Top Ten Things to Do On Easter Morning

The Top Ten
1 Wake Up

What if you don't.

2 Wish Your Friends And Family A Great Day
3 Listen To Music
4 Go To Church

That is what Easter is about - dedee1

5 Eat Breakfast

Do this every morning. - turtwig

6 Spend The Day With Those Around You
7 Put The Pie/Cobbler In The Oven
8 Watch TV
9 Pray For God
10 Eat Chocolate

I'm doing this right now - Lunala

The Contenders
11 Put The Ham/Turkey In The Oven
12 Say "He is Risen"
13 Wake Up Your Sister at 5am
14 Sing With Your Family
15 Prepare for the Egg Hunt
16 Look for Your Basket
17 Get the Bunny Costume Ready
18 Egg Hunt
19 Paint Eggs
20 Watch A Movie
21 Play Video Games

Like roblox egg hunt - Lunala

22 Watch the Easter Parade
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