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201 Michael

As it is my name, no other name beats it

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202 Yo

This was a character of Fanboy and Chum Chum. Yeah, I Know, It's a Stupid Name. - kcianciulli

Just. why...?

:Yo watches:
person 1:Yo! How are you bro?
yo:I'm good
Person 2:I'm good, yo!
yo:(I must be really popular today) :louder: That's amazing
Person 1:we weren't talking to you. - lovefrombadlands

203 Kathryn

No this is a girls name, you can just shorten it to Kate Anyway lol

204 Claire

What! Claire is so lovely name!

My nanas name is this. she died not long ago :(

I Hate this name I have a friend and I hate her and I call her claire

:( This is the name of my aunt who I really love shes super nice she even let me have a dance party and eat some of her delicious pancakes. Why did you have to put my awesome aunts name on here? shame on you! >:(

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205 Jessie

I think that Jessie is more of a nickname than a full name.

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206 Uma

My name is Uma, my mother gave me this name and it is a beautiful name. A Hindu goddess was called Uma before she changed to Parvati. It is not a Adele song, and I don't think it should be in this list.

Uma has it (that Adele song though)

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208 Hallogena

Laugh out loud this is like Group 7 of the periodic table

209 Sloan

That was the name of Ferris Buller 's girlfreind... She was pretty hot, so that s gotta sound good to me, since I don t know anyone by that name anyways!... A pretty face helps your first name reputation, I suppose!... No offense to anyone!.. Thanks!

I'm a Sloan and I'm the only one I'm the entire state

Sloan is a cute name that is my baby cousins name

This is a guy jane in my favorite book

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210 Precila

Sounds like a sexual sport like oral, anal

This is stupid! Who would insult this name! This is the name of Aquilla and Percilla. Besides this name is ancient and original.

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211 Barbara

This name my be older but it's so pretty. Come on have respect

Love the name

That's my grandma's name

It just sounds ugly like ew

212 Anna

That's my first name it so awesome

Anna is a great name because that's my name.

Uhh, this website has some funny ideas on which names are the worst names ever! Anna is my name, and I think it's the best name ever.

Why is my beautiful name meaning of "graceful" on this website WHY WHY WHY I COULD TELL MY PARENTS ABOUT THIS

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214 Martha

My name is Martha and it is a perfectly nice name! How dare you say it's a bad name!

I despise it because it is my terrible name!

"Martha? Why did you say that name?! " -Batman

Why did you say Martha?! -"Batman"

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216 Bethany

Are you kidding me? This is a beautiful name.

I don't know why but it makes me think of a coughing sound

Weird name why name your kids this stuff

Bethany.. it sounds fat

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217 Fiona

I LOVE THIS NAME! How dare you insult beautiful people of the world and their beautiful names. Get a life.

Would her boyfriends name be shrek

Every girl that I know who has this name is a brat.


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218 Elaine

This should be very high on the list. I think definition is ugly skank!

This was my cousins name before adoption. My aunt changed it to Eleanor immediately! That says it all!

Blimey it's nice that so many others think the same...it's putrid.

Elaine sounds retarded, prissy, and just... no. - SnowPlume

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219 Urina

Sounds like Urine. A lot of bullying might for a child named this, sadly.

It's what brian drinks in language arts class - krabsnation

Who would name their own child this damn name?!

My name is Urina and I love it!

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220 Monique

I liked the name at first, and I think it is lovely and old. Some girls, however, over use it and walk around like they are perfect. The name is Nice, but a few girls take advantage of it too much

No offense but I personally hate this name

This is an annoying person name

Some guiers with this name are annoying and act like they know when they don't.

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