Worst First Names for a Boy

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321 Daland
322 Leona V 1 Comment
323 Stanley V 2 Comments
324 Travis V 2 Comments
325 Meredith

This seems likes an odd name for a boys' name list. For girls, I think it's a lovely name. For boys... Maybe not so much...

326 Trey

This name is good



327 Onslow

Is that like onstar?


328 Wood
329 Mickey

Mickey? And who will you name your other kid, Donald?

HEY MICKEY YOU SO FINE, YOU SO FINE YOU BLOW MY MIND HEY MICKEY, HEY, HEY, HEY MICKEY in other words amazing name I don't see the problem

330 Shagrafur
331 Isaiah

I love this name who put this on the list

V 1 Comment
332 Kelly

I prefer this on boys it sounds pretty worn out on girls.

This name should belong to a girl and a girl only!

333 Angel

For a girls name it's acceptable... However, for a boys name it's awful!

The token Buffy the Vampire reference.
I think this is a fine name... for a girl.

334 Samantha

Samantha for a boy, that's more then crazy!

V 1 Comment
335 Roland V 1 Comment
336 Marvin

No one is named Marvin anymore. It's like finding that little star on your Pokemon card. - MEparandriod

Ugh, Marvin is one ugly name. - Organ

337 Tyron V 1 Comment
338 Herb

Who would name your kid of a thing you use to season your food with

339 Lyle
340 Jeremiah
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