What the hell are you TRYING to make someone named bertha feel bad about herself? I have a friend named bertha and as soon as she saw her name on here she burst into tears and I'm trying to make her like herself for who she is. Congrats people for crushing everyone's feelings and it is possible for a person called bertha to be popular

I agree with the people that are saying that Bertha is an amazing name. Stop trying to jerks for saying that it's a horrible name. And this is coming from a nine year old! People whose name is Bertha would probably get so upset by all of your horrible comments. I think Bertha is one of the most amazing names I have ever heard of in my whole life. I would love to have that name if I was named it.

Yuck Bertha and Gurtrude have to be the worst names ever! I'm not sure which one is worse.

My name is Joy so I have it pretty easy when it comes to names. But I have a pretty nice friend and she is named Bertha. And you shouldn't judge someone by their name. And I think Bertha is a unique name and you shouldn't tease her because of her name. And Bertha the person who was sticking up for her name I think you didn't just defend you you defended all of the people who are named Bertha.

Admittedly, Bertha isn't one of my favorite names, but I think it's totally wrong to discriminate someone because of their name. Bertha COULD be someone who's kind, smart, funny, pretty, or any combination of those things. And if you're just gonna automatically think all Berthas are fat and ugly and weird, you should be ashamed.

Birtha? Bertha? No difference. Whoever said "Bertha is a amazing name. If I had this name I would take pride in it and just maby show it off. But this is only my opinion so you could have another thought about this name but I really would love it if you agree with me. And I guess I should tell you my own name is Bertha so stop cyber-bulling because I am only 11 years old so this is going to haunt me for the rest of my life, thanks a bunch!. But thank you so much for the 12 year old who stuck up for this name. And I agree with her you should all be ashamed of your selves. So remember Bertha is a wonderful name and don't forget it!." should be ashamed of her/himself! It is such an ugly name.

I agree with a girl that commented earlier! All of these names are beautiful, and again this is coming from a 12 year old! All of you who see this comment should think to yourself imagine if you saw your name on hear. Imagine how you would feel.

Bertha sounds like the name of a fat and ugly girl that nobody likes. There's a character in the How to Train Your Dragon books that... Oh God I get the willies thinking of her. I know a girl in real life named Bertha and when I went to her sleepover her mom took us to McDonald's for dinner, to Burger King for breakfast, and to Checkers for lunch. She's fatter than Violet from Charlie and The Chocolate Factory when Violet turns into a blueberry and she's super ugly and she even named her own ZITS! She named one of them Bertha Jr. She named one of the other zits after the boy she had a crush on. Bertha is always the name of some nasty person. Who knows a popular girl named Bertha? NOBODY. Imagine a popular girl name Bertha.

Hot Guy: So who do you have a crush on?
Hot Dude: That cute girl, Bertha.
Hot Guy: Oh she's so pretty. What a flawless face!
Hot Dude: I know right!

That would be messed up. Nothing like the Bertha I know. Whoever would name their daughter ...more

All of these names are beautiful! You people should be so ashamed of yourselves. And this is coming from a twelve-year-old. How pathetic. Maybe you may not like these names, and there are names that I don't like either, but you know what? We keep those kinds of comments to ourselves. The world doesn't need to hear your stupid opinions. I'm sure everyone on the planet heard this one as a kid: If you don't have anything nice to say, don't say anything at all.

My name is Bertha and your just offending me by my name and you wouldn't like it if other people talked about your name so stop! - Bertha77

You should all stop saying your stupid opinions about names if it might hurt someone later on. Imagine how someone named bertha would feel if she saw this on the god damn list

I am a popular girl at my school and my name is Bertha and I love going to school with this name I never get bullied and all I have to do back is appreshiate others names. Not like how everyone on this website is doing. I mean what is with people these days all they do is bully.

My grandma's middle name is Bertha and she hated it so much she didn't give any of her children middle names. But what is really ironic is that she actually goes by Bertha.?!

Bertha is my grand mother name and I love it so much I think and feel that bertha is the name that should be picked

In my opinion this name is beautiful all the names here are so don't judge these names it makes people feel ashamed to have these names!

Stop making fun of names! I hate it when people do that. What if your name showed up here? Would you like it if people started calling it ugly? Didn't think so.

Bertha is my name and I lobe it and the meaning of it too because I think its also avert beautiful name

Haha this name sounds terrible, users need to stop being biased and just admit that it's not the most flattering name. - AngelaB

That's that Fred's friend's name on the movie Fred which is very annoying but really funny

Sorry about this but whenever I think of Bertha I always go back to The Land Of Stories where there was a pirate called Big Booty Bertha - Swiftdawn

I know a very nice lady named bertha and shes wonderful

This name has been tainted by people associating it with a stereotypical fat German woman. It also sounds a lot like "birth", something most women cringe about. I know I do..

Watch out! She's giving Bertha! This name isn't bad though. - Powerfulgirl10

Does she give birth a lot? Or was she born with multiple birthmarks? This name is HIDEOUS (no offense to peeps with that name, it's not your fault but your parents). Gross gross gross

This is a horrible name and I would hate for a child to have to go through life being named Bertha!

How do you think of Egad when you see this name!? I mean it doesn't even sound anything like Bertha!

Bertha,I'm gonna agree, is a VERY ugly name. I think this name should be #1 on this list, or at LEAST #2.