Best Types of Clothes

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1 Maxi Dresses

I especially like it when a really beautiful girl that's skinny wears the bohemian maxi summer dresses with straps, or with no sleeves, with just sneakers, it makes them look so pretty.

Comfy and pretty, how can you go wrong?

2 Nightgowns

So comfortable

3 Mini Dresses

I especially like it when I see a very pretty girl that's skinny all natural wearing a simple baby doll mini dress with just sneakers, it looks so pretty on them.

4 Underwear
5 Skirt
6 Bikinis
7 Gowns

If I was a nominated for an Oscar or Grammy I would wear one or a long cocktail dress

8 Gloves
9 Sleep Shirts

They don't always wear them for bed. I've seen lots of college girls when I lived Miami Fl, wear them. And they looked so pretty.

10 Thong

Who added this? Gross

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11 Speedo
12 T-Shirt

Shirts are awesome. Hoodies suck.

13 Shorts

You can run better in shorts

14 Muumuus

I know old ladies usually wear them, but it look very pretty on a young lady and it’s very rare to see a very pretty young lady wearing a muumuu, and on any old ladies that look very pretty.

15 Blouses

I think they look cute and girly for anybody that wants that

Chic and girly

16 Sun Dresses
17 Shirt
18 Crop Tops
19 Jumpsuit
20 Short Shorts
21 Pants
22 Hat
23 One Piece Swimsuits
24 Scarves

I like scarfs!

25 Tube Tops
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