Worst First Names for a Boy

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341 Caden
342 Helaig
343 Gregory
344 Derek

For some reason, this name gets on my nerves...

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345 Fizz

You'd name your kid after a Good Burger character. - Powerfulgirl10

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346 Randal
347 Mimsy V 1 Comment
348 Gunner

This name sucks so much if my name were gunnar I'd kill myself before I was even born.

Your idiots! Gunner or Gunnar is an awesome name! Please, kill yourself for your ignorant I'll mannered opinion. Thank you

If my name was gunnall mr I would kill myself before I was even born. and by the way, enybody's name is gunnar, no offense buti'd feel sorry for you

349 Fabio

Awful name - Organ

350 Cameron

It's my bully's name

it means crooked nose - Iamcool

351 Buster

This is my dog's name

352 Makaela
353 Dippy

Sounds like it would be pared up with poop

Dipper from Gravity Falls... enough said - YouShallEatPoopy

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354 Bradley V 1 Comment
355 Claude

There's a character named Claude from Black Butler and it sounds like "Clod" Something Peridot from Steven Universe would say - KianaLexi

My friends name is Claude and his surname is Ball... Go figure

Lol, are they trYing to name boys after monster high!

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356 Ricky

If you ain't winning, you're losing. And you ain't winning with this name.

This is my name and I love it personally :) who ever hates it can go bang their nan

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357 Mufasa

In the jungle the mighty jungle the lion sleeps tonight... Until he wakes up to kill you

358 Mario

There is a boy at my school that his name is Mario and I have him in my 7th period. - briannakautz

Where's luigi

Super Mario sucks

IT'S-A-ME Mario!

now where's luigi... - mattstat716

359 Jonathan

That's one of the best names! My cousin who served in the military is named that!

360 Ben

Hate this name - GraceEmma

My "friend" is going to name his son this

That name is off of a creepypasta video.

Belongs to a DICKHEAD - sophie07

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