Top Ten Worst Types of People On Call of Duty

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21 The Dropshotter

Gotcha ankles! I win!

22 CoD Fanboy

I remember once on my GMod server a whole party came. It was the worst experience ever in GMod

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23 The Little Kid
24 The UAV-Spammer

Love calling I. uav/ spy planes 24/7

25 Grumpy Old Men
26 Frank Woods Fans
27 The Screamer

That one kid with the potato mic hearing his mom screaming at him dropping F Bombs like its going out of style.

28 The Dead Weight
29 The Nerd

I' m a nerd, jerk. I am a nerd. I I know a lot of history, math, and science. I like being a nerd. People like you are losers that never could get a date and you are jealous of people like me

30 The Squeaker

God they want me to shoot myself five times in the ear and take a diarrhea in there.

31 The Sweaty Try-Hard
32 The Christmas Noob
33 The people who use tactical insertion just to stay with juggernaut
34 Rat Kids

Seriously, this think ruined Call of Duty

This should be at number 1 or 2

What the hell is a rat kid?

35 The Racist

That's also racist, guy who commented

I swear, if I had a nickel for every time some random person on Call of Duty has called me the N word, I would have enough money to completely bail the U.S. out of its debt to China.

36 The Swearing, Tantrum-throwing Squeakers
37 Bronies
38 The Talker

Oh, really, guy who commented here? It depends what they say, but it may be helpful

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39 The Insulter

Really? I die once and you say I suck at the game?

40 MLG Preteens

The videos were funny, But in games they are stupid - Super64Mario

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