Worst British Names

Everyone knows that some people have awful name but which is the worst.

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1 Ian

Crap name and I'm called it

I agree terrible name

Worse name ever

My name I love it

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2 Horatio

What kind of a name is this? Who would want to call their child this?

Sound like Japanese name - EmilyEgberts

Just horrible - WinchesterGirl26

I need a prouncation key for this.

3 Angus

I've always hated this name... - Nejixchan

This kinda makes me laugh really hard. I don't think you should name your children like this

Why is "Spike" listed twice that is really stupid. Angus is the worst by far.

Sounds like a name for a cow.

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4 Rupert

That's Mr. Rigsby's name in Rising damp. Don't know any real-life Rupert's. I wonder what he'd look like. - Britgirl

5 Daffyth

A real tongue twister, that repeats the same noise several times

How do you pronounce this?

6 Ashley

Isn't this a girls name?

But I reakon ashley is I really REALLY! Nice name I wasnt expecting to see it here and not just because my names ashley because its NICE!

I think it's a really nice name!

7 Abigail

this is my name... And I LIKE it, thank you very much.

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8 Margret

Margret ewwwwwwwwwwwwwwww! That is ' G R O S S!.

Margreb is a crap name

9 Shep

Worst ever taken from that horrible Elvis song Old Shep if you suffer by having this name I feel sorry for you

I called my german shepheard like this! see shep can be for dogs but not for people! and The dog is from nintendogs

no offense but it sounds like a dogs name
- wildog47

it sound like chef or if you mispronounce this it will have you to pronounce sheep - ronluna

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10 Bert

Who in their right mind would call their child bert. - ozzydog12

Reminds me of that sesame street character...

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11 Rufus

Not my favorite name. I can't really picture it on a kid.

12 Nigel

The name given to the leader of the UKIP party. Even hearing the name makes me cringe.

Wots wrong with nige

13 Keira

The name of a terrible British actress

14 Donald

Donald duck maybe but no person should have this awful name. - ozzydog12

Donald Trump anybody.

Donald is a silly name like it’s so ewww I can’t imagine it on a kid

15 Adele Adele Adele Laurie Blue Adkins is an English singer and songwriter. Graduating from the BRIT School for Performing Arts and Technology in 2006, Adele was given a recording contract by XL Recordings after a friend posted her demo on Myspace the same year. She is best known with her international hit singles ...read more.

The singer Adele has just ruined the name for me. I never liked it to begin with but she just brought on an outright hate for the name. Terrible name.

Love Adele and she just the better, just an opinion.

No that is nice name

Adelelelelellelelelele is my catz name bruh

16 Tred

Who would call someone this

17 Andrew

Ugly name worse name ever. It sounds so weak and girly

Andrew is a great name girly my arse. St Andrew is Scotland’s patron saint 😁

18 Ingrid

Who is desperate enough to call their child Ingrid? This should be at number 1 position

Ingrid, like Ingrid Newkirk the animal terrorist! Hahaa


19 Spike

I'd heard of teddy bears and dogs of this name but when I found a boy called spike, it just didn't work. - ozzydog12

20 Basil

Maybe his nickname would be Pesto!

No one should name their child this... ever!

I'm pretty sure this is a spice - PianoQueen

21 Sidney
22 Reuben

This name reminds me of the bad-tempered old man in "The Burbs" for some reason. :-)

23 Aiden
24 Harry
25 Dickson

, First names as last names what's with this trend?

26 Spike
27 Reginald

Oh, you naughty, naughty person who put this name here. I find it rather sweet. - Britgirl

28 Mildred

Awful name

29 Cashel

Andrew sounds normal, but you have taken it too far if you name your kid Cashel, it makes you sound like a greedy banker. I also hate Roger. Cashel is an AWFUL name! This takes the cake for me.

Are you a banker? Are you a millionaire? What the heck is this? It sounds really weird!

30 Judy
31 Cuthbert
32 Darryl

Its like they want their kid to be bullied

33 Archibal
34 Otis

Honestly... just why

35 Gertrude
36 Ryan

Council house boys name

It doesn’t even sound like a name

37 Connor
38 Chris
39 Veruca
40 Joshua

Dislike the name especially when it's shortened to Josh... rhymes with bosh squash, gosh, cosh, dosh, slosh, wash, and macintosh...it's the "osh" sound... hatehatehate!

41 Melvin

Just say it out loud and then agree

42 Keeley
43 Roger

Laugh out loud it just sounds... HA!

44 Eloise
45 Shepheard
46 Shirl
47 George
48 Jude

hey jude

49 Poppy

Not so cute when the baby grows into a spotty, stroppy teenager.

50 Kelzzy
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