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1 Total Drama World Tour

This is my personal favorite season of the whole show. It is just so entertaining and at certain parts I was really one the edge of my seat wondering who would get voted off next. Plus the finale ROCKED! - Spongehouse

Best finale, phenomenal villan, awesome locations, awesome challenges, hilarious characters, what more do you want?

Too good

I fell tears coming on. Please make season 6 like season one

2 Total Drama Island Total Drama Island Total Drama Island is a Canadian animated television series which premiered in Canada on Teletoon on July 8, 2007 and on June 5, 2008 in the U.S.

Honestly great season creative hilarious Amazing cast the cast was irreplaceable with you will find out later in the series beside season 6 after the cast disappears it began to die even when they brought them back it did not fell the same Also this should have been on adult swim

My second favorite season. it introduced us to all the mostly awesome characters that would be competing for the big money. Though World Tour is my favorite season this one is a close second - Spongehouse

Tons of character development and an amazing storyline! I'm only on S4 of the TD series, and can't wait to see how the rest of them go

I love total drama island they are just to funny and the copules are so cute but they could more making out to it

3 Total Drama: Revenge Of The Island

An awesome season though not the best in my opinion. It added more amazing characters to the series (and some not so amazing characters). But the Dakota monster thing was just stupid and it was pretty pointless for it to compete, but that's just my opinion - Spongehouse

I only got back into this show recently, but I used to LOVE the TD series and I remember Revenge of the Island was my favourite. And rewatching it, it's still very entertaining.

NO NO NO NO NO. Make this the number one season. This is the best season. My list of the top series. 6. All-Stars. This would have been a good season I would have loved to see more of Mike, Sierra, Izzy, and Lindsey. The season went completely off. Izzy was in the season for ten seconds not even competing. Lindsey was in the season but because of the brat known as Courtney, She was gone in the first episode. Sierra was fine. She was one of the things that were actually good in this season, and Mike he was the worst, because of Mal. If Mal was like the other ones of Mike's other personalities when they just poped in and out well that was not what happened. 5. Island It was not that cool. 4. pawkitew, way way way better then the other ones. 3. Action. better then what people say. 2. world tour loved the songs. 1. Revenge of the island all the way. Love loved loved mike. Loved dawn. Loved B. Zoey was okay. The best season ever.

This was a decent season. I think it's good at number 3. I liked the characters in this season, but some were bad. Overall, the new characters were pretty good, the season was well written out with a good plot, and the characters interact well with one another

4 Total Drama Action

Underrated season. It was a hilarious season though flawed (Bridgette and Geoff's constant kissing and Courtney being more annoying in this season than any other). Plus Justin, Lindsay, Beth, Harold who are really awesome characters really got to shine in this season. Which was great! - Spongehouse

This season sucks. It is the worst. I thought Duncan would get nicer but he got meaner. Courtney being a villain was stupid too. Justin started off with great potential. He was the light of the season...only for a short time. He wasn’t mean enough. He turned into just a whiny brat. Trent and Gwen broke up. All the characters became bland and dumb and lost their development. This season sucks. World Tour was good but total Drama was damaged so badly because of action that it made world Tour worse

I just think it's a great season and I would rank this 3rd! Courtney suing the show to win a million dollars is absolutely ludicrous. I felt that Lindsay should have won that season but I didn't mind that Duncan won. He should have won tdas. And Courtney receiving immunity almost all the time was also unfair! - Gwuncan

A really underrated season. Total Drama Action shares a lot of the genuine character magic with the first season and which the later seasons lack. Creative challenges and further character development of previous contestants makes this a must watch among the Total Drama series.

5 Total Drama Presents: The Ridonculous Race

Great season, veres fresh

I'm sorry...I love the emos! A memorable cast and likeable plots.

Hiring a new host (Don) was a smart move. - SanDiegoSalvatierra

Don't care for this season or the Horrendous Pahiktew Island - Spongehouse

6 Total Drama All Stars

I don’t hate it as much as most people but it does have some serious flaws. Scott and Courtney would have been a better finally. Like I think Mike deserved a win and this season made the most sense but Scott and Courtney would have given the finally some real competition and both are overdue for a win. Also the fact they made Courtney lose her development after finally getting it was just wrong. I also think that it would be controversial finalists but I think they would be interesting. Mike and Zoey are good character but overplayed in that season and by the time I reach the finally I am tired of them. - Rathernotbenamed

It's my favorite season! It was great to see interactions between old and new cast. Also all this thing with Mal was really intriguing and dramatic. And my favorite characters reached the final!

Overhated season defiantly not the best but far from the worst. Though I don't understand how certain characters didn't make it into this season and how certain characters did - Spongehouse

Really good

7 Total Drama Pahkitew Island

Bad season but at least it was better than All Stars, Samey Ella Jasmine Shawn Topher & Sky were the only good characters
Dave and Scarlett were meh
Everyone else sucked
And we get to many joke characters (Yes ella Shawn and Topher we include you)
Oh well

Total Drama Pahkitew Island was my favorite season. A lot of people hate on this season because it's a new cast. The same old cast gets boring after a while and it was good to see them bring in new characters, that are all likeable in their own ways. I think Tom McGillis knew what he was doing when he brought the new cast in, Jasmine, Shawn, Ella and Max were all great along with many others. The characters had more distinct personalities, the relationships had development, along with the friendships. The challenges were fun, and there was a decent amount of action to keep it fun and interesting. This season was the best, and had the best characters, along with island.

Pahkitew Island was incredibly boring and probably worse than All-Stars

Even though I did like this season, I felt that it was a bit boring. - Gwuncan

8 Total Drama Daycare

This is one of the stupidest shows ever! I Don't allow my children watch this anymore.

This is stupid, this literally killed Total Drama for me! - Gehenna

I really love this season. It always makes me happy to watch it and my favorite character is Owen

Whoa, whoa, whoa. Now, hold on. Why is there already one or two comments praising this season? It hasn't even come out yet. According to Wikipedia, it's supposed to air in October 2018. Personally, I don't even know why Fresh T.V. is resorting to this and making it a crossover between Total Drama and 6teen, but at the very least, I could be wrong about my disdain towards Daycare and it could turn out good. Until then, we'll just have to wait... Also, Total Drama Daycare has been renamed Total DramaRama. - ModernSpongeBobSucks

9 Total Drama Oskayi Island


Never heard of it... is it going to come out? - Rathernotbenamed

If Gwen is in the season GIT IT OUT SOON I can not TAKE total dramarama enymore

Is this even a real season, or is it a fanmade season? - Gehenna

10 Total Drama Return Of The Winners

This is an awesome season, I just read the first two chapters and the writing is AMAZING! It's just like a real season!

Good season

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11 Total Drama Gone Wild

This season keeps getting better and better in quality.

Great fan season edifices to see who wins in 10 years - Ninjahosen

It’s a pretty good season
It’s only on youtube it exists

12 Total Drama the Concluding Catastrophe

Lindsay wins
Ella 2nd place
Bridgette 3rd
Dawn 4th
Taylor 5h
Ezekiel 6th
Other eliminations coming
Last place is stupid Beardo (Just my opinion)

Would be a good final season Would have every character.

13 Total Drama Revenge of the Action
14 Total Drama Periculum Falls
15 Total Drama Cool Club
16 The Two Tales of Chef and Chris McClain
17 Total Drama Return of the Tour

This season would be confirmed to be part two of one of the best seasons, Total Drama World Tour.
The season is going to have most of the original cast and some new characters.
The date is not out yet when this season could be released.

18 Total Drama Back on Camp Wawanakwa
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