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Love the new BMW X1 in brown color (as it can be seen on webpage). Many people think it's too expensive but for such a great car the price is OK.
BMW is best in class-Luxury car manufacturer in the world. It stick to its motto of "the ultimate driving machine" and it will continue to deliver its goods to driving enthusiasts around the world. I am in the process to purchase my first, and hope to become a BMW loyalist for life.
Yes BMW is the purest brand of all the bunch. Most of them are not real brands and are affected by belonging to a larger domonating source (VW) (GM) These sub-brands are a mixture of parts, mixed and then called a name. BMW and Mercedes and Toyota are truly original to their product.
[Newest]It's a good car brand.
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Mercedes-Benz is a division of its parent company, Daimler AG. Mercedes-Benz traces its origins to Karl Benz's creation of the first petrol-powered car THAT IS THE RESON WHY I VOTE MERCEDES... MERCEDES IS THE BEST FROM ALONG TIME... MERCEDES CREATED IT FIRST Car before bmw by 48 years
1. They put a minimum of 8 coats of paint on the car.
2. It is the only car in the world whose seat back won't break during most crashes.
3. Driving a Mercedes, even an older Mercedes means class. Period. No debate. You cannot say that with other cars.
4. They really do last and last. Mercedes even has a million mile club. These cars are built to last. The current high-mileage champion is Gregorios Sachinidis, a Greek taxi driver who holds the known record of more than 2.8
Million miles in his 1976 Mercedes-Benz.
to be honest guys. ıf you like the X brand it is not best brand. if you want to know best brand, you should search the history of brand what they happenned, qualty searching which one is followed. ı searched something and finally, ı decided best brand is mercedes also they say that THE BEST OR NOTHING. no more need comment. the first outomobil, first motorcycle etc...
[Newest]Amazing luxury car just stunning
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People always say that Ferrari is perhaps the greatest car maker in the world. I'd like to ask them have they heard of a company called-LAMBORGHINI. If you have then you wouldn't say that Ferrari is the best.
Lamborghini cars looks awesome. There Design is very aerodynamic and the engine sound is really nice. To me, Lamborghini is the best auto makers in the world.
An amazing car brand! I would call it prodigious, marvelous, stunning. No words for it! Love its sound! Its addictive! Its doors amazingly opens upward! What a sleek, aerodynamic design! No words for it!
[Newest]Love all the cars so pretty to look at and Ferrari if you want to be COOL make BETTER CARS

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Most beautiful cars, both interior and exterior. Perfect balance of sportiness and comfort. The only con is the motor oil consumption...
Best line up of cars, amazing engines, something for everyone
Those grills make me ecstatic!
They are comparatively cheaper and does give the goods!
[Newest]Audi seems to be awesome both in appearance and comforts
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Ferrari is the best car ever. It run very fast. Throughout its history, the company has been noted for its continued participation in racing, especially in Formula One, where it has had great success.
Most prestigious make in the world... No brand has more history and tradition and passion as Ferrari. Their cars feel handmade... I would know my family has 9 :L
Whoa one of the best companies that have emerged ever in the history of cars. It is a revolution in technology
[Newest]1.Ferrari 2.Lamborghini 3.Porsche 4.Mercedes 5.BMW 6.Audi 7.Volkswagen 8.Ford 9.Honda 10.Toyota

The best cars in the universe!
Completely premium German quality.
Nobody is in its way


Style and substance, wins at racing and wins in usable performance with enough practicality (and serious race-bred reliability) to make something special work every day. That is the magic of Porsche that other luxury brands envy and aspiring brands can't even touch.
The best car brand for me. It has an elegant style yet it packs enough horsepower to make a lot of cars eat dust. Expensive yet attainable.
[Newest]I don't like it because the insides too small, it annoys me

Ford has anything from 10,000 dollar hybrids, to 140,000 dollar super cars! Just look at the GT! Amazing at everything!
If you take in all models that a company makes I say Ford has the number 1 spot. All the high price cars listed come from companies that has problems with other cars. In the past European cars were known for quality cars but with the push for bling cars they have lost that edge, same for the Japan cars. For the average car buyer Ford has the largest offerings with good quality.
Ford is the company that started the whole automobile craze in North America after Karl Benz invented the gas powered automobile in Germany. Come on guys, Ford also started the 40hr/5d work week and the assembly line. For crying out loud Ford made the damn Mustang!
[Newest]Ford is the best brand it should be first not a stupid BMW
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This car should be first because it have the best selling car of all time (Toyota Corolla) I have an ae86 corolla wich is the best drift car of all time also
Toyota is more popular and has better customer support. Most other websites have Toyota as number 1 or two. I certainly agree with other websites. I own a Toyota RAV4 and also think it has a great engine.
Best Brand
Its a user review... Japanese technology best technology...

I have toyota etios livaa
And its best in class in India...
[Newest]But toyota is the best

Volkswagen Golf anyone?! A Fuel Efficient CAR that's loaded with German Engineering.
And with Golf GTI that beats any hatchback/compact out there, you're good to go!
Shoot I'm gonna get me a vw bus one of these days... Kicking it old school man


It may not produce mental supercars, but it did produce the Beetle, the Golf, the Passat and the Golf GTI. And those are the cars that changed the world. Great quality and a low price.


[Newest]The Golf 4 is just superb on the highway


Honda make the best cars for the masses by far. Much better than any German brands. I don't see any Porsche, Lamborghini, and Ferrari cars on my neighbours drives at all. These cars should be removed from this list.
Honda was innovating when the Big 3 American Auto makers were whining about not being able to make the EPA standards in time. Honda redesigned the engine instead of attaching multiple add-on to the engine. So far Ford is the only who is getting it, and getting it right and gaining fast on the Japanese auto makers.


[Newest]Its worlds best car company

The Contenders

It runs deep it is good on gas it has great style world class performance

Chevy is awesome! They need to be above ford, because a standing joke in my family is the F in ford stands for FAILURE!
The Chevy is obviously the best in my opinion. It as great things inside like extra heating and cooling, seats that you can relax in and lay down in, and so many other things to say.
[Newest]Chevrolet is my favorite company cars

Viper gt is one of the awesome car. I ever seen. And its looks like viper snake
And the best perfomance and visual is awesome
I love the Viper. One of my favorite cars! I love it's style and speed. Dodge put a small team to work on a car that was needed very shortly and they made a supercar Love this brand, love their cars and love their style.
Pure muscle... Everything that rolls off the line is awesome from the ram to the caliber to the durango... All are AWESOME!
[Newest]Dodge Viper all the way

Definitely ahead of Mazda and Ford. And Toyota should definitely be ahead of piece of junk Ford.
Yeah I like Nissan
So watch out for the final countdown freak!
I have Nissan Navara its really good...
This is one of the most reliable cars I know.
[Newest]Love my nissan rogue

14Aston Martin
It is off of james bond so it is my favourite car and it looks very fast and most probably is fast also it is cheap on fuel and extremely fast and that is most probably why james bond does drive his aston martin db5. The db5 is the best car as well as I know because my great great great great great great great grandad has it
amazing why the hell are we considering honda a better car brand than aston martin?
simply makes no sense as even james bond had his own personal armed aston, shoot yourself honda lover
and perfection isn't only achieved by japanese, perfection is achieved by hand made accsesories.

quality is present everywhere in these cars
James bond drove it-says it all. Unmatched in coolness. Bmw aren't cool, only marketing salesmen drive them
[Newest]I love aston martin

It's a state ment. When you roll up in it people think high class
Jaguar is the best car out there.. It's design is inspired from jaguar itself
Good enough for the Queen to have one custom built over that of a Bentley, something must be equivalent with class and elegance if it parallels that of the Royal families taste and prestige.

Cadillac is king of the road. Cadillac, Dodge and Honda should be on the top of this list.
The new Cadillac models are sleek, super luxurious, trustworthy and its LIKE SUPER CHEAP FOR ITS QUALITY!
No offense but almost all the people who voted for BMW, MERCEDES, or any other luxury German, Italian, or British car have probably never driven one, or can afford one. Cadillac is 4 as nice at half the price of German cars with outdated systems. Please take this into consideration, that even though BMW, lambo, Audi are in the top spots, I bet you that almost everyone who voted for them only like them because they are flashy "rich" cars, not because they have ever owned them and have really experienced them.
[Newest]Cadillac's are really cool

Bugatti is the best car brand in the world. A tear came out when I saw it wasn't number 1. Anyways it looks amazing. At the New York Auto Show I saw one and I took like 100,000 pictures. If you ever have enough money to pay for this car for only a day it is worth it. I still am a giant fan of every other super-car in the world like Ferraris and Every other one but Bugatti is the best whether you believe it or not! YOU KNOW NOTHING ABOUT CARS IF YOU DISLIKE BUGATTI!
I'm appalled! Bugatti should be number 1. It is fast, powerful, and sexy. Heart of a lion. W 24 engine. Seriously good car. Love it. These things beat all.
Bugatti is just a poser's car for people who want to say, "ooh, look I've got that fastest car in the world and the smallest penis in the world
[Newest]Bugatti not car it is soul of every heart...

18Rolls Royce
I actually like BMW Z4 and Lamborgini but Rolls Royce isn't bad. If you're finding a luxurious car, no brand is better than it. It looks SEXY too. I love its angel logo. Don't you?
no doubt Rolls-Royce has always been and will always be the best, most luxurious and most prestigious car in the world. :D
The logo isn't an angel, it's the spirit of ecstasy, come on you don't need to be a car enthusiast to know that
[Newest]Rolls royce was originally crap but when bmw bought it they became pretty good

Far better looking than any Mercedes of BMW, it gives you the biggest bang for your buck. Volvo is unique unlike Audi, Mercedes and BMW and was the first car company to install seat belts in their cars. Volvo produces to this day some of the safest cars that money can buy. Also they are not Japanese, German or Korean, so you are not likely to pull up to a stop light and see your car. Volvo on the whole is the best choice when buying a luxury car because of it is relatively cheap, safe, and classy.
Value for the dollar which includes safety, regular fuel, average gas mileage, and reliability. Simple and not over engineered, now that Ford has left hopefully the new Chinese owners will allow the company to build a hybrid and import a diesel in a SUV with excellent reliability and safety. Did I mention affordability too? The Chinese maybe able to help with that.
Safety from personal experience. Would not be alive today if car I was driving was not a Volvo.
Otherwise it my choice out of loyalty and family tradition

Bentley is my body soul
Best cars ever made

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