Top Ten Things You Shouldn't Say to Your Wife

A list of the things that you should never say to your wife.

The Top Ten

1 My Ex...

"My Ex-cough-Exercise planet pass expires tomorrow."problem solved. - DapperPickle

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2 Have You Gained Weight?
3 Stop Talking I'm Trying To Watch The Game

I said it to my wife and she started pulling my shirt and she said if you say it again she will kill me, she was in her bikini and had black polished nail fingers, she pushed my mom on the floor as she fell down, she punched me on the face and kicked me on my belly as I fell outside of my road, she closed the door of my house and killed my mom and claimed it was her house and that stupid police kept believing her as my house was owned by her, after two weeks she divorced me! This all happened last year in South West Russia and now I live peacefully in Austria.

4 I Didn't Know Today Was You Birthday
5 You Sound Like My Mother

One time my dad said this to my mom... She threw a cup of yogurt at him from across the room

6 Just Relax

Never tell a woman to calm down or relax it just gets them more piped up

7 I Love How You Think You're Smart.
8 Your Really Going To Eat All That?
9 Your Cooking Isn't As Good As Mother's

My wife is the best "thing" ever! She's a gun and it's silenced! - FladevousEniker

10 I'm Forever Thankful to Be Married to a Big Girl Like You.

The Contenders

11 Hello Rouge the Bat

What the heck?

Oh god - Gh_player

12 I'll Never Forget That Night Nine Months Before Our First Child.
13 That Chick In Primark Was Pretty Hot, Right?
14 I Still Can't Get Over How You Got That Backside Through the Church Doors On Our Special Day.
15 Are You Sure?
16 Calm Down. You'll Feel Better After This Time of the Month.
17 I Want a Divorce!
18 Whatever

Saying this to your wife is a death wish. - letdot52

19 You'll Happily Sleep Anywhere Tonight, Won't You?
20 Why Do Your Parents Have to Visit Again?
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1. Have You Gained Weight?
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1. Hello Rouge the Bat
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