Best Things About Winter Holidays

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1 New years

Finally! We can leave this torture of a year and enter a new one, a different one, a wore one - AnonymousChick

2 You get to see your old friends

My best friend from the US is visiting for the holidays! - AnonymousChick

3 You get to see family

I have cousins who live in switzerland and I really love seeing them - AnonymousChick

4 You actually get a few weeks off of school

I only get two week off. And the teachers give me homework sometimes. :'( If they do it THIS year, I'm gonna play the song "You're a Mean One, Mr. Grinch" to them. LOL! :D

5 People are nicer
6 Pretty decorations
7 Hot cocoa

It's been forever since I've had any, and winter holiday time is perfect for it - AnonymousChick

8 Christmas cookies

For someone like me, who wants to bake to remove stress, it's great to bake cookies - AnonymousChick

9 Christmas music

Not all of it:

"Same Old Lang Syne", "Hey Santa", and "Merry Christmas Darling' are GOOD.
"Rudolph", "Frosty", and "Winter Wonderland" are SO OVERRATED.

SOme of it is good - AnonymousChick

10 The fact that it is in winter

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11 Getting Christmas Gifts
12 Chinese New Year
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