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1 Chris McLean or Blaineley Stacey Andrews O'Hallaram?

I'll give Mildred a chance because Chris is obviously screwed as a character. - Darellfat

Blaineley was supposed to be the host, but declined it. Chris is the current, vile, sadistic host. - Turkeyasylum

Chris, he will always be the total drama host. - Therandom

Chris. Mildred's annoying.

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2 Sundae Muddy Sundae or The Final Wreck-ening?

Sundae Muddy Sundae good?! Worst episode in the history of Total Drama. I'll take the latter. - Darellfat

Both were good... But I would choose Sundae Muddy Sundae. - cosmo

The Final Wreck-ening is my choice.

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3 Noah or Dawn?

Noah by far. He is so funny. Also, Dawn is seriously overrated. - alexcousins

I prefer Dawn. She is cooler and a bigger badass than Noah - BlueDiamondFromNowhere

Two funny, witty, and somewhat suspicious characters. Which is better? - Turkeyasylum

Noah. I'm a huge fan of Dawn, but Noah's better in my opinion

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4 First Generation Cast or Second/Third Generation Cast?

First generation will always be special, they are the reason I fell in love with the show, but at the same time I'm so glad we have the new characters as well. So this is a hard question! I'm neutral.

The second generation cast is by far the best, although I love them all, this cast has a spunk about them that the other ones lack.

So many good moments with the first generation cast. They win by a landslide for me. - Wolftail

First generation cast. The originals, they've made Total Drama. - Darellfat

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5 Katie or Sadie?

Sadie even when their together Sadie just seemed smarter and she did outlast Katie. But I have a theory on why that happened. - Darellfat

Katie. Throughout her time on the show, she was good to watch. - Wolftail

The ultimate question: Which is better by themselves? - Turkeyasylum

Katie! She is prettiest girl on the show!

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6 Riconculous Race or Total Drama Island?

Total Drama Island, the drama was real. A realistic antagonist. Realistic stereotypes. You just can't beat it. The only problem you can say they had was some eliminations that weren't well explained. - Darellfat

Total drama Island is better because it is fun and exciting, while Ridonculous Race is one long race boringg.

Total Drama Island. Can't wait for the Ridonculous Race, though! Some characters who didn't compete in TDAS will be in the Ridonculous Race; that's why they weren't chosen to compete in TDAS. - Wolftail

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7 Painful Challenges or Embarrassing Challenges?

I don't know which one. They're both good. - cosmo

Embarrassing. I hate seeing the characters in pain

Embarrassing, most of them are painful. - Therandom


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8 Duncney or Gwuncan?

Duncney, Because they are the cutest couple ever, while Gwuncan is like watching siblings make out. It makes you sick to your stomach, bro.

Duncney. I got butterflies the first the they kissed! It was so sweet. You can't beat it.

Duncney! He and Gwen are too alike to be together!

Duncney, by far!

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9 Lindsay or Leshawna?

Gotta take the dumb blonde. One of the few characters to go above and beyond her stereotype. - Darellfat

I love Lindsay! She's an amazing character and so funny to watch! - Wolftail

Lindsay! Leshawna's stereotype is offensive.

Both provide excellent humor, but who is funnier? - Turkeyasylum

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10 Hurl of Shame or Dock of Shame?

One elimination system is painful physically, the other is painful emotionally. - Turkeyasylum

Dock of shame for sure. Hurl of shame is cruel and life threatening.

Dock of shame. Hurl of shame is cruel.

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11 TDAS or TDRI?

TDRI. Only good thing about TDAS was Mike and Zoey, and the fact that Duncan still has feelings for Courtney.

TDRI. Never will I like that disgrace known AS. - Darellfat

TDRI, that had Brick, Dawn. B and Scott...
But in the monstrosity named TDAS has SAM?! DUNCAN?! GWEN!?
Has Duncan and Gwen Been in enough seasons? - DapperPickle

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12 Lindsay or Bridgette?

Bridgette, because she is a lot nicer and down to earth.

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13 Jo or Eva?

Ever, she is the original jockette.

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14 Dave and Staci becoming a couple or Courtney and Trent?

Dave and Staci because they are both annoying.

Courtney and Trent would make a cuter couple!

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15 Devin or Carrie? V 2 Comments
16 Amy or Samey? V 2 Comments
17 Owen or Max?

Max. As much as I love the original, he's funnier than Owen.

18 Drop of shame or cannon of shame? V 1 Comment
19 Cameron or Cody?

Cameron, because he is nicer to Sierra.

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20 Ella or Courtney?

Courtney! You can't replace Courtney.

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1. Chris McLean or Blaineley Stacey Andrews O'Hallaram?
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1. Chris McLean or Blaineley Stacey Andrews O'Hallaram?
2. Sundae Muddy Sundae or The Final Wreck-ening?
3. Noah or Dawn?



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