Top 10 Zodiac Signs

The Top Ten

1 Sagittarius

Sagittarius is a great sign. Being part of the fire group, I feel like they are always being forgotten because of Aries and Leo. A Sagittarius is great because they have an incredible sense of humor and they can put you at ease no matter what. They are overall happy people and you needn’t worry about them. A Sagittarius is playful, and very mischievous, though very impatient and at times brutally honest. Although I can assure you, if you befriend a Sagittarius, prepare for some new adventures, because these people can never sit still, and they are the most adventurous of the signs.

Me: Sagittarius
Little Sister: Aquarius
Mom: Pisces
Dad: Leo
Best Friend: Libra
Boyfriend: Leo
Dog: Sagittarius!

Sagitarius is the best sign. They are free spirited and they don't think about themselves like Aries. They're also more outgoing than cancer. They balance creativity and adventure while also finding time to gather information on their interests. And also less moody than Taurus. We also show more emotion than Aquarius, less touchy than Pisces and less cranky than Virgo. Personally I think that sagitarius is a great sign to have

I am kind of selfish, but this is one of my favorite signs, I am proud to be it. I have no bad experiences with my own sign, it is like every person I meet with my same sign is very nice to me and awesome to hang out with. Plus, my favorite musician is one too, and he is an awesome person, so yeah.

I'm a Pisces actually, and my crush is a Sagittarius. She's very beautiful with a sexy personality. She's amazing, she has beautiful wide eyes, great hair, and an extremely confident smile. She can get very intense at times like me. She's the best girl that I had a crush on.

2 Scorpio

The sheer power of Scorpio lies in it's resilience, capability to survive in bad conditions, stubbornness, mental strength and their sixth sense - they really don't like a sweet bull and their observations are often true. Scorpio might be seen as weak by the others because of it's tendency to not open the mouth so much, but it's only because he doesn't show it's strength to others - it's power is deep inside him, when someones pushes Scorpio way too much it's a bad thing. Scorpio will do a lot to prove others wrong and can engage in a very long war of attrition - war of attrition is something what Scorpio loves because rivalry and grudge fuels them, they won't stop till their win. Remember that a Phoenix is an image of Scorpio, a badly beaten Scorpio is much more dangerous rival than just a pushed Scorpio. They don't need false friends, public and opinion of others about them, they don't really care about opinion of others what is a huge advantage - they can't be crushed so easily ...more

Their evil, the most POWERFUL, best at revenge, quite because they have too many bad stuff going in their minds that they are afraid to spill because it makes other cry. Never give up, moves on because they think "eh I didn't like them anyways so that's their problem they lost my loyalty" They easily manipulate other people, but is never manipulated by them. Can see through other signs and see their flaws. They don't realiz it but they are actually just better than anyone and it's not that anyone is just pretending not to be good enough to do something and wants them to do it, they are actually just that terrible. They are the most intelligent and poisonous. They never care what everyone thinks about them.

"Scorpios are just the smartest sign and they understand your emotions. They are also determined, and they never give up, even if you have given up on yourself, they never will. They're just the most intelligent and understanding people.

Scorpio is a tough nut to crack. But it's worth it. We are the kinds of people who give the shirt off our backs to those we deem close friends. Even if we can't afford to. That's how much we value those who take the effort to get to know us. But it's something that takes time to get to as we are rather icebergish in nature.

We also remember actions good or bad towards us. As well as own actions when we act out. In most cases rationality is one of the last things to go in a mad Scorpio. If you ever piss one off, don't run and hide. Instead take them head on like a speeding truck and diffuse their anger rationally. Understand their anger and detail your actions as to why you did what did to anger them. Never half ass an apology.

3 Leo

I am a Leo but I know a lot of other people who are and they are just amazing and I am not only saying this because I am one it is because hey have a charming personality and put others before themselves and they are always willing to help some one in need. they are kinda like the jokers of the group or the weird one in a good way they always no how to make you smile and if they make a mistake they will do anything to fix it.

I am a Leo, although I am not just voting for it because it is my zodiac sign. I think that Leos are very kind, funny, ambitious, loving, and loyal. Sure, we can be a little big-headed, but that is kinda good. It means we are confident, and have a ton of self love. Of course, we ALWAYS put others before us and like to help people. Its just our thing. :)

I love Leos I am a Leo myself and I am not saying that because I am one but, I know a lot of leos and them area awesome like I can never stop smiling around them.

Leo is hands down the strongest sign! It's the only one symbolized by a powerful apex predator (the lion) and the only one ruled by the almighty Sun itself which is the strongest force in the solar system.

It even rules the Strength Tarot Card and is a physically actuve fire sign and s strong and determined fixed sign. Earlier astrologers called the sign: "strong, courageous, feral, bestial, and solitary" so despite modern astrologers highly exaggerated claims, Leo does NOT need attention or luxury and in fact Aries was the "luxurious" sign, not Leo.

Plus, people conveniently forget that Scorpio and Capricorn are actually two of the emotionally weakest signs since they are the weakest placements of the moon which rules emotions and the inner self. Leo has no weak placements in either Sun or moon.

So it's high time for astroligers to remember which sign is ACTUALLY the most powerful: LEO.

4 Cancer

As a fellow Cancer myself I can tell you we're not a force to be reckoned with.We can be very unpredictable and very passive aggressive. On the plus side we are very loyal and kind.

People don't understand us(Cancer) cause they don't/can't feel like us and if another zodiac feels like us then they would be in mental, why I am saying this because of we(Cancer) have the power to get in normal cause we always feel.
And I am angry with people because they judge us(Cancer) without knowing the stories and we don't tell other people our stories because they might get worried and we don't want people to get worried because of us and if you really think we are so bad then I have nothing to say.

Definitely a misunderstood sign.. cancerys are very emotional and feel all the feels very high. There are many layers to cancers and its hard to break their shell but just like a crab they are softies on the inside. So loyal and caring, will feel your pin harder than you do.

cancer are very emotional and deep lovers whoever that may be friends family solemate the . my bestfrind is cancer well she is girl and I am sag boy . there is a unbreakable bond between ush she is the most loving and caring persion I ever met

5 Aquarius

This should be number one, I am an Aquarius and value intelligence the most out of all the other personalities. We are also kind, enthusiastic, and strike up intelligent, rational conversations. We have a heart and a brain, I believe that Aquarius is the best zodiac sign.

I'm a aquarius sun. We are mostly chill and fun people to hang around. When they say we are unique, that is very true. When we get mad we don't know how to control ourselves. But overall we are great people.

Some people look down on Aquarians because they don't display much emotion, making them come off cold and unemotional. But that couldn't be further from the truth. Like all signs of the zodiac, they have good and bad qualities. They do have emotions and they do care about things including other people. They just aren't known to let people see their tears. They are humanitarians. They are loyal, honest, intelligent, deep thinkers, imaginative, and they don't judge the flaws and imperfections of others. They also love travel and adventure. I think Aquarius is one of the most unique signs of the zodiac.

well I am an Aquarius so I won't say how truly amazing they are otherwise that would be biased. I will also not mention our unparalleled intelligence or creativity.

6 Gemini

Are super intelligent and kind and friendly to everyone around them. They have a true superpower to not only be curious, but be able to understand multiple perspectives of the world around them. Truly amazing people. Oh and who said they were "two faced"? That's not even close to what the twins mean! The twins represent that they're able to see and understand things that no other sign can. Once you learn about the sign of gemini truly means, you'll fall in love with it. It truly is a deep and meaningful sign, no deceitfulness in it all. And besides, geminis only act stupid so they can make the people around them feel better and smile more! They're also really positive and intelligent at the same time.

Have a great day

I know a lot of great people and most of them happen to be Gemini's :) They are the best in my opinion because they're helpful, caring, nice, often very smart, talented, always know when to make me or someone else happy, protective, and Optimistic. The one's I know are also very attractive and good looking, which I admire. I've had many Gemini friends and they've never done anything rude or wrong. I know some who are good at communicating with people and some who talk but they just don't talk as much as others but they're all good people. Every Gemini I know is also respected by most people here because they seem to get along with just about everyone and they sure do have my respect as well.

Geminis are smart, funny, kind, amazing people and deserve to be at the top of this list even if they won't care if they are or not.

Sooo likeable and and amazing. They understand everyone's perspective so that's why they're able to make so many friends. They are NOT two faced, rather the twins represent how they can understand the two sides of an argument, yes they really are that intelligent. Also John F. Kennedy was a gemini, Marylin Monroe, my favorite popular icon was a gemini, and even Angelina Jolie is a Gemini. Geminis usually become really famous people but that nevercl stops them from their friendly sociable nature. It'll seem like they don't care sometimes, but the truth is they do secretly care about everyone A LOT. Even though they are extremely smart, they sacrifice that and pretend to act dumb to entertain and make the people around them happier. So truly all they want to really do is make sure everyone around them is happy and in a good mood. This is one of the reasons why they love to hang around and help their friends. Very loyal, talented and inspirational people, truly.

7 Taurus

I agree, Taurus is the best because they are happy, stable, determined, persistent and good at giving advice.
They are a bit stubborn and don't stop until their voice is heard.
They are sometimes short tempered or impatient, but they always make up for it. They are supposedly the most caring sign and will always have your back if you need them.
They remember everything, so don't upset a taurus. It could be as simple as rolling your eyes, starting rumors, or excluding you that makes a taurus hate you, or at least dislike you. This is a good thing because they know the difference between right and kind to wrong and nasty.
They are leaders, not followers, and their opinions deserve to be heard. To them, they like to think they re always right, and if they admit they are wrong you have officially seen their soft side.
They will do anything to find the truth and they make sure you know it. Don't lie to a taurus because they will find out.
I am proud of my sign, which, who ...more

Honestly, I feel like Taurus is the most frequently-forgotten sign of the zodiac (minus Ophiuchus, but that warrants a discussion of its own). Perhaps this is because it stereotypically doesn't come with any over-the-top traits other than determination and sometimes gluttony--but that's what makes it so great. Taureans are the least likely to fly off the handle under stress. Of course, this applies to all of the earth signs, but Taurus' status as a fixed sign amplifies it even more. Taureans are just...kind of there, really, taking in the world around them, getting the job done, and enjoying the finer things in life. They may not be as bombastic as a Leo, as chillingly mysterious as a Scorpio, or as bubbly and dreamy as a Pisces, but their stability adds something that's difficult to find from most of the other signs.

Of course, this is all stereotypically speaking. The positions of stars in the sky don't determine our personalities. Everyone is shaped by different experiences. ...more

I have a lot of bad, good experiences with taurus, I am surrounded by a lot of taurus. There are the nice ones and the ones that get easily annoyed of every little thing you do that ticks them off. I know a taurus girl in my class who is very friendly, talkative, fair, and nice, and she respects everyone, I like her. And my grandmother is a taurus too, she babysitted me a couple of times, and she lets me stay up late and do many things, she is cool. And my cousin is one too, and she is very awesome to hang out with. But a few tauruses I have met other than my grandma, my classmate, and my cousin seem to get easily annoyed at every little thing I do that ticks them off, and it is nothing bad or mean, and those are the bad experiences I had. Plus, I got into a fight with one as well.

In my opinion taurus is the best zodiac sign because they are strong and stay positive no matter what happens to them. Taurus is kind and helps others when needed and it is true we get annoyed by any little thing that someone does that can get us mad but it doesn't mean we will stay mad at you. We love being 1st and we will do anything to be 1st so that's taurus for you stay STRONG

8 Capricorn

Capricorns are determined, hardworking people. While Capricorn’s have their faults, we will prove that we can rise up and redeem ourselves.

It's my sign.. Some Capricorns are legit the most boring people on earth but if u meet the funny ones with an actual personality then were great!

I am a Capricorn-Pig, which means my Western zodiac is Capricorn and my Chinese zodiac is Pig.I found that I am not completely Capricorn, so I checked out my Chinese zodiac and it made out my personality EXACTLY! I've certainly heard of Leo s who don't like to be the star of the show, or Aquariuses who like thinking things straightforward.So if you think your zodiac doesn't match you completely, check out your Chinese zodiac.By the way, if you are a Capricorn-Pig you are helpful, smart, and a lot more

I'm a capricorn and I believe that we are overall misunderstood, most people think that we are just boring jerks but really we are fun charismatic people that make some dark/ offensive jokes or sarcastic comments. We are likely to be successful in live but that doesn't mean happy so yeah we are sometimes jerks because we are so damn stressed all the time. (To whom ever is reading this thanks for reading my ramble 😊)

9 Aries

Whoever wrote People born under the Aries sign are creative, bold, and determined.
People born under Taurus are possessive.
People born under Gemini are moody.
People born under Cancer are shy.
People born under Leo have to much power.
People born under Virgo are over-protective.
People born under Libra are know-it-alls.
People born under Scorpio are aggressive.
People born under Sagittarius are restless.
People born under Capricorn are lazy.
People born under Aquarius are strict.
People born under Pisces are sensitive is
your pretty wrong Aries in my opinion are pretty bad because they are impatient and lazy but they are still pretty good lol you got them mixed up because
Taurus are persistent
Gemini are smart
cancer are sweet
Leo are powerful(but not too powerful)
Virgo are sharp
Libra are charming
Scorpio are loyal
Sagittarius are independent
Capricorn are hard workers
Aquarius are inventive
Pisces are ...more

Imagine getting this mad over zodiac signs (which aren't even real lol)

People born under the Aries sign are creative, bold, and determined.
People born under Taurus are possessive.
People born under Gemini are moody.
People born under Cancer are shy.
People born under Leo have to much power.
People born under Virgo are over-protective.
People born under Libra are know-it-alls.
People born under Scorpio are aggressive.
People born under Sagittarius are restless.
People born under Capricorn are lazy.
People born under Aquarius are strict.
People born under Pisces are sensitive.

This is my zodiac sign, but I don't understand how. The personality is just so different from mine and I can't relate to it. I hate fighting and I probably wouldn't be that good of a leader. Plus, the element is fire, but I hate fire and it suits me less than any other element. Not hating on the sign, I'm just saying that it is my sign and it doesn't suit me.

Warnin; If you are a proud Aries, don't read.

I am an Aries. I am everything but proud of it. We are just all of the bad traits put into one. I bet the reason we were made arrogant and selfish was so less Aries would be upset about how bad their sign is. All of the bad traits can't be good, and most of the good traits can easily be flaws. Why couldn't I be another sign?

10 Pisces

Pisces deserves to be higher. Lovable people. Period. I mean, the way they see life is such unique and tender that you feel the urge to give them a hug right away, they may be not a common sign. But boy what would we do without Pisces folks

Prices are really underrated! They are like all the zodiacs together and they are easy to talk to and really open and independent, they are optimistic even though there's dark times. They are like super good back up and always got your back!

They are caring and independent.
They have lots of friends and are great people to talk too.
Pisces are funny and outgoing people who you never get bored with!

I wish I was a Pisces. They seem like such and amazing sign. Also, the sign describes me really well. The element is my favorite element, water, too. If only I was born a week earlier, then I would have a accurate description of myself rather then basically the opposite of me. I just don't like being an Aries.

The Contenders

11 Virgo

Virgo moon here. Virgos analyze everything because we are such perfectionists. That can be our downfall if it becomes overwhelming but it's a very useful skill. We notice things out of the corners of our eyes, the details others may not see we see. Also virgos are angel babies.

My best friend is a Virgo and she is honestly the best. She is so intelligent and helps me when I have problems with Algebra. She would literally fight anybody who tries to mess with me. She is so kindhearted and always offers to help others. I have anxiety and every time I have an anxiety attack she would skip class just to sit with me and comfort me. Everyone just stares at me like a weirdo but she tells me to ignore them because I am a beautiful person. Honestly, she is the best

Why is Virgo ranked so low -_-. Virgos are logical, practical, intelligent, and loyal. Once you get their trust,they'll always be by your side. They offer the best advice as well.

Most loyal sign. The most emotional amongst the earthy ones. Absolutely loving, you can trust Virgos to 100%. They are very critical and if you are able to deal with the truth - ask them. Virgos will tell you. Not because they want to harm you, but because Virgo wants to give you the chance to improve yourself. How to piss them off? Lie to them. They won't look at you again.

12 Libra

I'm a libra and I think well it could be higher on the list I would never say number one but I do care a lot about everyone around me even if they don't ummm well really like me. We always listen to others and care about the well beings of the earth and others. I love nature and animals not to be mean but probably more than humans.

It should be number 1 because libra no matter how different you are they will always understand and care for you and do anything for anyone they trust they are honest trustworthy sweet and reliable they will love you and hate violence and I know they seem a bit cheesy but at least we aren't mean and bully people, and they don't even have to be pretty they have a great personality and they will never judge u they will listen to your problem and fix it that's why they are the sign of a weigh scale because they want everyone to be treated equally. I may be a libra and I'm probably biased but I have done research on every zodiac and libra is the most understanding caring amongst all an what is also cool is they represent the planet venus which is love and I hope you have the same opinion as I do!

Very fair and just. A little wild but always balanced or seeking balance. Sometimes such issues with balance lead to stress and not feeling good enough.

I think this should be somewhere on the top 5. All of the Libras I've met are so generous and kind, and also pretty hilarious. No offense to any Scorpios out there, but honestly I think they're overrated (please hear me out I still love Scorpios). A lot of people I know who also like zodiac signs worship Scorpio, saying that this sign deserves way more and that they get a ton of hate. Personally, I don't hate Scorpios, I just think they're overrated. But back to Libras, they should definitely be somewhere at the top of the list, not at the bottom.