Worst First Names for a Boy

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281 Bryant
282 Christmas

What? You guys forgot about halloween? How dare you?

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283 Noah

This is the best name ever! This is my boyfriends name! You haters!

I love this name

284 Samson

I don't mind the name, Its all right.

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285 Ferb V 2 Comments
286 Secks V 2 Comments
287 Yaw
288 Xander
289 Vladimir
290 Gordon V 1 Comment
291 Fichard

My ex husband and his trashy girlfriend named their son this. what kinda name is that

292 Saturn

This planet is so cool with its rings

You guys just named your kid kronos, the evil greek titan lord. Don't be suprised if the child becomes a axe murderer

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293 Cecil

Excue me cecil is gr10 name in radio announcements at least in my town he is dreamy and I can say that because I'm a scientist and I know what dreams are

294 Oscar

Will you name your other kid elmo

Hey that's MY name ypur dimwit how DARE you say that!

295 Danielle

There's nothing wrong with the name, although it's a GIRL'S name. Who would name a boy Danielle though, what? Daniel is more like it, of course

296 Buddy

This child will be made fun of all his life

297 Linus

After the Charlie Brown character? Really?

298 Bella

Name a FEMALE bully from down the street. But BELA Logosi was a good actor

299 Boner

Now that's just rude... what parent would name their kid this?!?

Make sure he has a bodyguard in the locker room.

300 Johnothan

My brother's name is Johnothan but it's spelled Jonathan

I do NOT think Johnothan is a bad name, it sounds good.

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