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1 Total Drama World Tour

Everything has come to this. Characters have developed to the point they can drive the show n their own. But, it doesn't stop there. With fantastic additions such as Alejandro and Sierra things begin to sizzle. Characters reach their fullest potential here and, by the end, face the most dramatic finale to date. All of this... In song.

Sierra is very underrated but I personally think she's hilarious. Alejandro, Heather, Cody, like the top 5 made this season. Especially all there voices I mean like they're amazing. The aftermath have also improved a bit. Plus I love the Bruno and Bridgette thing. Heck even Blainiely made it funny. The only thing I'm concerned about is the eliminations. I think Bridgette should have made it longer like at least top 8. Hear old should also go up like top 6. Other then that I loved this season.

This season is by FAR the best. I love the interactions between Heather and Alejandro and their relationship was so awesome! Sierra was a great new addition to the total drama cast and Blaineley was an interesting twist. This season was just AWESOME and had the best finale ever! The musical aspect of this season was great and the songs are really good.

Best..ever! My favorite is Sierra and Cody, and Sierra was hilarious singing Paris in the springtime/OUI, my friends

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2 Total Drama Island Total Drama Island Total Drama Island is a Canadian animated television series which premiered in Canada on Teletoon on July 8, 2007 and on June 5, 2008 in the U.S.

This season was the best! The characters were well written, the couples developed nicely, and I wouldn't want to forget the DRAMA! After this season the characters personalities changed, couples were ruined and it just started to get boring... I mean I don't remember Courtney being a villain in season 1, Heather changed allot too. so did Gwen, the awesome goth girl with the attitude changed into a complete joke. And don't even get me started on the new cast ugh! Anyway all I have to say is this was the best season.

Total Drama Island is by far the best in the whole series. The couples were perfect, the character development was perfect, and the characters each played a part in making the magic of the show. They all left the island as one big, disfunctional family! It was perfect.

This was hands down the best season. Why? Because of the amazing well written plot, the characters and their personalities, the development of the characters and most importantly, the relationships the characters have between each other. Not love relationships but friendships and how the other contestants think and act towards each other. In ROTI, this had some of that and TDA and TDWT had it as well. At least a little. After that, it went downhill

Should be number 1

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3 Total Drama Action

A really underrated season. Total Drama Action shares a lot of the genuine character magic with the first season and which the later seasons lack. Creative challenges and further character development of previous contestants makes this a must watch among the Total Drama series.

This couldn't be anymore worse. Courtney was annoying and bad antagonist, Justin was a lame ass antagonist oh well ales neither of them made it to the finale. The movies theme could of been more epic I just couldn't get in to it. I give it a 4.6/10

This s also was just fun for me and seeing Courtney and Duncan work out their love hate relationship was so perfect and the season after that just kinda ruins it by breaking them up and putting Gwen in the park cuter and don't get me wrong I love Gwen but what happens to her liking Trent anyways I would put this the 2 best season and I love it and wouldn't change a thing but the first season will always be my favorite

There is so much wrong with this season. The finale should have been Lindsay vs Harold. Duncan was a screen hog and he wasn't much of a bad boy. Courtney was so much different and I didn't like it. Gwen dumped Trent just because he liked the number 9. I hate how Duncan helped end Gwent. Heather was not the same. Justin was supposed to be a villain but he only was a villian for an episode or two. I didn't really feel like Beth should have gone to the finale and TDA character development is knowhere near the quality of TDI. Neither Duncan nor Beth deserved to win, I hated the Aftermath show mostly because Geoff and Bridgette were hosts. Geoff and Bridgette are some of my favorite characters but the Aftermath show kind of ruined them. Katie and Sadie should have hosted haha. I hated how Owen was a villian but not as much as others do. Also sometimes the challenges were lame and I did not enjoy how Duncney was kind of forced. Anyway there were some good parts. Lindsay, Justin, and Harold ...more

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4 Total Drama Presents: The Ridonculous Race

I love that we travel around the world like we did in World Tour, there is a lot of drama, this series has a good soundtrack, we are back to 26 episodes, Nemma, the Ice Dancers make great villains, lovable characters, lots of character development, etc.

This was my favorite season, I loved the fact that it had more people and the characters were more developed and had more distinct personalities. I also like the friendships and relationships on this season.

Love this season so far, and I really like Noah and emma relationship.


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5 Total Drama: Revenge Of The Island

NO NO NO NO NO. Make this the number one season. This is the best season. My list of the top series. 6. All-Stars. This would have been a good season I would have loved to see more of Mike, Sierra, Izzy, and Lindsey. The season went completely off. Izzy was in the season for ten seconds not even competing. Lindsey was in the season but because of the brat known as Courtney, She was gone in the first episode. Sierra was fine. She was one of the things that were actually good in this season, and Mike he was the worst, because of Mal. If Mal was like the other ones of Mike's other personalities when they just poped in and out well that was not what happened. 5. Island It was not that cool. 4. pawkitew, way way way better then the other ones. 3. Action. better then what people say. 2. world tour loved the songs. 1. Revenge of the island all the way. Love loved loved mike. Loved dawn. Loved B. Zoey was okay. The best season ever.

This was a decent season. I think it's good at number 3. I liked the characters in this season, but some were bad. Overall, the new characters were pretty good, the season was well written out with a good plot, and the characters interact well with one another

I loved this season! I fell in love with all the characters there though I wish Scott didn't eliminate mike cause if he didn't Mike and Zoey would have kissed by the end of the season!

I liked this season, don't get me wrong, but it wasn't the greatest Total Drama could do. I would have liked another Original Cast season. At least All Stars brought them back. The Mike-Zoe subplot was good, but all kinda fell apart when Mike was voted and only finished 6th. I liked the idea of Brains and Brawn (Cam and Lightning) in the finale. I might have preferred Scott or Dawn instead of Lightning though.

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6 Total Drama Pahkitew Island

Total Drama Pahkitew Island was my favorite season. A lot of people hate on this season because it's a new cast. The same old cast gets boring after a while and it was good to see them bring in new characters, that are all likeable in their own ways. I think Tom McGillis knew what he was doing when he brought the new cast in, Jasmine, Shawn, Ella and Max were all great along with many others. The characters had more distinct personalities, the relationships had development, along with the friendships. The challenges were fun, and there was a decent amount of action to keep it fun and interesting. This season was the best, and had the best characters, along with island.

Worst season. It had awful characters and not many interactions between the other characters. Overall, weak season

This is a season I fell In love with!

The most lame season

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7 Total Drama All Stars

This was good when it started but for MIKE of all people to win All Stars when he was up against people like Heather Gwen Alejandro Lindsay Duncan or even Sierra it doesn't make sense and his Mal thing was pretty dumb anyways also Sam is not an all star he could've been replaced with Brick if they wanted a person from his season or they could've out Owen Leshawna or Beth because those three kinda deserved a spot in it another thing is usually on a series an all star season is usually big so those people like OWEN OR LESHAWNA could've got a spot in that season. Honestly the season started out promising and went downhill fast when the best players (Lindsay Heather) went out early.

This season was terrible! It was a good idea to merge the two casts but I hate the finale, the plot, the interactions between the characters from the new and old casts aren't very good and Mal, which someone also said this is a reference to a character that shouldn't be mentioned! I can't believe this show got away with putting Mal in the show. (Hint: Mal is a reference to the movie A Clockwork Orange. Don't watch you'll be scarred for life.)

This season was the worst! Lindsay being kicked off first really upsets me because everyone likes Lindsay and she should have a chance to win! The animation was different, the challenges were boring, the elimination contained spoilers, and the finale was stupid. They put the wrong campers in the wrong teams. Gwen should of been with the hero's and Courtney should of been on the Villain's. And the idea of Duncan switched to a hero and Cameron switched to a villain was really dumb. That made Duncan turn into a boring character, and how is Cameron a villain?

No. This Season Sucks

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8 Total Drama Oskayi Island

This season has not come out yet but it seems promising.

9 Total Drama the Concluding Catastrophe
10 Total Drama Revenge of the Action

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11 Total Drama Gone Wild
12 Total Drama Periculum Falls
13 The Two Tales of Chef and Chris McClain
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