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41 Mr.Grinch

I never knew the Grinch had his own YouTube channel... - Drewman1211

42 PurpleSheep

Purple Shep's Voice Sounds Like A Messed Up Robot!

Wow his voice is stupid! Also he look ugly!

Purple Shep is awesome!

Also Purple Shep is awesome! IDC What you obsessed PGN fans think! - BlueSheepYT

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43 Minecraft Jams

None of her songs are nice or at least OK. If they aren't too stupid then they must have ugly animation,lame lyrics/melody or being too feminist and inappropriate. Seriously do you think your songs are awesome? Minecraft Jams IF YOU READ THIS IMPROVE ALREADY! - MChkflaguard_Yt

Really? Psycho girl is a sexist. she always wins. Lose for once! All she talks about is twerking and making fun of boys!

3 words:

44 SuperGirlyGamer

There are 3 reasons I hate her channel.
1) She only posted once a week (when she still used her channel).
2)Never once did she ever make a solo video. Pat has, hence the time Jen was sick. All her content revolved around Pat.
3)She ended her channel with no explanation, as far as I can tell. I thought she cared about her subscribers.

She is the killer of the crafting dead and she always kills pat, plus she is still at like episode 2 of minecraft story mode and she has the reflexes of an 100 year old person

There is 5 reasons why she should be number 1
1) She is very annoying
2) She says stupid things
3) She wants a villager head
4) She has a voice that sounds like a 100 year old screaming
5) She is an idiot that makes me want to grab a cactus and throw it at her face

I love this girl. She is the best. I know her in real life.

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45 xTurtle

He always exploit it's so dumb - bl4st

Hacking on servers thinking he is cool. No energy and clickbaits a lot.

Always clickbaiting

46 ItsFunneh

That fake voice she uses is the most annoying thing ever. But my 7 year old sister watches her videos and I can't escape. Help me please.

She is beyond stupidity. - DoritosAreLife

I think She is Okay, if she didn't add Uh to the end of every sentence.


47 Ashdubh

The channels kind do of new to me buut I started to love it that moment

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48 Ibxtoycat

His voice is kinda annoying.His videos a repetitive and are now only focused on battle mode and updates.

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49 Orepros

Slow intros and all his videos has the same scenes just in different places and different skins

His videos are also babyish

They are not funny and they repeat the same jokes over and over again

There's nothing special about any of his videos

Hmm... maybe he is not that bad but some of their videos are really babyish. - MChkflaguard_Yt

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50 Craftronix

His animations are all "(mob) Life" and he is just boring,

Stop with the mob life animations and do some real gameplay!

His "commands" never work

Mine-imator is used by retards like cheystar that animate tickling animations.

IN OTHER WORDS, IT SUCKS. - 404_name_missing

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51 Jacksepticeye

He doesn't even play Minecraft. :/

Jack hasn't touched minecraft in forever

What! Jackaboy doesn't play Minecraft!

Sucks. He says his intro so fast it sounds like mynamjacksepablahblahblah

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52 Ldshadowlady

I saw her come on Hypixel, and a bunch of guys were mooning over her, they said SHES HERE I'm like 'Who? ' and they said U NO NO WHO SE IS LOOK GUYS SHE DUNNO WHO SHE IS HAHAHHAHA?

LDShadowLady is awesome. She is cute, funny,...she is really great. I don't understand how people add
her in the list :P

She STOLE Trollcraft from X33N, K33han, SSundee, Crainer, and Captainsparklez! She must've seen that they were getting tons of views and gotten the idea! X33N and K33han are the ones who MADE Trollcraft! It even says in her description that it was made by them! You can't just steal it!

(PS: I know that Sky Jerome and others played Trollpack before, but Sky stopped and Sky and Jerome are really good friends with SSundee and CaptainSparklez).

53 JeromeASF

I never really cared that much for most YouTubers that only play Minecraft, but I thought Jerome was pretty good. That is, until his channel has changed, and not for the better. He and BajanCanadian have both decided to stop cursing, and to make their videos more child friendly. It's almost like watching a whole other person now. Now, he just seems so fake, and I kind of get the feeling that he is only doing YouTube for the money.

Yes he does but that does not mean that he does not like it. He likes he's job

I used to like him and BajanMoneyWhore but then I quit Minecrap and noticed that all they do it is for the money sure he has a better computer but still he just does it for the money. - Milkshake

He does not wasted it like you do.

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54 Magma Mugen

I love this guy he doesn't have a cancerous fanbase - Enderninja327

This guys awesome. - mattstat716

He deserve no place on this list

Which idiot spelled it 'mugen' when it is Musen?

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55 Eckosoldier

Take this off the list. I enjoyed his videos on a tutorial. I made a house just like his but different interior. But that still makes my friend jealous of my building skills.

Decent guy - Enderninja327

Super rude to fans and posts videos about how great 4j studios is when everyone knows they are money whores.

TAKE IT OFF NOW! TAKE THIS OFF! - ChipTheWiiU aka New MC YouTuber probably...

56 JackFrostMiner

What why is he here?

Youtuber with the ugliest voice. I hate youtubers that talk too much. - MChkflaguard_Yt

Best YouTube channel ever

Boy l hate him!

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57 iDeactivateMC

He isn't really a problem but what REALLY annoys me is that in every end of his Top 10 Videos, he says that he's hungry or thirsty. Can he stop saying that... - bugger

I really like him. But people keep saying bad about him. What the senor cactus? :/

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58 Kwebbelkop

He swears he shouts he plays with annoying people. Just not my guy.

59 MinecraftFinest

Let me sum this channel in 4 letters
AIDS - MChkflaguard_Yt

60 ElegantAshes
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