Top 10 Ways Santa Claus Could Possibly Die

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1 Falling off his sled mid air

Since he has to stay awake all night he might get tired and fall off his sled.

He would make a earthquake and make a big hole in the earths core

The whole Earth would shake if he falls off his sleigh.

To me, this is quite a hilarious list. I love it, thank you.

2 Old age

I'm not sure that he could die of that, because he is like at least 600 years old, or something like that. Unless, he is already dead, but his ghost give us presents! That would explain everything.

Well yeah, he was originally from the 3rd century, so it's surprising magic kept him!

Santa's an extremely old person.

Poor santa lol

3 Stabbed to death by his elves

One day they might get sick of working for him for free and start a rebellion.

Woah! That would be insane.

That's very... bleak

Viva la revolucion!

4 Food poisoning

That's why you should check the date of expiration before giving it to Santa. If you live in a country like Australia though, that means you can poison Santa so that he will lie down in your house along with his bag of all the toys of the people Santa didn't give already, and they would be all yours. Beware of the consequences on the long term though, and if you live in a place like California, one of the last places Santa go, you will have less present.

Someone might give him expired cookies and milk.

Or poisoned food. Same thing, right?

5 Heart attack

Being so overweight increases the chance.

That is the most possible for me.

This most likely happen to him.

He is fat. I hate santa
But I love Clowz from Saints Row Iv

6 Mauled by a polar bear

Yeah! That makes sense. However, I think Santa Claus experiences enough of the North Pole to know how to deal with Polar Bears.

Since he lives in the north pole you never know.

7 Shot down by the military

That one makes sense too. However, there is a reason Santa have slay bells. To let people know that it's him and not a menace.

They might confuse his sled with a nuclear missile from North Korea and shoot him down.

Well technically he's trespassing...

Why military?

8 Choking on the cookies

Going in a person's house to eat the cookies, he might get a choke out.

9 Impaled by one of his reindeer

It has been showned that reindeers like Rudolph are civilize enough to get bullied (I said civilize enough, not perfectly civilize) so maybe they are civilize enough to not attack Santa when they are hungry, but who knows.

He might forget to feed them and cause them to attack him.

It was donner

10 Burnt in a chimney

Somebody could of forgot to put their fire out before Santa came down their chimney.

Imagine on of the families left the fireplace on and Santa went down it.

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11 Stuck in the chimney

When he climbs through your chimney then he gets stuck

True. Even Gibby got stuck in the chimney, once.

Most likely to happen to be honest

I think Santa Claus is experienced enough to not get stuck, and even if he do get stuck, how would that kill him. When the family will wake up, they will see that Santa is stuck and will help him get out, with maybe the help of 911. If he got stuck for a long time, they can throw food at Santa to help him survive, or he will be skinny enough to get out if he can't eat.

12 Diabetes

All those cookies in one night…

13 Obesity related illness
14 Suicide

He is a magical being, so few could kill him. Probably only himself, Jack Skellington, and Krampus could do it and Krampus and Jack Skellington aren't on the list. I could also see him being suicidal as kids are becoming increasingly spoiled, which would make his lifes work feel unsatisfactory, so he might off himself

Have you seen the Family Guy episode where Stewie wants to kill Santa. If you saw that episode, this argument makes sense.

If mrs. Claus finds out he’s been cheating on her with one of the elves she would leave him and cause him to commit suicide.

Santa: goodbye life *jumps off the effil tower

15 Starvation

Actually, he might need some exercise. So priving him of his cookies might be a good thing. I thought Mrs. Claus give him things to eat sometime.

As people stop believing in him and stop giving him cookies and milk he might starve to death.

He like never ate besides one day each year!

16 Infected by milk from crazy cows
17 Catching Coronavirus
18 Alcohol poisoning
19 Type Two Diabetes
20 Someone thinks he broke into the house
21 Drinking or eating poison accidentally
22 Eating too much
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