Top Ten Users of TheTopTens That Should Arm Wrestle

This list may be a bit dumb, but I just had to do it.

The Top Ten

CartoonsGirl vs BlueDiamondfromnowhere

Both are very nice users. Who's gonna win the match?

Would these innocent, soft-hearted minds ever battle?

Ironsabbathpriest vs SevenLizards

This one just came to my head. Both of them would put up a great arm wrestle.

I suck at arm wrestling, but I don't know how strong SL is.

I hope ISP wins.

Mc1003 vs Musicalpony

Lol, I'm not a grammar Nazi, but it would be pretty embarrassing if they said my name wrong.

Lol! I can't wait to see who will win. I'm not good at arm wrestling though.

Which one of these music fan users win?

EpicJake vs therandom

I guess this would work. I would loose as I am terrible at arm wrestling. I can fight in an actual fight, but not arm wrestle.

I don't really arm wrestle. But I would love to

I like both users,but I'm predicting therandom will win


Britgirl doesn't have the heart

Keyson vs Alexandr

Judging from Alexander's profile pic, he seems pretty strong.

Both guys are strong I think but I prefer this "couple" - Finch and Alexandr. Sounds more epic

Keyson will go down like a droptower,Alexandr will win,Hands down

keycha1n vs Britgirl
Britgirl vs Magnolia
Britgirl vs. keyson
BigBrotherSucks vs BigBrotherYesTotalDramaNo

Big brother 1 sucks apparently so big brother 2 will create a total drama as he wins this arm wrestle

I think we should all group together and wrestle the latter.

BigBrotherSucks needs to win this!

One of them likes big brother. The other hates it. Besides THS is a perfect match.

The Contenders

Wolftail vs Funnyuser

It's Olive Bread vs A Funny User!

PetSounds vs Forever_Smiling13

Bring it on. Any time, any place.

I love how they have both called each other out in the comments here

PositronWildhawk vs Kiteretsunu

We can each employ the power of our minds against each other. Like if I were to test those steroids that were just lying around...

Chaotixhero vs SuperHuperDude

One is a chaotix user. The other is a hyper user. Who would win?

I'm thinking chaotix

Superhyperdude vs ArchAces
Puga vs SevenLizards

Puga is a dog,he will lose

MatrixGuy vs Irina2932

LOL these two should be LOVERS!

Ok, this is a funny one

nintendofan126 vs FasterThanSonic
Puga vs pooga

I love how this guy is added to this list when he has just joined...

MrBrony8675309 vs MusicalPony

It's me vs... Myself?!

Simpsondude vs GaryTheSnail
Bob G vs Self Destruct

A Jackie Evancho fan who has something postive to say about her vs a Jackie Evancho hater who says means things abouit her every time he gets a chance this is a perfect match up

Admin vs Finch

This is going to be good

We did, I won.
Kidding. No arm wrestling.

xandermartin98 vs Danteem
Turkeyasylum vs Curti2594

I'm 14, he's older, so I think he'd most likely win. you less I use both...

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