Top Scottish Football Teams


The Top Ten

1 Celtic

Here we go for 10 in a row

Best team in Scotland by far

Going for 10 in a row, just need to beat Hearts for the treble treble. Nothing short of domination in Scotland.


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2 Aberdeen

Aberdeen are the only Scottish team that beat them at Celtic Park during Brendan Rogers.

Aberdeen are the only Scottish team to have won two European trophies, having won the European Cup Winners Cup and the European Super Cup in 1983.

Aberdeen and Celtic are the only two clubs that have not been relegated from the top league in Scotland

My anitials is AFC just like Aberdeen and Aberdeen have won Europe before so that's why they're the best.

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3 Ross County

Best club in Scotland - rowan89

Ross county are rubbish

There in the scotish championship

4 Inverness CT

Ross County are not rubbish!

Won the Scottish Cup

5 Rangers

Stevie Gerrard has focused on 55 this needs to be updated

As a rangers fan it's a joke that we are so far below in these charts we have the 3 most capacity ground in Scotland and we are the most successful team in the world. 54 league titles

Best team in the land

There the best

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6 Dundee U

100% win record against barcalona


Dundee United Argentina! (@dufc_es)

7 St Johnstone
8 Kilmarnock

Most points scored in 2018 calendar year

9 Hibernian

A club with style, passion, soul.

Best team in the world

Never cheated like hearts!

That's true

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10 Dunfermine

The Contenders

11 Hearts

One of the only proper football teams in Scottish football these days, best fans in the country, not just glory hunters like most celtic fans or yobs like the hibees.

Hearts are at the top of the league so beat that only been defeated once so hearts are the best team.P. S 5-1 and 10-o hahaaha

12 Motherwell

Haha this list is horrible motherwell/us should be at least fifth

The best team by far. Far ahead of green and the way bet Celtic 8-0 at sometime

Reached 2 cup finals in one year.

13 St Mirren

Bunch of sexy beasts


14 Hamilton

Most photogenic fans. Most intelligent ball boys, iconic double decker bus

15 Fort William

Love this team give them a chance just to annoy the Celtic fans

Give them a chance please what ever they are

16 Partick Thistle Partick Thistle

Mon the Jags

17 Falkirk


18 Queen of South
19 Morton

Mon eh Ton

Scotland's Sleeping Giant. A club with lots of potential.

20 Raith Rovers

Best in the world

21 Ayr United

Best team

22 East Fife

I'm a Leicester fan but I have seen this team and they are really good but only have a stadium that holds 700 people

I lOve this team I am a East Fife supporter I love em they should be at least 110th Please vote great team

My team from the fife of fife in east fife my favourtite song

23 Patrick
24 Berwick Rangers
25 Dundee


26 Livingston
27 Airdrie U
28 Clyde
29 Alloa Athletic F.C.


30 Arbroath

Arbroath are dumb beacause their in League 1

Arbroath hold the record for highest scoring match in the 1800s against Aberdeen Bon Accord. The score was 36 - 0.⚽👌🏆

31 Third Lanark

They can never lose because they don't exist anymore.

32 East Kilbride

Biggest team outside the Scottish league

33 Cove Rangers
34 Sevco

We ar the peepul

35 Forfar Athletic

Away the loons!

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