Top Total Drama Characters That Should Be Created

Here are a few ideas for new Total Drama Island character.

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1 Sarah

Nationality: America

Skilled archer and survivalist she is loosely based on Katniss from the Hunger Games. - egnomac

2 Hans

Nationality: Austria

A huge bidybuiler from Austria who's a bit of a showoff and talks just like Arnold Schwarzenegger. - egnomac

3 Vinny

Nationality: America

He would be a spoof of Joe Peschi's character from Goodfellas a total hothead who picks fights with everyone even his own teammates. - egnomac

4 Dixie

Nationality: America

A cowgirl from Teaxa's who's an natural born leader and never backs down from others. - egnomac

5 Matoko

Nationality: Japanese

A School Girl from Japan with long hair like Sailor Moon and a
Huge anime fan. - egnomac

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6 Oscar

A rather dimwitted skater boy who falls in love with anti-government Kathy. It often takes him time to realize what he is saying, as he has almost no filter on his dialogue.

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7 Tommy

From: England

A heavy metal Rocker who talks like Mike Jagger of the Rolling Stones. - egnomac

8 Ranjin

From: India

A giant from India who is loosely based on The Great Khali doesn't speak English - egnomac

9 Bryan

Nationality- USA, Grand Rapids, Michigan
Bryan is notorious for javing several firls crushing on him. He took advantage of this and used Pearl as a servant, but fell for Clare for real, which ultimatley was his downfall.

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10 Kathy

Kathy is an anti-government woman who is a highly decorated member of the US Communist party. She falls in love with skater boy Oscar. Kathy also has a weakness- she tolerates no form of democracy, and she even refuses to vote for campers due to it being "democracy"

Label- The Anti-democracy Nut
Kathy has a hatrid for democracy, but has a love for skater boy Oscar. She even refuses to vote at elimination ceremonies, too because it is democratic. She revealed she is a strong supporter of Communism, but despite this, she is not an antagonist in any way.
Nationality- USA, Cleaveland, Ohio

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11 Mandi

Nationality USA, Denver, Colorado
She's a loveable trailer park girl who gets on Paloma's nerves, and falls in love with Chuck. She is voted off second, but returns at the merge. - Turkeyasylum

12 Jake

Nationality: America

A daredevil who can never resist a challenge. - egnomac

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13 Pearl

Nationality- USA, Charleston, South Carolina
Pearl is a desperate nerdy girl. She falls for Bryan in the show, being used as a servant. Right before the merge, however, she discovers he os just using her. Bryan, however, throws her under the bus saying Pearl demanded money for all the work she did, and was an abusive employee, which were not true. Pearl is eliminated in that episode.

14 Chuck

A Chinese fun guy. Plays the game well. Makes lots of friends and makes sure his enemies go down

15 Olivia

The queen of drama. Always makes a big deal out of tiny things. Often gets in trouble my team mates

16 Toby

Ever was an auto-correct I meant ever

Ever was an auto correct I meant ever

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17 Heidi
18 Marc

A nerdy guy. He is nerdy, but is not weak. About the same power as a person like Gwen. Marc is nice and gets along well with team mates.

19 Adam

Nationality: America

A guy who apparently watches too many fung fu movies and thinks he's a skilled martial artist but ends up annoying his teammates. - egnomac

20 Clare

Nationality- Wherever Courtney Lives

Clare is Courtney's little sister. She is nice, but also manipulative.

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