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41 Alexis Sánchez

Alexis Sanchez is wicked. He is sick. If he is not number 1 than he should at least be in the Top 10. He is helping Arsenal a lot. He is the best arsenal player (after Henry) So this will make him a magnificent Player for Barcelona. When Alexis Sanchez still played for Arsenal he was a big hit

Best player in the Barcelona club

Don't like Arsenal but I like Sanchez

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42 Hans Krankl V 3 Comments
43 Sergi Roberto

He played brilliantly against Bilbao

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44 Sandro Ramírez
45 Rafinha
46 Allan Simonsen
47 Pique V 4 Comments
48 Thomas Vermaelen

Attacks brilliantly to not let space to Mascherano

49 Eric Abidal

Truly underrated... Though he played for barca after his prime, he still put up one heck of a fight... Especially considering that he was battling cancer

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50 Leighton Richardson

Awesome all round player and great agility

51 José Manuel Pinto
52 Claudio Andres Bravo Munoz

He's better than this he should be 18th

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53 Jérémy Mathieu V 1 Comment
54 Hristo Stoichkov Hristo Stoichkov Hristo Stoichkov is a retired Bulgarian footballer who is currently a football commentator for Univision Deportes.

The man with the greatest touch in football. and he was totally badass!

Extremely aggressive player, though it cannot be thought as a disadvantage. His passion, confidence and tenacity made him what he is remembered today - one of the most effective Barcelona strikers ever.

Best Bulgarian player that ever played on the highest possible level in the football

One of the best strikers that Barcelone has ever had. He was one of the leaders in Barca's Dream team during the 90s. Also one of the few players to win the European Cup (1992), the Golden Shoe (1990) and the Ballon d'Or (1995).

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55 Paulino Alcantara

They say he could punch a hole in the net with his shot... Proud to be a Filipino. Especially when we both came from the same City in the Philippines!

The greatest FC player of all time. all time goal leader at 357. He is a Filipino doctor.

Greatest fc barcelon player of all time... 357 goals in 357 games... A club record I believe that has not been broken up this day...

I'm a filipino, and I'm proud

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56 Marquez

Marquez and puyol formed the best centre-back pair in Europe

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57 Cesc Fàbregas

Didn't see him should of voted for him great playmaker and dribbler pissed he left will set the BPL on fire again

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58 Luis Figo Luis Figo

He may have stabbed Barca in the back but he was still a ruddy good player

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