Worst People in Your Family

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1 Your Dad

My dad is strict because he went to war and had to work extremely hard in his childhood, and he left me and my mom for 2 years to go to war.

My dad is good but he has a HORRIBLE temper and when he is angry enough he will not only scream the house down, he will also throw a temper tantrum fit for a 2 year old.

Oh, goodness, there are more that's bad than good. My dad & grandmother are the worst & my hubby's whole family is bad too but his brother has to be the worst!

Before my dad died, he used to annoy the crap out of me by making references to stuff I hated. But that doesn't mean I disliked him.

2 Your Brother

Heck yes! My brother...
-Whines when he doesn't get his way.
-Forces me to play his dumb game with him.
-Rages when I kill him in a video game.
-Embarrassed me.
-Insults me.
-Always gets his way.
-Steals my stuff and hides it.

You know what, I am the older brother of our family and my brother...

Well, he is the most annoying person in my whole life. He always care about himself, his gaming addiction, and his worst obsession on some of his favorites (e.g. T.V. shows, music, gaming, etc). Even I almost killed (take out) his favorites for revenge but believe me, it's hard to be a big brother for him because he also physically hurt me which I don't really care about because he think I am a monster than a brother (even I am doing rights for him). He also sings with the worst voice in the world. Much worst than Justin Beiber. His voice was irritating that he can't refused to stop. My parents won't even let me hurt him because of his rude ways. I did'nt hurt him because I was a kind person you know. My brother? He is not nice. He was very naive and very rude person that he cannot change. Maybe his friends taight him some stupid things to him so he will going to annoy me. He have no motivation whatsoever to ...more

This should be No.1, Even though my big brother's fine, The LITTLE BROTHER ARE THE ACTUAL WORST. why?, 1.They are mean,2. They are annoying and selfish, 3. They always copy you and that's the worst thing of all (in my opinion),4. They always tattle-tale on you, and last but not least, 5. They are wine-butts and annoying! Anything I missed?

I hate my brother! I don't see why this isn't number 1, even though my sister is annoying, I don't hate her. Hope this gets to #1

3 Your Mom

Just a horrible person. Can't wait to get away from her. She is superficial, selfish, always complaining about every single thing, stuck-up, boastful, illogical, just a major pain in the ass.

You can't hate her. She took care of you when you were small, although now, she doesn't really care.

God she is so annoying can't wait til I finally go to college. I'll just have to suck up for now :P

Sometimes my mom can be a bit overprotective, but overall she is really nice.

4 Your Step Mom

Oh yes. Oh my bday, I plan to make my stepmom and dad split up on the spot. In front of my friends. Hopefully, it won't fail.

My plan

1. Wait for everyone to come.

2. Deliberately do something that she'll tell me off for that is so ridiculous my dad will get seriously angry with her.

. Tell my dad that my stepmom told me off in front of my friends. This'll cause an argument.

4. I'll act really sad and I'll run into the bathroom and make my eyes itchy so that they water. I'll say I've been crying.

5. Dad Super sympathetic and will get mad at stepmom.

6. Hopefully, the plan would've worked!

I think this list is irrelevant here but If I could choose it would be this one

5 Your Sister

I'm 11 and I have a little sister who's 9, she's bullied me a LOT recently, spreading rumors about me on social media, so I got banned by the stupid mods and then I had to leave, cause other people were BELIEVING THOSE STUPID LIES and also bullied me. later, I was searching up something up on my browser for school, and I accidentally went on an old group I made there, and MY SISTER DELETED EVERYONE THERE. she denies she did it, saying that she got hacked, later saying that it was an accident, THEN saying that it was dead and no one needed to do anything w it anymore. PURE LIES, I'm TELLIN YA!

also yesterday I was eating a snack and my sister wanted one but I told her no and to get her own, she literally started crying lol and snitched on me, calling my mom (who wasnt home) that I was bullying her lol

I'm 12 and have a 7 year old sister and she is like the police and she also tattletells on EVERYTHING! She also complains and crys an average of 6 times a day (I'm not kidding) If I have friends over she always follows us

My sister is younger than me but she is the most annoying thing ever to walk on this planet. All she does is complain, complain, complain. Oh I need new shoes, or get me a new barbie, and she tells on EVERYTHING.

My sister is such a brat! She throws tantrums over the most minor stuff caused by my brother! Even worse, once (maybe even multiple times) she literally tried to KILL my brother.

6 Your Cousin

I am 11 and I have this cousin who is 17, even tho he's older than me, he's so damn annoying. But how? Well he acts immature, when my mom and aunts were performing singing, HE WAS WATCHING ANIME INSTEAD. He's a darn annoying weeb, and he thinks only about anime.

Ugh I can't even- I have a cousin who's 6 years old, I think, and every time we play a game (mostly tag) once she gets tagged she says "I don't want to play anymore" and goes on her dad's phone.

I have some cousins about my age and an older one who I actually never fight with, and some others are just a few little girls who I have mixed feelings with. (They're crybabies, sometimes nice, etc.)

They act immature, harasses me, and gets me in trouble for their behavior.

7 Your Uncle

This makes you cursed

He is a fat, arogant, miserble turd

8 Your Sister In Law

her middle name is poison

Sister Poison Law. LOL

9 Your Aunt

My stepmum criticizes my aunt and makes her upset, gets involved in my grandma's business (she had a stroke and is bed bound). My aunt is actually against my stepmum, so we are both on the same lines. She has only told me off once, when I was little and annoying the cat. Even then she never told me off.

It depends on the aunt. One of my aunts is sweet and funny. The other is toxic and backstabbing.

My grand aunt is incredibly narcissistic and demeaning and ruins every family gathering.

I'm vegetarian and my Aunt Marsha makes me eat meat anyway

10 Your Grandmother

This is only 12? my grandma is a witch. We can never get along. We hate each other. I never go through one day without getting in a fight with that woman. She's ruins my life. If she doesn't like my friends, she sends them home, she makes me go to math tutoring every morning, including Saturday afternoon, and worst of all, she lives with me and makes all the rules even though it's my dad's house, she hers.

This makes your worst nightmare

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11 Your Mother-in-Law

Middle name is torture.

If she beefs u

they are very strict and narrowminded conservative persons.

12 Your Niece/Nephew

I never felt a connection to those kids who are my niece and nephew. Mostly because they don't know I exist.

13 Your Great Aunt

Constantly uses the n word despite being white

Speaks in baby talk to us older kids constantly. It is getting me on my nerves! >:(

Oh mine is dead :(, she was the best great aunt I had and the sister of my grandma :(

14 Your Half-Brother

Clashing ideologies.

15 Your Step Sister
16 Your Step Brother
17 Your Half-Sister

Kelly (my half-sister) is the reason I'm an uncle. Thanks Kelly.

18 Your Grandfather
19 Your Half-Aunt
20 Your Great Uncle

My great uncle hates my dad.

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