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21 Yve

A Chinese dude with a huge heart and is always up for a challenge

22 Liam

A really nice guy. Only talks to friends which he can get in hot water with his team about

23 Travis

An overweight guy with orange curly hair. The craziest of the bunch. Has a mad crush on Izzy as they are alike in many ways

24 Marlene V 1 Comment
25 Tyson

Trent's good looking brother that is in a band. He has a crush on Courtney and it makes Duncan jealous.

26 Jeanette

An emo girl with multiple personalities.

27 Alex V 1 Comment
28 Lisa

A bold girl with the potential of everything. Is a wilderness survivor and enjoys challenges

29 Xavier

A down guy. Hates everything he does including the game. He is always whinging and is not liked by his team

30 Luke

The funniest of the bunch. Is always making jokes which encourages his team to do well. Is well liked by everybody

31 Jenny

A girl with hot temper. She is a team player but any tiny thing can set her off. Her team tries to stay a distance from her

32 Georgia

A babysitter who loves it TOO much. Treats everyone like a little kid and is not well liked by anyone

33 Todd

Nationality: American

A Star Trek fan who talks and Acts Like William Shatner's character Captain Kirk, at point after getting voted off he teleports himself out. - egnomac

34 Kyle

This is based on me

Well I am a adventurous child (well not really a child) that fights you do not want to have a fight me
This is what I look like: soccer shirt, green shoes, gray beanie, not matching socks, and a phone in my pocket

Skin color: apricot
Hair color:black
Eye color:hazel

And I also have gray headphones

35 Jay

A fun and enthusiastic guy. Enjoys messing about and having fun. Is well liked by his team

36 Bobby

A quiet mysterious guy. He rarely talks but enjoys solving mysteries. For example, he would've solved that mystery episode in TDA when Chris appears to be dead easily.

37 Barbra

Nationality: American

An impressionist who starts off funny but becomes really annoying, her personality is very similar to Babs Bunny from Tiny Toon Adventures. - egnomac

38 Festus

Nationality: American

A southern hillbilly who is loosely based on Cletus from the Simpsons. - egnomac

39 Paul

Nationality: Australian

A cross between Steve Irwin and Paul Hogan's character from Crocodile Dundee. - egnomac

40 Christie

A girl version of Goeff. Enjoys parties and messing about. Is always happy

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