Top Ten Most Useless Blocks in Minecraft

While most blocks in Minecract have many uses, the blocks on this list don't. Most of these blocks have one use, looks; and for practicality, most of these items have no use. Which block in Minecraft is the most useless? NOTE: Blocks are the basic units of structure in Minecraft that can be directly placed in the game world.
The Top Ten
Lily Pad

You can use it as a water platform

It works as a water platform


You can make a snow man and have a snowball fight


You can get seeds with it but I don't consider it a blocl

It gives you wheat seeds...

... *crickets chirping*

Mossy Cobblestone

Good for decoration


You can get mushrooms with it

It grows mushrooms

Dead Bush

You can get sticks from it which can be useful for tools and torches

I wouldn't really count Dead Bush as a block. But, it is very useless.

Not a block really but it does nothing

What does it do!?

Nether Brick

It does give you flint which can be useful at times

Annoying in caves but it gives you flint

Flint is useful, not the actual gravel

Cocoa Pod

I have no use for beans

the beans look like POOP


You can make a wall, but only three blocks high and they can walk in between the cacti.

You can make green dye, I guess?

Other than that, useless.

Damages people and you can make a wall with it

It can make a wall, but only three blocks high

You can make a protective wall

The Contenders

Most useless thing here. Just use a water block, that's infinite at least.

So useless just use an infinite water sorce


Umm excuse me, you can make golden apples with gold

It is useless


Gets in the way, clutters inventory. Could be used as a building block.


Not useless, but I never used it.


doesn't do to much, but at least can be used as a building thing.




Sand is basically only used for cacti farming, or making a beach.

Block of Diamond

This is VERY useful.

Grass Block
Grass Path
Coarse Dirt
Furnace with Minecart
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