Top Ten Reasons Why Puga and Gemcloben Would and Should Make Such an Adorable Couple

The Top Ten
1 Each one of them is equally romantically helpless, so they can fill each others' voids

Well, it is legal in all fifty states now.

Taking a step away now...

2 Deep down, they each know they adore each other

But I thought Ben adored ME! Not romantically but still!

3 It would overjoy their fans on TheTopTens

SS Gluga sails off at the speed of light.
Ship it now or prepare to fight.
Woof! That's right!

Why, exactly, would this overjoy anyone?

Overjoy? More like scream in agony!

4 Their kids would be worth seeing

Half-man, half-puppy. A crime against science, but an adorable creature.

Oh my gosh, what the heck, this is a weird and random list.

5 Puga has to take Gemcloben's last name, as his initials are JB

I'm glad my initials aren't JB...

But they are both males...

6 Both need to try out new and unforgettable experiences

If only Ben liked me now I don't mean it romantically but that was just a fantasy that was only in my dreams because he's dating a DOG!
Catchy poem right?

They'll each see sides to themselves they never thought they had!

7 Girls simply won't like either of them, so they might as well turn to each other

Well I for one love Ben! Not romantically but still!

Wait...are they a you know what?

Well, that's kinda mean...

8 Their lists and blogs would be made much more positive, loving and affectionate

I would make a list titled "Reasons Why Gemcloben Potentially Betrayed RiverClanRocks" if they ever dated.

Hey, I could even ask Taylor to write a breakup song when it all falls apart.

See, Puga, be optimistic, and focus on why Taylor is an inspiration!

9 It could potentially go viral and get the entire internet community cheering for them and for TheTopTens

Would you rather that went viral, or the same old things like Gangnam Style and 9+10?

DeviantART would overflow with not so charming imagery.

And then I could make a list of people who hate the ship!

I'm going to make fan art! Haha!

10 This list may be met with a truly heartfelt Puga Rant or Room 101

Or a special edition of RiverClanRants where I talk about feeling betrayed because one of my best friends is dating a dog.

And I thank you for you expressing your innermost loving feelings.

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