Top Ten Things You Should Do for Your Parents On Christmas

Yep. It's JaysTop10List and I'm so excited to be a part of my amazing friend PetSounds Christmas Countdown. This is Christmas Countdown #5.

The Top Ten

1 Give Them Presents

A least give them a few presents to show them that you love them. - JaysTop10List

2 Love Them

My parents mean so much to me. The love between us is amazing but especially at Christmas, you should go that extra mile to show just how much appreciated and loved they are. - Britgirl

This is really important and I think everyone should give their parents some love, even though they're annoying. - JaysTop10List

3 Sing to Them

You don't have to do this is you sing bad! Haha - JaysTop10List

4 Play In the Snow With Them

A Christmas cannot be completed unless you're having fun in the snow. - JaysTop10List

5 Dance With Them

Dance to a fun Christmas song like Jingle Bells Rock. - JaysTop10List

6 Bake Sweets With Them

Try eating some cookies or cake with your parents since it's a Christmas month. - JaysTop10List

My parents are health conscious.

7 Tell Them a Hilarious Christmas Story

Don't you need a laugh on Christmas month? I think so. - JaysTop10List

Yeah mom, I was walking along the sidewalk when suddenly, I slipped on some black ice. When I looked down, I saw it was actually a banana peel! And I thought, "Wow… you know, that's like… um… yeah." - PetSounds

8 Decorate the Christmas Tree With Them

You could also have fun with them by buying a Christmas tree and decorate it. - JaysTop10List

9 Sit by the Fireplace

You and your parents could just grab a blanket and sit by the fire and have Hot Chocolate. - JaysTop10List

10 Have a Pillow Fight

Come on, who doesn't like a pillow fight on Christmas. - JaysTop10List

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