Worst First Names For Girls

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381 Sheila

I personally think Sheila is a beautiful name. It's a little old fashioned, but it sounds beautiful!

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382 Sandra

My mom's name is Sandra. It's a pretty name.

My grandmother's name is Sandra, it's a normal name and it's not ugly.

My inspiration is named Sandra and I like it

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383 Wanda

Wanda is my BFF's name and it's also a nice name not a bad one :(

Um this is my mom's name, and my great-grandma's name...it's NOT that bad!

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384 Isabella

Well I hate my name very much. I wish I had a different name. I'll never see my parents the same way again ugh. my parents lied... Again:(

Love this name come on guys!

There is a rock song called 'Sensuella Isabella' by the Swedish rock singer Tomas Ledin. And he's completely awesome!

Worst name ever. Sounds very bitchy and bossy. Isabelle is way better. No need to add an a.

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385 Ann

Your making people with these names feel worse than a man who has to eat a bucket full of crap. Like me.

Back. Off my nennas name is ann

386 Cecilia

That's the name of the saint of music.

387 Mandy

Grim adventures of Billy and Mandy, enough said

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388 Doris V 1 Comment
389 Roseanne V 1 Comment
390 Gina
391 Val V 1 Comment
392 Terry
393 Tanya

Well it's my name which in Russia means Noble Queen

394 Autumn

This is a very nice name. I know a Autumn and she is very nice.

I knew someone named Autumn. It's really a nice name!

The most popular girl at my school is named Autumn. I hate her. - _Ash_Lyn_

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395 Dominique

I know somebody named Dominique and they are amazing and super nice

It's actually a really cool sounding name. Like it

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396 Susan
397 Tatyana

In bloodlines and vampire academy there's a Tatiana

398 Becky
399 Andreah
400 Cambri
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