Top 10 "What the Hell" Moments In Pro Wrestling History

The Top Ten

1 The Montreal Screw job at Survivor Series 1997
2 David Arquette Wins The WCW Championship

We Have Vince Russo to Thank for this Mess. - egnomac

Four words "What the Hell WCW". - egnomac

3 The Sumo Match from WrestleMania 21

Who's Idea was it to have a sumo match at WrestleMania. - egnomac

4 Hulk Hogan joins The N.W.O. at Bash at the Beach 1996
5 Stone Cold Shakes Hands With Mr. McMahon After Winning The WWE Championship at WrestleMania X7

Don’t forget he turned heel as well - KingSlayer93316

6 Mae Young Enters The Miss Rumble Competition From The Royal Rumble 2000
7 Santino Marella Gets Eliminated From The Rumble Match in 1 second from The Royal Rumble 2009

Actually, 2 seconds - KingSlayer93316

8 Kevin Federline Beats John Cena on RAW 2007

On paper this should have an easy victory for Cena, instead Cena toyed with Federline too long and got blasted by Umaga leading to the win for Federline. - egnomac

9 Jerry Lawler Invades ECW
10 John Cena wins 15th title reign Money in the Bank 2014

I agree that sucked.

The Contenders

11 Raven Crucifies Sandman ECW
12 The Shock Master Crashes Through The Wall
13 Horswaggle Wins The WWE Counterweight Championship at The Great American Bash 2007

WHAT... THE... HELL...


14 Mr. McMahon Wins The 1999 Royal Rumble Match
15 Seth Rollins Heel Turn

And his heel run was good (especially the part where he beat John Cena)

(Sorry egnomac) - KingSlayer93316

16 One Man Gang Becomes Akeem
17 Naked Mideon Appears On RAW

Someone end this craziness - KingSlayer93316

18 WrestleMania XI The Largest Toga Party

Its actually from WrestleMania IX not XI were they had the whole Toga Party Theme for WrestleMania which was bizarre as it could get. - egnomac

19 Rick Rude Appears On RAW and WCW Nitro On The Same Night
20 The 2 Cold Scorpio Video From WCW
21 Lex Luger and Brit Hart Both Win The 1994 Royal Rumble

The first and only time in rumble history were two superstars won the rumble match after both going over the top. - egnomac

Brit Hart?

22 Medusa Drops The Women's Championship in the Trash WCW Nitro
23 The Miz Wins the WWE Title from Randy Orton
24 Divas Battle Royal (Wrestlemania 25)
25 John Cena wins 2013 Royal Rumble
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