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101 Augusta

What is this? Renaming August, not because of Augustus Caesar, but because of Augusta, the girl who was born yesterday

Augusta is the capital of Maine I like it, it's unique.

Augusta September what else


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102 Bea

My sisters friend is called Beatrix but in my life, I have never heard anyone call her that, they call her Bea and I like it

Mix the words a little and it's bae! "Hey bae! "

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103 Lorrany

She told me to write it

104 Deborah

I only like it because a short name for it could be Debbie

Yeah, I personally don't think it's a bad name. Neither are the majority of others names that are unfortunately on this crazy list -_-

I hate this name. My other "aunt" is named Deborah and she is an evil person. Worst name ever

It is so scary... Just read it: DEBORAH!

My best friends grandmas name

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105 Sophie

That's my name really put more stupid names becuase I know there is! MEANIE

By the way it means wisdom in latin and it is voted a very pretty and popular name for the last two or three years

I can't believe every one! I don't know if YOU know but on this same website, for the "top ten" prettiest girl names sophie is in like, the top five and it's so pretty so whoever posted this name I have to definitely disagree, sorry but that's just my opinion...

That's my name sometimes people call me Sophie or Sophia and is not a BAD NAME AT ALL THIS SITE IS STUPID

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106 Dorothy

Wizard of oz... Hello!

Dorothy is a nice name, how about dolly for short?

Oh, toto, I don't think we're in Kansas anymore...

White much?

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107 Baylor

what the hell is right. baylor sounds like something I would attach a boat to.

Sounds like someone wanted to say Taylor but choked.

Baylor is the name of a college or university (similar to Texas A&M). Never name a girl "Baylor". - playstationfan66


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108 Mckalya

My baby sisters name and its beautiful we call her Mika, Kayla, and Mickey

My name is Michaela and I have had people actually come up to me and compliment me on my name.

How is this pronounced? Because I don't think Mickayla is an ugly name.

It should be spelt like makaly

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109 Roxxanne

I would go by roxy if my name was Roxanne

Hey Roxane is a beautiful name that is my uncles girlfriends name! And she is so nice!

It's a cute name.

It sounds too sassy - GriffinDoge

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110 Macenzie

Mac. Is a lovely, inspiring and cute name.

It's a beautiful name

I wish that was my name

I think Mackenzie is a lovely
Name but if you spell it in macenZie it could be bad word name

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111 Maggie

What the heck!? This is a nice name! Geez people

Hey! This is my BFFs' name, and I love it! It suits her so well: funny, nice, robust, beautiful, athletic, and creative. She is so awesome, but this name shouldn't be selected as 57!

Does she play volleyball by any chance? Sorry I have a friend who is all of those too - panicdownthedisco

That's so cruel my grandma is called maggie anyway it's short for Margaret!

How? This is the best name ever! - lovefrombadlands

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112 Chloe

Chloe is a very great name there is no reason at all for it to be on this list these people must crazy and mad because it is a very pretty name I will turn these people into cokiess for what they have done

My name is Chloe :(

I love the name Chloe. It is so beautiful because I wish it was my name and that's big coming from an eight year old. So whoever runs this website should take Chloe down and all of the other names because they are beautiful in their own way!


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113 Sydney

Come on people this name is beautiful shame on you

Hey Sidney is my cousins name and for you're information I'm nine and I do not agree with this website

Everyone who thinks Sydney is an ugly name is stupid brainless.

WHATT why would you put my best friends name on this list?! Jerk who put it on: Just because I'm jealous of this awesome name off to jail!

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114 Bailee

How dare you this is my sisters name and I think it's beautiful

I don't like the name; and never will! It's because of personal reasons! Enough said!

Some kids in school called bailee that hippo I'm sorry to say but I don't like it

Dude, this is my dogs name... I love it... Y'all rude.

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115 Abigail

This name is mine and I think its beautiful

This makes me sad, I had a friend named Abigail and she moved away, it was two years ago, but I still miss her at times. I moved on by now. - funnyuser

Whoever thinks this name is dumb. YOUR DUMB! Cocaine is later in this list and its behind abigail! By the way abigail is my name. It's on the bible and it means fathers love. There's also a lot of nicknames that come with this like abbie, abby, abbey, abie, ab, and six pack Ab's. This is the best name ever!

eh, true.

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116 China

I bet the person who said something about the America name on the list put it here!

There was America on this list now China. What is next?

I think it's cute it reminds me of a pretty glass doll dressed in a pink dress.

First America then China, what's next? Africa? - GriffinDoge

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117 Dolores

How is this name bad? Oh, my aunt in Mexico has this name. I miss her so much. :-(

How did you know what I was thinking

Three words: Dolores Jane Umbridge

Harry Potter fan?

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118 Star

Adult movie star name.

Stfu, I have a friend named Star, you're just jealous because your name must be Helga. - princessbabypeach

Imagine calling your girl inside to say prayers and go to bed. You would find your self saying" come inside star! "
Your neighbours would take you as insain trying to call a star into your home. Try something biblical like Hannah, Mary, Elizabeth or Lizzie... Blah blah blah... Etc etc...

I like Star vs the Forces of Evil. But don't name your kid after a cartoon character unles it's an actual name like Marco, Stan, Peter, etc.

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119 Karen

That's my mum's name. I have to say I think it's quite spiteful and a bit cruel of the list maker, there are some names on here that shouldn't be on here at all.

Honestly, some of the mean comments I've read really hurt, because it's either your name, your friend's name or a family name etc.

I would STRONGLY advise you to take down the whole list as it is demeaning to other people and their relations.

This is my school principles name and she is so nice so this name is not such a bad name as people sometimes put it out to be please get this name off the list!

Like Seriously Karen, Sounds like a person who, Reads a lot and plays violin

Karen is a pretty name

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120 Kris

This is short for my mom's name... every time I hear it I remember her.. - NightmareIsHere_

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