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1 Your Brother

I hate my brother! I don't see why this isn't number 1, even though my sister is annoying, I don't hate her. Hope this gets to #1 - keshaluvr

Yes, I love my brother the least. Sometimes I get mad at him, but I always forgive. - funnyuser

specialy when he is taking over your stuff and he seams to never leave them - MatrixGuy

What if I had a sister instead?

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2 Your Dad

He really only yells at me for grades with the occasional yelling at me for fighting with my idiotic brothers, otherwise we're good. - Therandom

Before my dad died, he used to annoy the crap out of me by making references to stuff I hated. But that doesn't mean I disliked him. - Powerfulgirl10

Oh, goodness, there are more that's bad than good. My dad & grandmother are the worst & my hubby's whole family is bad too but his brother has to be the worst! - pmmom38

Mine is emotionally abusive - Ihateschool

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3 Your Sister

My sister is younger than me but she is the most annoying thing ever to walk on this planet. All she does is complain, complain, complain. Oh I need new shoes, or get me a new barbie, and she tells on EVERYTHING.

My sisters(1 older, 1 younger)are so annoying, bossy, and bitchy, and I'm the only guy. Without a doubt the worst member of the family. - lukestheman4

My sister is such a brat! She throws tantrums over the most minor stuff caused by my brother! Even worse, once (maybe even multiple times) she literally tried to KILL my brother.

She is so rude to me 90% of the time

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4 Your Pet Cat

All cats love me I think I'm really good with them

I have to say, I love all 3 of my cats, but one is just really moody, he scrates my face when I try to calm him down, I love him, but he's just way too moody.

I don't have a cat - EpicJake

My cats r evil!! they bite me, one stalks me, one is scarred of everything that moves and one is fat haha - 7beach77

5 Your Mom

Just a horrible person. Can't wait to get away from her. She is superficial, selfish, always complaining about every single thing, stuck-up, boastful, illogical, just a major pain in the ass. - Splashstorm

You can't hate her. She took care of you when you were small, although now, she doesn't really care. - Fandom_Lover

I love her the most in my family :( - funnyuser

Sometimes my mom can be a bit overprotective, but overall she is really nice. - Powerfulgirl10

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6 Step Mom

Oh yes. Oh my bday, I plan to make my stepmom and dad split up on the spot. In front of my friends. Hopefully, it won't fail.

My plan

1. Wait for everyone to come.

2. Deliberately do something that she'll tell me off for that is so ridiculous my dad will get seriously angry with her.

. Tell my dad that my stepmom told me off in front of my friends. This'll cause an argument.

4. I'll act really sad and I'll run into the bathroom and make my eyes itchy so that they water. I'll say I've been crying.

5. Dad Super sympathetic and will get mad at stepmom.

6. Hopefully, the plan would've worked!

I think this list is irrelevant here but If I could choose it would be this one - Alexandr

7 Your Cousin

I have some cousins about my age and an older one who I actually never fight with, and some others are just a few little girls who I have mixed feelings with. (They're crybabies, sometimes nice, etc.) - Powerfulgirl10

I have 4 cousins. Get this off the list also - EpicJake

8 Your Uncle

My uncle is one of the best people you will ever meet. He is so funny but also racist. He referred to a black dog as African. - birdechosplash

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9 Sister In Law

her middle name is poison

Sister Poison Law. LOL - EpicJake

10 Your Pet Dog

I have three dogs and all of them act like idiots most of the time. That also doesn't mean I dislike them. - Powerfulgirl10

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11 Your Aunt

I'm vegetarian and my Aunt Marsha makes me eat meat anyway - Ihateschool

They just think they are better!

My stepmum criticizes my aunt and makes her upset, gets involved in my grandma's business (she had a stroke and is bed bound). My aunt is actually against my stepmum, so we are both on the same lines. She has only told me off once, when I was little and annoying the cat. Even then she never told me off.

12 Your Grandmother

This is only 12? my grandma is a witch. We can never get along. We hate each other. I never go through one day without getting in a fight with that woman. She's ruins my life. If she doesn't like my friends, she sends them home, she makes me go to math tutoring every morning, including Saturday afternoon, and worst of all, she lives with me and makes all the rules even though it's my dad's house, she hers.

13 Mother-in-Law

they are very strict and narrowminded conservative persons. - ronluna

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14 Your Niece/Nephew
15 Great Aunt

Speaks in baby talk to us older kids constantly. It is getting me on my nerves! >:(

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