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141 Jessica

I think it is the most wonderful name I have a friend named that I always pretend that is my fake NAMEI LOVE IT please everyone at least like it no names r not pretty because some of these names can be peoples names that YOU don't LIKE SO... I WOULD NOT do it

This is my name and its not ugly! Just nicknames for the name Jessica are ugly like Jessie

I don't think it's ugly. It's beautiful. I don't understand why a lot of these names are on here.

Should be the 1 one

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142 Tara

It is a good name to have it is not like the others that are bad this name is lovely

I actually like this name. It's a nice name.

Tara is not an ugly name. Infact, that is my mothers name and it happens to be beautiful and so is my mom

This I should completely anonymous because I've never told andone this but I have 8 names my initials at jresbsgg it confusing but the first a is shakeen I'm not proud of it because all the other names are commonly known but shakeen is different I AM NOT ASHAMED OF MY NAME and anyone that thinks it's embarrassing can go to hell

143 Pippa

Pippa is a great name it means one who loves horses in Greek

Pippa Pig

144 Ravin

There are definitely some names on here that shouldn't be. Some are definitely different, yes. And some are pretty bad... Rabin is not "bad" or ugly. It sounds okay to me. To some of you who are ignorant to other cultures and languages they might sound ugly... Open your mind people.
Quit being annoying little teenagers with nothing better to do than find the negative in things.

Ever after hight is kind of... I only like the dolls. Also whoever put this on here needs to go ask the biggest bully you know to punch them in the face DUMMY THIS WAS ON HERE ALREADY!

I thought this was already on the list. - Garythesnail

Ever after high should die in hell

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145 Lisa

You guys are running out of stuff to put on the list, aren't you.

Reminds me of a creepy alpha in animal jam/

My mother's name is Lisa! She's sick in the hospital right now!

You are reminding me of the Simpsons. I wish my name was Lisa Simpson and was born April 1st 1980 or April 1st 2000(I should be Rhonda Simpson because of copyright infridgement),but that was impossible for my parents though. -.-.

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146 Lauren

Lauren is a lovely name it is very cute why is it bad lauren is the name in the world!

Um... Lauren is a beautiful name! What idiot made this list?

This website is stupid it is a gorgeous name

My friends name is Lauren

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147 Wendy

! I always loved the name Wendy. It's lovely and innocent. I can't believe in every one of you. :(

Um that's my mom's name and I love it. - RockFashionista

Wendy is one of the most lovely and innocent names! I love it

She will throw a big tantrum over and over cause shes Wendy alright
and want her Daddykins.I love Wendy O. Who is your next boys Larry Lemmy Ludwig Morton Roy Iggy

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148 Ashlyn

EXCUSE me that's my cousins name and its beautiful

This is my name and it sucks. Everyone thinks my name is Ashley. Correcting people is annoying.

That's the first name of my 4th teacher and I like the name

MY NAME IS ASHLYN! jk I'm not that Triggered I just didn't expect to see it on this list. I didn't really like my name, But I've started to love it. I would prefer Evelyn though. (the other name I was going to be named) - _Ash_Lyn_

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149 Meg

That's my name... Just don't go round saying what names are nice or not! :-(

If this was your first name, it would suck if your last name was Griffin!

Only one celebrity had that first name: MEG RYAN! - playstationfan66

This is my bothers girlfriend name

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150 Michelle

That's my name!
Personally, I don't hate it, and I think it's rather beautiful. Why does it matter that it's the gems, e version of Michael? I still don't see why so many people think that all girl name's need to be "girly" or "feminine." Maybe someone doesn't want to be girly. Maybe someone just isn't girly. Seriously, this is coming from a 12 year old. Some of you are very immature about this.

I hate the because of Michelle Obama

That's my name and I really like it...

What about michelle obama?

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151 Bella

I don't like the name, but is it this high up for a reason like, oh, I don't know... A character from a young adult's novel that people have strong opinions about is so well disliked that her name is disliked too? I like "Isabella" (said character's real full name), and "Belle" but "Bella" is just... It gets on my nerves. Come to think of it, if I continue talking about "Twilight Saga" names, I don't like the old-fashioned names of most of the Cullens, the only name I like being Alice.

Sounds like a dog's name. Bella. Though I wouldn't name my dog Bella either.

My name is Stella, but I go by Bella. I really like both. I especially like Bella, because it's French. It sounds so beautiful!

Bella is a very pretty name, like Bella Swan, or Isabella Swan, from Twilight.

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152 Taylor

Taylor - such a cute name for a girl. I like the name of Taylor. Best name in the world. TAYLOR! TAYLOR! TAYLOR! TAYLOR SWIFT! WHOA! (Taylor Swift - best pop sensation so far). Swift used the official name as her trademark. Songs released by Taylor Swift: We are Never Ever Getting Back Together, I Knew You Were Trouble and Shake it Off. Taylor (Swift) was dating Zac Efron during filming of The Lorax. - playstationfan66

The most amazing name ever.

I had a really mean friend. This was her name. She ruined this name for me.

That's a boys name at my school. taylor swift sucks too.

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153 Dicka

This is sorta kinda vulgar...

Some of the names here aren't bad at all but this definitely is

Don't name you kid this. It's pretty much naming your kid a swear

I don't get why this is not number one worst name

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154 Bleach Bleach

Why like bleach. The thing I use on my wife clothes. No.

People will tease you and also expect you to be good on cleaning

This is also is a name of an anime - NightmareIsHere_


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155 Brooke

This is a beautiful name and I think it sounds nothing like "brick" so I actually love this name every girl I know with this name is positively drop dead gorgeous!


My little cousins name is brooke so screw all you who think it sucks

I love this name! Probably my 4th favourite

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156 Dylan

Sorry, but I don't like names that are guys names, that are used on girls!

Is giving girls male names some sort of trend that I don't know about? Either way, it's weird, especially this. And Evan, as in Rachel Wood...

I know somebody with this name and he is douche bag

Pfft. please. that's for a BOY

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157 Melody V 2 Comments
158 Destin

I love this name AND I live in a city in Florida called destin!

Hi I'm destin my sisters called destiny sarcastically

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159 Nikita

I love this gonna name a dog this

I, for one, love my name. I rarely meet anyone with my name & I love that ❤

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160 Norma V 4 Comments
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