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41 Sentinelcraft V 1 Comment
42 Pigraid

Worst minecraft pe server ever. Newcomers,unlike other servers,you must VOTE the server for registration. This shows how arrogant the server owners are and I quit instantly. - MChkflaguard_Yt

43 HavocMc

The server is a walking dead server, but, that's not the issue with it. the issue is the most recent update has ruined the server for RPers by making the map aimed at pvp, not to mention, the texture packs are broken! it wont download, and the map is also has glitches, I've fallen through the map, hide inside rocks and overall too broken to enjoy the fun. so if have any plans to play a zombie survival, I wouldn't recommend this server at its current state - Zombieguy745

44 Icynet Community Server

For those that don't know, it's an mlp based server that can fit up to 15 players (yet it has nothing to do with mlp in general). The Server has a plugin called the grief prevention plugin in which it automatically prevents all forms of griefing on the server.

I played on the server during the month of October and I enjoyed it until things have change and made me stop playing. It got too boring to the point of me wanting to play a different game and a player by the name of Strike_r (who's on the server a lot) decided to steal my 16 diamonds from my chest. I asked the people that I trusted on the server saying where are my diamonds and they didn't even care because they didn't even respond. Even though I trusted her because of her being a good friend, she is no longer my friend and thinks that I'm the enemy. Regardless of this situation I decided to take effect and untrusted all of them, Wrote a book saying that I'm not coming back ever and that was it.

Also she pressured ...more

45 The Hive

I like the hive. I like its games. But I do not like the overall staff and community. Here are some of my complaints. First complaint is mean players. Once I was getting bullied by two people who said disgusting and horrible things. I don't think they even got punished. Another complaint is the mods abusing power. Just recently a lot of players were bullying and using bad language. Admittedly so was I but I was the only one who got punished. I had a mute for 7 days, and the mod gave the other people a friendly warning. Punish everybody! You can't just punish one person?! Right after I went to the forums to complain about it. The reply was this and this is quoted straight from the text: "Abusing power? This chat log is filled with hate, spam, foul language, and more." The chat log was taken from entirely different times! And still, why did only I get punished? And as for the hate and foul language, we were just joking around! Only sometimes was I using it to hate, but that was because ...more

How is this on 55? This is the worst Minecraft server in existence, the games are fun but the staff is awful, they once banned me for misspelling "duck" as the f word, banned me because I was lagging and they thought I was flying, banned me because I went to the jump pad and landed on a mini game's logo, everyone accuses me of hacking, too many hackers, everyone swears, and many more things I don't have time to talk about! This should be taken down!

This server isn't bad. I play on it 99% of the time I decide to go on a server, and haven't had any problems.

Players can swear any time they want and the mods abuse power This should be at worst server EVER!

V 15 Comments
46 Hypixel

There are many reasons why Hypixel is a horrendous server. These are just SOME of the biggest flaws involving the server:

1. Unimaginably terrible staff who ignore you, are no help whatsoever, and continue to talk to their friends online. Aside from two or three good staff members, the rest are useless. And this is honestly the nicest thing I could possibly say about the staff.

2. This is the biggest pay-to-win server I have ever seen in my life. People are going to make the argument "No, it's not! The EULA update changed it so no one can get any good perks non-donors can't." However, most donors bought ranks BEFORE the EULA update and on top of that, even after the EULA update, donors STILL get special perks which non-donors can't get. As for non-donors, NOW they can finally receive special kits... once they spend weeks and even MONTHS trying to gain enough coins to buy something. Unless you are a very loyal player who spends most of their time on Hypixel, ...more

Great server, yet staff is hardly online managing stuff they are supposed to do, punishment appeals, reports, much other... the staff never do ANY of these. My friend got banned from Hypixel for building too quick and after 1 month his appeal remain untouched! - MChkflaguard_Yt

The server is amazing, but the staff is bad. Horrible. They (the staff) are slowly learning from their mistakes but are not improving fast enough

Here goes why I hardly ever play on this server!

1. The disconnecting. Hypixel doesn't lag, per say, but it does disconnect a LOT. I'll just be playing a game, and half the time everybody randomly disconnects for no reason. Don't even TRY to do housing, I think the dis-connector knows to disconnect you whenever you're about to finish a parkour or a maze or whatnot.

2. The community. Honestly if you don't have a rank everyone ignores you because your chat is super hard to see when it blends into the background. I've never seen staff doing anything really helpful, a few times they stopped at a housing I was a co in and once we got a mod over to clean up some water some griefer spilled everywhere, and it took 20 minutes for them to get there.

3. The games are boring. You have the basic all-servers games with some weird twist thing that is never explained properly, then some games everyone's forgotten about in the Classics/Arcade lobby that take forever to fill, and ...more

V 17 Comments
47 Brawl

Anyone ever played MCCTF? I guess they merged with brawl, anyway, brawl RUINED that server! It was the first server I ever played on and my favorite, then brawl came along and destroyed it. - Co0lk1d25

48 Vortex Network
49 Dumbledore's Army

Nice builds, but incredibly rude staff and players. They have 0 respect to donators, they take away their donated stuff. Stole a lot of Potterworld

V 1 Comment
50 CurseCraft
51 Kastia.net V 1 Comment
52 Minetime

Used to like this server. Now I don't. Why? Mainly because they changed, then removed survival games. Back around 2013 or 2014 they had amazing maps on SG. I could play there for hours. I had a lot of fun there! But then they changed the maps completely, and they were really boring and lame. I don't play on minetime anymore.

A lot of foul rules especially in build battle

It's full of hackers

Boring - Lunala

V 6 Comments

Staff is horrible and too harsh. Almost impossible to get an unban appeal. Not recommending this server.

54 Pwing

By far the worst server I have ever seen. - seminolesinger2003

55 Justsurvival.net

This server at first appears to be good, and it used to be good.
But then the staff got a stick up their ass and have started banning people for the smallest offense.
One was banned for saying "what", and I recently got banned for questioning it and simply stating my opinion, without ever stating I'd break the rules, nor did I ever break any rule. So ultimately I am warning you.

Do not put effort into this place, it's not worth it!

56 Legitplay V 3 Comments
57 HC Gaming Network
58 The Reeve

I hate this server it's so mean and I don't like the games and everything its like not my style and I kindy really hate it.
i like the games a little bit but still I REALLY HATE IT!

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