Weirdest Reasons People Have Filed for Divorce

It's strange but it's true. These people have filed for divorce for strange and bizarre reasons.
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1 He didn't share her love of a Disney film.

As much as I love Frozen, that was a really idiotic reason to divorce. She really needs to Let it Go! (Sorry for the pun, but it is true)

I know this! Happened in Japan and it's because of Frozen!

That's literally a stupid reason to divorce someone.

That woman surely does not know about opinions

2 He was just “too nice.”

It would be funny for that guy to say that to his next girlfriend "Why did she divorce you? " "Oh I was just too nice."

That's the most stupid reason ever to divorce. Would she rather want a rude man?

Well, maybe the woman just needed a wife beater to make her happy...

He deserves better than that idiotic female dog.

3 She couldn’t handle the size of her husband’s penis.

After only a week of marriage, a Nigerian woman filed for divorce because her husband's penis was too big.

I wouldn't have a problem with that because my penis is small *cries*

Okay hold up first women want guys with some size down there and now there’s people complaining that a guy’s you know what is too big? What the Hell? Guess that’s women in a nutshell for you

I ain’t got a very big penis. Some girls laugh when they look at it.

4 He voted Trump for president.

A California woman left her husband of 22-years after she found out that he had voted for Trump. As she put it, she felt "betrayed".

OMG, what next? Hating someone because they are sad?!

Ugh, some Trump haters would go as far as this!

Only Leftists would do this

5 He found out her secret love letters from the 1940s.

A 99-year-old Italian man divorced his wife of 77 years after he stumbled across letters she had written to a secret lover in the 1940s. The wife confessed to having an affair 60 years ago, and then desperately tried to persuade her husband to stay, but he wasn’t having it.

This is just dumb. Just let it go guy.

I remember hearing about this.

My god, that was over 50 years ago, couldn’t he use common sense?

6 He saw her without make-up.

Just days after her marriage, a 28-year-old Arab bride was dumped by her 34-year-old husband after he saw her with no make-up. Apparently, the man felt that his wife had deceived him with cosmetics. The couple’s engagement lasted for six months.

From what I heard, with the "triple talaq" a man in the Middle East can divorce his wife just by saying talaq (sic) three times fro whatever reason. This is just one.

I mean, before you get married, you would probably end up seeing her without make up...

One's ugly on the outside, and one's ugly on the inside.

7 He was cleaning too much.

In 2009, a German woman filed for divorce after she got fed up of her husband cleaning all the time. The husband obsessively cleaned the house and rearranged the furniture. It was apparently the last straw when her husband knocked down and rebuilt a wall in their home, because he thought it to be dirty.

Now this isn't a legitimate reason to get a divorce, but damn talk about a clean freak.

This one kind of makes sense when you know the context.

Nothing wrong with being clean but going over the top... yeah I’d say this one’s understandable

8 She won the lottery and wanted to keep the money all to herself.

In January of 1997, Denise Rossi surprised her then-husband, Thomas Rossi, when she filed for divorce after 25 years of what her husband believed had been a happy marriage. It wasn't until two years after that the real reason came out. Just 11 days before she filed for divorce, the wife had won $1.3 million in the California Lottery. Wanting to keep all the money to herself, she took various actions, even filing for divorce. When the truth came out, a Los Angeles family court judge ruled that she had violated state asset disclosure laws and awarded the $1.3 million to Thomas.

Gold digger! Glad they gave the money to Thomas and not that piece of crap.

9 He refused to shower

An Egyptian woman filed for divorce from her husband because he refused to shower for eight weeks. According to the husband, he could not bathe because of a skin disease which made him allergic to water. However, while a doctor did confirm he had a skin disease, he had said it had nothing to do with water.

This one's somewhat understandable

10 She was “possessed by the devil.”

An Italian man has been granted a divorce by claiming his wife is 'possessed by the devil'. Apparently, she'd displayed “inexplicable behavior”, including fits, body-stiffening, and even self-levitation.

I would've been creeped out too.

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11 He didn't have Raymond on his Animal Crossing island
12 He talked too much

In 2012, a woman filed for divorce for her husband because he talked a lot and wasn't able to keep any secrets to himself.

13 He was clingy
14 He was disowned by his parents
15 They argued during a game of Monopoly
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