Top Ten Most Useless Blocks in Minecraft

While most blocks in Minecract have many uses, the blocks on this list don't. Most of these blocks have one use, looks; and for practicality, most of these items have no use. Which block in Minecraft is the most useless? NOTE: Blocks are the basic units of structure in Minecraft that can be directly placed in the game world.

The Top Ten Most Useless Blocks in Minecraft

1 Lily Pad

Lily pad is quite useless in minecraft I never use it in my construction - trains45

You can use it as a water platform

It works as a water platform - CrypticMemory

2 Snow

You can make a snow man and have a snowball fight - CrypticMemory

3 Mossy Cobblestone

Good for decoration - CrypticMemory

4 Grass

Grass is quite useless and kinda annoying but it only handy when it gives you wheat seeds when you want to make a garden - trains45

It gives you wheat seeds...

You can get seeds with it but I don't consider it a blocl - CrypticMemory

Yeah, it doesn't look like a block, but according to the technicalities of the Minecraft wiki, it is. - TheHabsFan

5 Mycelium

You can get mushrooms with it - CrypticMemory

It grows mushrooms

6 Dead Bush

You can get sticks from it which can be useful for tools and torches - micahisthebest

I wouldn't really count Dead Bush as a block. But, it is very useless.

Bro at least dirt has worth. A dead bush literally can’t do anything - Manlypants

Unless you're a noob. Then it's the best block! :D But yea not much use...

7 Nether Brick
8 Gravel

It does give you flint which can be useful at times - micahisthebest

Annoying in caves but it gives you flint - CrypticMemory

Flint is useful, not the actual gravel

9 Cocoa Pod

I have no use for beans - CrypticMemory

10 Cactus

You can make a wall, but only three blocks high and they can walk in between the cacti.

You can make green dye, I guess?

Other than that, useless.

Damages people and you can make a wall with it - CrypticMemory

It can make a wall, but only three blocks high

You can make a protective wall - Manlypants

The Contenders

11 Sponge
12 Dirt
13 Sand

Sand is basically only used for cacti farming, or making a beach.

Sand is extremely useful. Used for Sugar Cane farming, making concrete, making glass, and even making traps. - TheHabsFan

14 Shrub
15 Cauldron
16 Block of Diamond
17 Cobblestone

This is VERY useful.

18 Grass Block
19 Gold

It is useless

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