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41 Cream

Cream is one of the most ugliest colors ever

Cream is a very disgusting word almost as digusting as musTARD. Just watch someone say it.

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42 Blue Green V 1 Comment
43 Pink Purple

This may be my new favorite color. EVER!

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44 Electric Flamingo Pink

I honestly think that Electric Flamingo Pink, or just Flamingo Pink, is actually quite a nice color. I do get that it is neon and bright. It may not be my favorite color, but it is still nice.

This a beautiful color and I don't even like pink

It is the ugliest thing in the world

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45 Navy Blue V 3 Comments
46 Teal

Barf! It looks so light to be aqua green, but so dark to be blue.This color just can't decide. - BlueTopazIceVanilla

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47 Red

This is one of the best colors, why it is on the list? Take it OFF!

It is also my favorite color - DK

I do think purple is prettier than red but I love this color too. - Curtis_Huber

You need to take red off it is such a popular color

So overrated

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48 Black

Powerful color man it goes with everything true that

Black was my favorite color as a kid because I felt sorry for the black crayon. No one ever picked black to color or write with so I always did. I still like black, although it really isn't a favorite anymore.

Black is a beautiful color. Its misunderstood. It's mysterious and happens to be my favorite color.

Black might go with lots of clothing, but definitely not everything.. It's not creative. Just imagine if whole world was black and white, we would definitely get some kind of depression, even though this color can be pretty, it's definitely NOT EVERYWHERE.
And in all seriousness, I can only see emos comenting here.

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49 Mahogany

Eww. Looks like poop. Not the most attractive color.


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