland!

I have been an ardent Dutch fan ever since their euro'88 win. I feel deeply disappointed whenever the Dutch side fails to lift the world cup. Hope this time almighty would listen to my prayers and the team plays well ending up eventual winners.

Netherlands are going to win no doubt they beat Spain 5-1. This proves that last year Spain only beat Netherlands in the finals by getting a bit lucky. Netherlands were capable of winning Spain but the got a bit unlucky. Holland proved themselves to be world cup champions when they beat Spain 5-1. Holland all the way!

Netherlands has of course players like Robben, van Persie and Sneijder, but... most players of the team are young. If they won't win this cup, they will win the next.

With Robben and Van Persie in their best years of their time, they have a good chance of winning.

The Netherlands very strong offense. Although their defense is somewhat weak their four midfielders will take care of that!
3-4-3 is the 2nd best formation while 4-2-4 is the best.

4-2-4 was used by the 1958,1962, and 1970 Brazilian Selection, Brazil winning all those world cups.

A balanced number between offense and defense is very important.

Not only that with players like Robben,V. Persie, and Wesley Sneijder you have no choice but to take the cup home!

Netherlands have the team and the class they deserve the cup after last years flop in the final. After three finals but losing I think they are ready to win.

It's time for Holland. They are underdogs this time, not even seeded in the draw despite being runners up last time and also the first Eurropean team to qualify. Don't underestimate the mighty Dutch. Hup hup Holland. It's time for Holland.

The Netherlands strike is real good and if they finish at the top then Spain will have to face brail and surely lose and all Holland will have to face is crotia, Cameroon or Mexico so there biggest rivals Spain are gone and the a lot of experience at world cup finals they just have to beat Germany or Portugal.

They played final for three times but unluckily they didnot win the title but this time in the lights of persie schnider and robin holland is surely one of the favourites to win the title and after taking the revenge from the last time champions Spain they can even do more wonders for their public back home. Another speciality is the team spirit and one of the most enthusiastic coach that they have which made holland a precious side to win the worldcup. At the end I want to acknowledge the speed accuracy and extra ordinary talent of robin and according to me this time he is the one who proved to be a major difference against all the other teams.

My early prediction is it's definitely Netherlands. Netherlands is an unbeatable team and the Van Persie Goal aka the flying Dutchman goal was outstanding. They crushed Spain and they surely will crush any team it competes with. Germany is a very strong team but it will definitely face its flaws once it faces off Netherlands. It's an unbelievably fierce team and has never won the world cup. This time it's Netherlands.P. S I'd love to see Germany and Netherlands face off again it would definitely be 'something'.

The fact that the Netherlands isn't in the top three right now is crazy! They destroyed Spain 5-1 in the opener and the way that they played in the second half should make people that doubt their attacking skills rethink their whole perspective on holland. Revenge to come from the 2010 runner ups!