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121 Ellouise V 3 Comments
122 Hedda

Its an ugly name and would you like someone to have that name?

This was my 7th grade science teacher's first name

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123 Agnes

I agree that it isn't ugly but saying that it's beautiful because it was used hundreds of years ago isn't proving the point.

Well, My great great aunt escaped the holocaust and her name was agnes. Stop people

Have you not heard of Saint Agnes?!

Sounds like Acne or Agony - GriffinDoge

V 4 Comments
124 Tabitha

My cat is called tabitha meow meow and is the most beautiful cat ever

WHAT!? That is a beautiful name it means grace and beauty it is my name. - Smileybunny123

That's my name but I hate it so I go by Tabby! Like the cats!

It's my name but sometimes I wish I had a different name... or at least in a different spelling. I'd rather spell my name Tabytha, it's cooler. I go by Tabbi.

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125 Fifi

The name of Spongebob's spatula - GriffinDoge

Fifi, like a poodle.

I hate this name

All I can say is Hideous to that name, FWI it sounds like a dog

126 Lunar Eclipse

I have that name because my parents like it but I hate it

It sounds good for a fantasy name, but not for a real name - XxDarkStorm_PhoenixMothxX

Why would you name your daughter Lunar Eclipse.

Sounds like a Mary Sue name - Lunala

127 Emily

I think this name is flipping gorgeus it reminds me of barbie pink

This is my name and I was named after my great-grandmother, and I have people come up to me all the time and compliment me on my name, so I don't know who put this up here, but they are mistaken! I also have a friend with this name, and she is also complimented on it!

I love the name Emily and that's my best friends name and I love her to death

I'm sorry I named my child EMILY! '

V 39 Comments
128 Wella

It's a hairdresser's name

V 2 Comments
129 Zemela
130 Henrietta

At least my name is a real name.

It's not girly or nothing, but it is a REAL name.

Not made up.

At least Colleen is a real name!

This IS a real name.

Chick-HEN? this name is weird - Lunala

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131 Brooklyn

Your family is going to New York City on vacation. You take your daughter on the Brooklyn Bridge and say 'this bridge is what you are named after. ' That's disappointing.

Really? Come on who would name your child after a New York suburb? Would their middle name be bridge?

It's not a suburb, it's a BOROUGH. No offense but you can get do some facts checking before you comment. - MusicalPony

This is such a cute name one of my friend's name is Brooklyn but she goes by Brook.

I used to have a friend named brooklyn. besides I love the name

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132 Kaly

Yay! That's my abriviated name, and it's beautiful. True fact, it means rosebud in Greek, haters.

133 Chloris

Every time I see this name I immediately think "clitoris"

V 1 Comment
134 Vicki

My name is Vicki and I love it, it is short for Victoria. My friends love it as well. You have offended so many and I would love to know what your name is. And actually most of these names are normal every-day common name is and you are insulting so many girls. Also its not the fact you have put my name it's the fact that a rude person has said it is one of the worst names and is horrible then expects people named Victoria to think it is okay! Also one of the English queens was called Victoria therefore it is a royal name and can't be that stupid!

My name is Victoria and everyone calls me Vicki I don't particularly like the name but it doesn't deserve to be on this list. It is a really popular name that lots of girls have so you are offending so many people. I would appreciate it if you removed if from this list. Thank you.

This is horrible, my name is Victoria and it's one of my only nicknames. :( I want to name my child Victoria, even though my name is Victoria. Every name is beautiful in it's own way, DELETE THIS LIST NOW.

My name is varaminta I have a cousin named vicki and THIS IS CHILD ABUSE!

V 16 Comments
135 Kaylee

Why is kaylee bad?

That's my name and I think it's unique!

My boyfriend cheated with a girl named kaylee

That's my friends sisters name! that's rude!

V 13 Comments
136 Mildred

Ever since "The Little Mermaid came out, girls would think their parents don't love them if their name was Mildred. They would rather have Ariel as their name because Prince Eric thinks it's "kinda pretty". But Ariel is a very cute name. Mildred is not! - jbuch01

That's really really really bad bad bad name. Like "O, Mildred, I want to know this boy. Girl, is it really name for girls?

This kind of sounds like that one really fat and annoying old lady on the block..." Watch out Old Mildred coming out! "

I hate this name

V 8 Comments
137 Jessica

I think it is the most wonderful name I have a friend named that I always pretend that is my fake NAMEI LOVE IT please everyone at least like it no names r not pretty because some of these names can be peoples names that YOU don't LIKE SO... I WOULD NOT do it

This is my name and its not ugly! Just nicknames for the name Jessica are ugly like Jessie

I don't think it's ugly. It's beautiful. I don't understand why a lot of these names are on here.

Should be the 1 one

V 13 Comments
138 Dora

I was told I look like Dora and that's bad enough, at least I was not stuck with this name because I would consider suicide if that were the case, parents of the future if considering to name her Dora you are risking a depressed and potentially suicidal daughter.

This was my great grandmothers name, and is my younger sister's middle name. I think that it has class, and has a light and feminine touch to it. It's beautiful without being over the top, and being two syllables long, it's about the perfect length. Nothing wrong with this name.

It's Dora the Explorer! Yay! (not)

DUDUDUDUDUDORA dora dora dora the explorer! Dora! - Lunala

V 19 Comments
139 Audrey

You are all hurting my feelings! My name is Audrey and the positive comments are getting thumbs down! Man, you people are such jerks give those comments thumbs up!

I don't love this name but I like it

The most prettiest name in the whole world

My cousins name.And it is my middle name☹️

V 7 Comments
140 Lexi

This is my friends name and it is beautiful HAY DO NOT JUDGE ME

That's so mean. You have obviously run out of names.

I call my sister lexi and her name is Alexis

That's a nice name

V 14 Comments
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