Top 10 Zodiac Signs

The Top Ten Zodiac Signs

1 Sagittarius

Expansive, high-spirited, jovial, honest, eager, joyous, optimistic, lucky, extravagant, giving, enchanting, charming, adaptable, independent, explorer, inspirational

Exciting sign that loves a debate, sexualand philosophical

Sagittarius are just so funny every time you see them there laughing they don't ever take things to personally and it feels like a breeze of sun light flows throughout your body very one you meet them there good listeners and also good at doing I have a special place in my heart for sag there always loyal till the end even though they can't resist exploring new things they get carried away by the earth but they manage to manage it still while balancing adventure in to

They rule I am one. I'm friends with a few and every sagittarius I have met is doing something to leave their footprint on the world.

2 Scorpio

The sheer power of Scorpio lies in it's resilience, capability to survive in bad conditions, stubbornness, mental strength and their sixth sense - they really don't like a sweet bull and their observations are often true. Scorpio might be seen as weak by the others because of it's tendency to not open the mouth so much, but it's only because he doesn't show it's strength to others - it's power is deep inside him, when someones pushes Scorpio way too much it's a bad thing. Scorpio will do a lot to prove others wrong and can engage in a very long war of attrition - war of attrition is something what Scorpio loves because rivalry and grudge fuels them, they won't stop till their win. Remember that a Phoenix is an image of Scorpio, a badly beaten Scorpio is much more dangerous rival than just a pushed Scorpio. They don't need false friends, public and opinion of others about them, they don't really care about opinion of others what is a huge advantage - they can't be crushed so easily ...more

The truth about scorpio: They wear a mask that will make them seem calm and balanced.. well that's just their mask, not their true nature.
Once you become friends with a scorpio, they'll try their ultimate hardest to try and manipulate you like a snake. You may offer them a lot of things, and they'll be happy to take it, however don't expect anything back. Their devilish nature doesn't favor much in giving, and their lack of gratitude may seem a bit disappointing, but you've got no choice but to get used to it if you badly want to become their "friend". You may consider them as a friend, but they'll secretly consider you as one of their slaves. You better not fall into the scorpio trap, they're known as scorpions for a big reason. Their sly nature is something you need to beware of, because when the time comes deep in the "friendship" and you give to them your all to help out and give(basically when you offer them your true kindness), they'll see that as weakness, and let out a ...more

"Scorpios are just the smartest sign and they understand your emotions. They are also determined, and they never give up, even if you have given up on yourself, they never will. They're just the most intelligent and understanding people.

You will research until you find out the truth. You are a great leader, always aware of the situation and also features prominently in resourcefulness.

Scorpio is a Water sign and lives to experience and express emotions. Although emotions are very important for you, they manifest you differently than other zodiac signs. In any case, you can be sure that the Scorpio will keep your secrets, whatever they may be.

You are exceptionally emotional and ultra-sensitive. You are highly intuitive and you can be as mysterious as the ocean itself.

Scorpio is known as the Ultimate freak-azoid.

You are excellent leader because you are very dedicated to what you do.

You hate dishonesty and you can be very jealous and suspicious, so you need to learn how to adapt more easily to different human behaviors.

You are brave and therefore you have a lot of friends.

You are a sly, inquisitive and aggressive person.

To make yourself interesting, you ...more

3 Leo

I am a Leo but I know a lot of other people who are and they are just amazing and I am not only saying this because I am one it is because hey have a charming personality and put others before themselves and they are always willing to help some one in need. they are kinda like the jokers of the group or the weird one in a good way they always no how to make you smile and if they make a mistake they will do anything to fix it.

I think Leo is best zodiac sign they are too charming and sweet! Like my some friends! Oh god why I'm not Leo

Leos are the most loyal, friendly and fun loving personalities. I think everyone loves them not just because they're charming, it is because they have good heart too

Leo's my favorite kind of horoscope.
I am a leo, not all the other horoscopes.
I cannot be, all I can have is leo, but I
can't have the other horoscopes either.

4 Cancer

my zodiac sign is CANCER and I thought we were weak and couldn't do anything but then I figured out that we are strong powerful and can do anything that we are allowed to do but then we get emotional and that is not a problem so stand up for your self don't be afraid and I love all you peeps that have CANCER for your zodiac sign sorry if it sounds too weird

I am a cancer. Don't you hate it when people tell you that you have cancer just because you are one? I'm so sick of it.

Intuitive, introspective, imaginative, dreamy, patient, sensitive, sentimental, magnetic, funny

Cancer is definitely the most natural and beautiful zodiac sign. No doubt about that for me. - OnurLegends

5 Aquarius

well I am an Aquarius so I won't say how truly amazing they are otherwise that would be biased. I will also not mention our unparalleled intelligence or creativity. - immedumdums

Come on! Give some respect! People with this zodiac sign are usually better than #6! They sometimes live up to their name. - Godzillaboy

Aquarius women: kind, hospitable, funny good company
Aqua man/mean : worst people I have encountered from experience.

The aquarius is the best (i am one) and also we aquariuns are really helpful so get an aquarius friend

6 Gemini

Entertaining, talkative, clever, witty, charming, versatile, outgoing, adventurous, inventive, broad-minded, youthful

I'm a gimini my self and I think we can be helpful to others and be kind and nice bit haters don't and gims shine haters don't so and Gemini stick up for people that get bullied so you guys don't bully it's not good

Us geminis are the best and I feel like we should be first but I ament that I only think we should be first because I'm a gemini

In reality, Gemini's are considered great people who do great things. It's only the internet where Gemini isn't considered the best by some people. And most of those people who don't like Gemini that much are actually worse in general and miserable so go figure they'd hate on Gemini. Because Gems shine bright and the hatters don't. But with my personal experiences I just happen to like them more over any other sign.

7 Taurus

I agree, Taurus is the best because they are happy, stable, determined, persistent and good at giving advice.
They are a bit stubborn and don't stop until their voice is heard.
They are sometimes short tempered or impatient, but they always make up for it. They are supposedly the most caring sign and will always have your back if you need them.
They remember everything, so don't upset a taurus. It could be as simple as rolling your eyes, starting rumors, or excluding you that makes a taurus hate you, or at least dislike you. This is a good thing because they know the difference between right and kind to wrong and nasty.
They are leaders, not followers, and their opinions deserve to be heard. To them, they like to think they re always right, and if they admit they are wrong you have officially seen their soft side.
They will do anything to find the truth and they make sure you know it. Don't lie to a taurus because they will find out.
I am proud of my sign, which, who ...more

Honestly, I feel like Taurus is the most frequently-forgotten sign of the zodiac (minus Ophiuchus, but that warrants a discussion of its own). Perhaps this is because it stereotypically doesn't come with any over-the-top traits other than determination and sometimes gluttony--but that's what makes it so great. Taureans are the least likely to fly off the handle under stress. Of course, this applies to all of the earth signs, but Taurus' status as a fixed sign amplifies it even more. Taureans are just...kind of there, really, taking in the world around them, getting the job done, and enjoying the finer things in life. They may not be as bombastic as a Leo, as chillingly mysterious as a Scorpio, or as bubbly and dreamy as a Pisces, but their stability adds something that's difficult to find from most of the other signs.

Of course, this is all stereotypically speaking. The positions of stars in the sky don't determine our personalities. Everyone is shaped by different experiences. ...more

Romantic, artistic, gentle, appreciative, sensual, cautious, money-maker, sentimental, affectionate, honest, dependable, kind, productive, patient, humble

Taurus is my zodiac sign and I'm not trying to be biassed but it is a pretty good zodiac. It is one of the most likely to be successful zodiac signs.

8 Aries

Aries are independent, strong, and brave. They are very hard working and are very caring

Aries are honest and a natural leader
When given the support, they can make the world a better place

Leader, strong, positive, winner, rebellious, competitive, funny, charismatic

Straight forward confident and a true leader and role model with a positive energy and passionate drive

9 Capricorn

Ambitious, determined, loyal, responsible, dedicated, passionate, confident, practical, realistic, humorous, successful

Capricorn is my zodiac sign. I love it. There is nothing wrong or bad about it so people VOTE!

I'm surprised a Capricorn is #10 I've never really heard anything bad about a Capricorn which is why I'm so proud of being a Capricorn

It's my sign.. Some Capricorns are legit the most boring people on earth but if u meet the funny ones with an actual personality then were great!

10 Virgo

A lot of people expect Virgo to be girly or neat/perfect/really logical and smart.

As a Virgo I can tell you...
BOY WERE THEY WRONG! - Hawkfrostlover101

Hardworking, persuasive, honest, practical, modest, humble, tidy, dedicated, curious, responsible, good teachers, healers

My best friend is a Virgo and she is honestly the best. She is so intelligent and helps me when I have problems with Algebra. She would literally fight anybody who tries to mess with me. She is so kindhearted and always offers to help others. I have anxiety and every time I have an anxiety attack she would skip class just to sit with me and comfort me. Everyone just stares at me like a weirdo but she tells me to ignore them because I am a beautiful person. Honestly, she is the best

Virgo moon here. Virgos analyze everything because we are such perfectionists. That can be our downfall if it becomes overwhelming but it's a very useful skill. We notice things out of the corners of our eyes, the details others may not see we see. Also virgos are angel babies.

The Contenders

11 Libra

It should be number 1 because libra no matter how different you are they will always understand and care for you and do anything for anyone they trust they are honest trustworthy sweet and reliable they will love you and hate violence and I know they seem a bit cheesy but at least we aren't mean and bully people, and they don't even have to be pretty they have a great personality and they will never judge u they will listen to your problem and fix it that's why they are the sign of a weigh scale because they want everyone to be treated equally. I may be a libra and I'm probably biased but I have done research on every zodiac and libra is the most understanding caring amongst all an what is also cool is they represent the planet venus which is love and I hope you have the same opinion as I do!

Very fair and just. A little wild but always balanced or seeking balance. Sometimes such issues with balance lead to stress and not feeling good enough.

Seductive, sensual, attractive, artistic, sophisticated, sociable, sensitive, compliant, subtle, strong, cooperative, rational, controlled, cool, team worker, diplomatic, popular, polite

I'm Libra so I suede shoes this because yeah it is my Celtic sign so and it have a lot of good things

12 Pisces

Prices are really underrated! They are like all the zodiacs together and they are easy to talk to and really open and independent, they are optimistic even though there's dark times. They are like super good back up and always got your back!

I am one myself and I am proud because I beautiful straight forward and funny and real you feel me dog

Mysterious, beautiful, romantic, adaptable, devoted, sentimental, intuitive, psychic, artistic, compassionate, nurturing

They are caring and independent.
They have lots of friends and are great people to talk too.
Pisces are funny and outgoing people who you never get bored with!

13 Ophiuchus

This zodiac is fake and does not deserve a spot what animal or thing is it?

The most real zodiac sign of any zodiac sign. All you people saying it is fake, you are the fake ones.

It's not a zodiac signs. Its just a constellation.

I wish it was real, the I would be a Pisces (my favorite sign) instead of an Aries (my least favorite sign and the only one I think is bad).