Worst First Names for a Boy

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381 Mysterio

It'll always be a 'mysterio' as to why someone would name someone this

382 Damon

That's a sexy ass name I would date any man named Damon man who ever wrote this list will get an ass whooping

I actually like this name. There are many great names that should not be here.

What people don't know is that Damon is the Greek word for demon

383 Nipple

This kid is gonna get made fun of the rest of his life.

384 Boobley

To whoever names their kid this, grow up! Seriously this is a good name to you? Yeah right..

385 Macdonald

You want your kid to smell like crap?

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386 Dylan

Why Mom and Dad, why did you have to name me this name, wwwhhyy?

387 Ludwig

My mom was almost named Ludwig.

388 Carlos

I think Carlos is a hot name also I have a friend named Juan Carlos

Carlos acts pathetic

all because someone moved his food and acts crazy like the world fell apart

what an angry man

389 John

I really like this name. It's underused and it can be made into cool nicknames like Jack or Johnny. What kind of idiot put this here, it's a really dumb creature. - EdRed

John is a great name! Who the heck wrote this list?

That's my name! At least it's only 592 - JohnFedorchak

No person would name their child john

390 Axl

Worst name ever and her voice is like a little girl...

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391 Caillou V 1 Comment
392 Sulipid

Sounds like the parents were STUPID

393 Jorge

No matter the spelling, this name just sounds stupid. Sounds like you're trying to spit vomit from your mouth a high velocities.

I prefer george - FinnsWorld

It's a Spanish name! It's pronounced "HOR-HEH" That's why it sounds weird, 'cause you can't pronounce it right. - EdRed

394 Adolfo
395 Leonardo V 1 Comment
396 Willie

When parents, name there kids, they don't think, how it might affect them. Your name is your label in life.

397 Bailey

How is this so low on the list? It should be in the top 5! I think of a creepy old man! I find this name to be absolutely horrible! NO! I DO NOT UNDERSTAND THE APPEAL! I HATE IT! PLEAASEE DOONT NAMEEE AAANYONE BAAIIILEEY! - FinnsWorld

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398 Rudolph

Well pretty much every possible and single name for a boy is on here

399 Valeri V 1 Comment
400 Clarence
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