Top 10 Things You Shouldn't Give to the Person You Love On Valentine's Day

Weather it's your girlfriend/boyfriend or your husband/wife do not give this to him/her.

The Top Ten

1 A box of cockroaches

I have really bad katsaridaphobia so this gets my vote - Lunala

2 A roll of toilet paper

Withholding toilet paper from someone you love seems like cruel and unusual punishment - Billyv

3 Nothing

*sarcasm* Oh, wow! I love it! A big box of nothing! Thank you! I will cherish this box of nothing forever! - Pegasister12

4 A Dog with rabies
5 A head of lettuce
6 A bear

I dunno. A cute baby koala bear would be nice. - IronSabbathPriest

A real one. - Martinglez

7 A copy of The Last Airbender movie
8 A giraffe

Aww...for someone to go to those lengths to get a giraffe for you, you must mean a lot. Giraffes aren't easy to come by, you know. I'd think the thought would be sweet. Don't know what the heck I'd do with it though... - Britgirl

9 Chest hair
10 An STD

The Contenders

11 A real heart

But I want a real heart! Mine is filled with holes, death, and destruction. I want the real heart to observe it with scholarly methods, and then eat it. - Merilille

12 A CD of Taylor Swift's We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together
13 A dick-in-the-box
14 A bottle of urine

If anyone gave this to me I would dump it all over them - TwilightKitsune

Ew. I would absolutely hate that!

15 A kick in the nuts
16 A live cow heart
17 A container of poop

Unless you have a weird fetish for this, this is not for you. Nasty! - Pegasister12

This is disgusting on so many levels - Lunala

18 An empty box

Only good thing is the box can be used for something... - Lucretia

19 A DVD of Sanjay and Craig

I think a DVD of breadwinners is makes the cut more than this. I actually have seen some positive response to this show.

Worst show EVER! Watch Liv and Maddie instead!

20 A bottle of semen

This is so gross - Lunala



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1. Nothing
2. A box of cockroaches
3. A Dog with rabies
1. A CD of Taylor Swift's We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together
2. An STD
3. A roll of toilet paper
1. A roll of toilet paper
2. A box of cockroaches
3. A head of lettuce



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