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1 Scorpio

The sheer power of Scorpio lies in it's resilience, capability to survive in bad conditions, stubbornness, mental strength and their sixth sense - they really don't like a sweet bull and their observations are often true. Scorpio might be seen as weak by the others because of it's tendency to not open the mouth so much, but it's only because he doesn't show it's strength to others - it's power is deep inside him, when someones pushes Scorpio way too much it's a bad thing. Scorpio will do a lot to prove others wrong and can engage in a very long war of attrition - war of attrition is something what Scorpio loves because rivalry and grudge fuels them, they won't stop till their win. Remember that a Phoenix is an image of Scorpio, a badly beaten Scorpio is much more dangerous rival than just a pushed Scorpio. They don't need false friends, public and opinion of others about them, they don't really care about opinion of others what is a huge advantage - they can't be crushed so easily ...more

You will research until you find out the truth. You are a great leader, always aware of the situation and also features prominently in resourcefulness.

Scorpio is a Water sign and lives to experience and express emotions. Although emotions are very important for you, they manifest you differently than other zodiac signs. In any case, you can be sure that the Scorpio will keep your secrets, whatever they may be.

You are exceptionally emotional and ultra-sensitive. You are highly intuitive and you can be as mysterious as the ocean itself.

Scorpio is known as the Ultimate freak-azoid.

You are excellent leader because you are very dedicated to what you do.

You hate dishonesty and you can be very jealous and suspicious, so you need to learn how to adapt more easily to different human behaviors.

You are brave and therefore you have a lot of friends.

You are a sly, inquisitive and aggressive person.

To make yourself interesting, you ...more

Their evil, the most POWERFUL, best at revenge, quite because they have too many bad stuff going in their minds that they are afraid to spill because it makes other cry. Never give up, moves on because they think "eh I didn't like them anyways so that's their problem they lost my loyalty" They easily manipulate other people, but is never manipulated by them. Can see through other signs and see their flaws. They don't realiz it but they are actually just better than anyone and it's not that anyone is just pretending not to be good enough to do something and wants them to do it, they are actually just that terrible. They are the most intelligent and poisonous. They never care what everyone thinks about them.

I know why I act like a Scorpio, because I have Mars as my dominant planet, which rules Scorpio, and it influences me a lot. Sometimes the planets are actually a more accurate representation of my personality than the signs in my birth chart. My dominant planets are Jupiter(Sagittarius), Mars(Aries and Scorpio), and Uranus(Aquarius), and all these signs fit me. I am not easily manipulated, can be jealous, can be a bit controlling, have the worst, most intense bad moods, get angry easily, am secretive, and passionate. The only trait I don't have is the not forgiving part, everything else fits me. I am seriously an intense person, piss me off, you will lose to me. - AnimeDrawer

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2 Leo

I'm a Scorpio my boyfriend is a Leo. I have to give Leo 1 up on Scorpio because he's warm, gentle, strong, intelligent, honest, and loyal. He excels in social situations and loves the limelight on him. I'm pretty cold, brute, and sneaky. Scorpios feel emotions deeply which causes our infamous jealousy and revenge. It also brings deep depression whereas a Leo brings happiness and laughter.

My best friend is a Leo, and he's absolutely phenomenal! All of the Leo people that have been in my life are humourous, intelligent, and just all around amazing people. As an Aries I get along with them very well and it's hard for me to understand anyone who wouldn't. They're the best!

Just better than everyone lol! Wish I was a leo damn

That's Jemela Bacchus's only horoscope she
can have. Leo's my only favorite horoscope.
King Friday, Penny and some more of my toys
are leos too, just like Jemela.

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3 Sagittarius

I am kind of selfish, but this is one of my favorite signs, I am proud to be it. I have no bad experiences with my own sign, it is like every person I meet with my same sign is very nice to me and awesome to hang out with. Plus, my favorite musician is one too, and he is an awesome person, so yeah. - AnimeDrawer

Sagittarius and Leo are the best zodiac signs, because they are the king and queen of the world. I am sagittarius and I am proud to be sagittarius. - AlexandraMoonDust

I'm a Pisces actually, and my crush is a Sagittarius. She's very beautiful with a sexy personality. She's amazing, she has beautiful wide eyes, great hair, and an extremely confident smile. She can get very intense at times like me. She's the best girl that I had a crush on.

The best, better than all the signs. - RandomOne

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4 Taurus

I have a lot of bad, good experiences with taurus, I am surrounded by a lot of taurus. There are the nice ones and the ones that get easily annoyed of every little thing you do that ticks them off. I know a taurus girl in my class who is very friendly, talkative, fair, and nice, and she respects everyone, I like her. And my grandmother is a taurus too, she babysitted me a couple of times, and she lets me stay up late and do many things, she is cool. And my cousin is one too, and she is very awesome to hang out with. But a few tauruses I have met other than my grandma, my classmate, and my cousin seem to get easily annoyed at every little thing I do that ticks them off, and it is nothing bad or mean, and those are the bad experiences I had. Plus, I got into a fight with one as well. - AnimeDrawer

Taurus are the BULL! They're the toughest, coolest, and best zodiac. They're always working hard to get first and won't settle for anything else. We may be stubborn (as a bull aha) but we can be GREAT when we set our minds to things

I am a Taurus, and we don't get credit where it is due. We can pull off being introverted AND extroverted. We are reliable, and we will always stand up for you. Appreciate us!

Taurian the best

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5 Aquarius

Because there different they rebel they now what they want abad they will let you walk away so won't say anything to make you stay because they now that would be an unhealthy relationship they act kind sweet like they love everything but inside they don't feel anything or maybe since they act so good they don't even know it yet and it's very hard to ft and the only reason why they do it is because they don't want people to focus on them they want to make a better place for the next generation so they stop thinking about them your creative and smart and they are not one of the people who are afraid of what people think about them and they say there beliefs their thoughts and the people who hate on them for it it doesn't affect them they are weird in a good sense and will always be there for you in your hardest times and will help you become a better person then you were from the beginning this was my friend Krissie born on February 6 an Aquarius she was amazing and helped my a lot one ...more

Aquarians are really intelligent and imaginative. They also love freedom and tend to be very sensitive. Not to mention that Aquarius is the sign that has many geniuses

I am Aquarius... But the dumb thing about this list is that people are voting for their own sign! Like on favorite countries, America was at top! But every single person who voted said "I just voted because I live here... I don't believe this is the best country though..." It is dumb!

Best, different, kind

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6 Capricorn

Study, don't base it off when you were born. The only sign that ends one year and begins a new one. God, did that for a reason. Research and understand why!

My best friend in the whole world who has always been there when I needed her, cheered me up and helped me get through the darkest of times and is like a sister to me is a Capricorn.

He will get respect from the world because he is the one who has done something for the world and would be very lucky and he would have a spirit for his career and would never lie and would be very clever


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7 Cancer

To some websites that say Cancers are weak or fearful, not all of them can be, so could be wrong sometimes. Some Cancers can also be brave & strong, too. And yes, Cancers ARE caring & kind. Protective & loyal, too. And this sign said to be most patriotic according to Astrology.

Cancers are the sweetest most caring people you will ever meet

Very kind and generous, you can count on them to have a good time ; they will smother you with laughs and will not stop at anything to make others happy

Best enough said

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8 Pisces

Pisces are kind, compassionate, artistic, strong along with many other things me myself am not a pisces but looking over everything they are the best in terms of people and attitude.

Pisces might be the last zodiac sign but it is unique! I like being a Pisces! I am really faithful about my zodiac sign!

Pisces are smart, funny, strong, handsome, cool, smells good. THE BEST ZODIAC SIGN!

Yes - Puppytart

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9 Virgo

My best friend is a Virgo and she is honestly the best. She is so intelligent and helps me when I have problems with Algebra. She would literally fight anybody who tries to mess with me. She is so kindhearted and always offers to help others. I have anxiety and every time I have an anxiety attack she would skip class just to sit with me and comfort me. Everyone just stares at me like a weirdo but she tells me to ignore them because I am a beautiful person. Honestly, she is the best

They are hard working and love too contribute in our society that's awesome

Virgos are the supposed to be the smart people. And no matter what others tell you, in the end, smarts is the most powerful weapon. Heck, it's how we humans are so powerful.

Best because I am one

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10 Aries

Personal opinion on all signs. Not offending anyone here.

Aries: The best cause I'm in it.
Taurus: Eh I don't get along with them at all, I get picked on too much by them. But can be very useful and friendly at times
☆☆ 1/2
Gemini: 3rd Best cause fun and stuff
Cancer: Too clingy and emotional but are very kind.
Leo: 4th Best
Virgo: Just like Taurus, I don't have good relationships with most. They also like pointing out mistakes most of the time
Libra: Most humble
☆☆☆ 1/2
Scorpio: Like Taurus but always hates people but Taurus can be helpful at times unlike this sign
☆ 1/2
Sagittarius: Awesome fun and an Aries 2.0
Capricorn: Also like Virgo except slightly smart and more pessimistic
Aquarius: We get along very well
☆☆☆ 1/2
Pisces: Good version of Cancer

I know I'm an Aries myself but I have a bold, gentle, sensitive, determined, patient, caring, and kind personality, I may sometimes get frustrated but pretty rarely. I can be shy sometimes too, but I'm definitely not impatient or impulsive. - Yorkshire2001

My best friend is a Aries and he is helpful and funny

I'm an Aries and sometimes... I yell at my friend (weird, huh? I am a weirdo. Everybody said I'm a weird girl that acts so boyish). I know her feelings and just can't stop. If I'm happy, I could probably do anything you said but if I don't accept it I'll probably go back into my room and smash my stuff like I usually do. When I'm ready to fight with my older sister, which was a Scorpio (and I was SO SUPRISED SHE WAS TOP1) I know I can't fight or else I'll go in jail so I punched the faucet so hard it started shaking, then I kicked the wall until my foot went numb. Ouch! I also lived in my own world. The normal world, Earth, was just acting so unfair like people killing wolves for no reason just because they look evil, or people rarely liked predators. Well, saying Aries are NOT CREATIVE WAS SO UNTRUE (that's... not a word) because in a class poll of a bunch of topics I got the most votes for "most creative person in class." Meh, just don't mess with them because I usually punch the ...more

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11 Gemini

Maybe a characteristic of a Gemini is that we don't give a care about Top 10 lists!?

A Gemini can do anything any of the signs can do. Sometimes better!

Gemini is fantastic and people of gemini have a clever mind that makes them intelligent in studies


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12 Libra

It should be number 1 because libra no matter how different you are they will always understand and care for you and do anything for anyone they trust they are honest trustworthy sweet and reliable they will love you and hate violence and I know they seem a bit cheesy but at least we aren't mean and bully people, and they don't even have to be pretty they have a great personality and they will never judge u they will listen to your problem and fix it that's why they are the sign of a weigh scale because they want everyone to be treated equally. I may be a libra and I'm probably biased but I have done research on every zodiac and libra is the most understanding caring amongst all an what is also cool is they represent the planet venus which is love and I hope you have the same opinion as I do!

How on earth are libras so low in the ranking? Libra is the most balanced of all zodiac signs and they are super charming and adorable to talk to! I find them really attractive and some of the best minds in the world are Libras!

Libras should be number 1 in my opinion. They are nice, loving, caring people and they always understands people's point of views. I know this because I have a friend who is a Libra and she is absolutely wonderful! She's bubbly, smart, and very attractive

My dog is a Libra.. - Puppytart

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13 Ophiuchus

It's not a zodiac signs. Its just a constellation.

10/10 best real star sign

Lol when if I am not Ophiuchus.. IT'S the BEST!

I believe in the Sidereal astrology with the 13 signs a lot more than the Western one. It perfectly and accuratly describes me and goes by the proven to be true constellations. In the Western, my birth chart would include Sagittarius as my Sun(cool sign, and it does somehow describe me), Virgo moon(what the heck? Virgo is a sign that does not suit me at all nor I act anything like one, it is literally the opposite of me and I literally get angry having this as a moon sign), Aquarius rising(this does suit me a bit, but not that much since I am not the most original person), and Sagittarius Ascendant(I am this sign, but I am not that much of Sagittarius either). In the system with the 13 signs, it describes me way more accurately with an Ophiuchus sun sign(much more accurate than Sagittarius, since it has some Scorpio traits which I have and I am a procastinator, visionary, and smart), Leo moon(better description of me and I am happy of this because I hate having a Virgo as a moon sign, ...more - AnimeDrawer

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