Best Iranian Football Players

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1Farhad Majidi

The best Iranian football player

I think Farhad is the only one who can be a kind of idol for Euro-Asian youth and teenagers. He owns those of characteristics rare celebrities possess. It is not just because he has already punched the reds for 4 consecutive times. It is because of his mannerisms and personality besides his global titles.

He is the best player in the world.

Farhad the best iranian football player must stand at top of this list

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2Ali Karimi

Ali Is Always number 1 because he's technically great and has a great character.
Viva Ali Karimi.

I love you ali karimi. You are the best number 8 around the world

Whenever I died write on my gravestone:"I loved football because of Ali Karimi"

I don't talk for or against Reds and blues, you know what, Ali Karimi is a national legend, Farhad Majidi is not even a competitor people, please be rational, not voting for colors...

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3Javad Nekounam

One of the best players and captains of Iran and people really like him. A fantastic player with high self esteem and management power.

You are a very good player Nekounam!

He is the best captain in the world and he is the best player in Iran

He is the best.

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4Ali Daei


He is the best forward in the whole world

Why in the world he is here? He is the only very famous football player from my country. He should be number one. 109 goals is no jock man.

109 goals in international games!

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5Mehdi MahdavikiaV3 Comments
6Mehdi Rahmati

Super Mehdi best Iranian Goal Keeper

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7Khosro HeydariV2 Comments
8Ashkan Dejagah

When he is on his game, his ball skills compete with players on the International Level. He was amazing in World Cup game against Argentina

He Is The Best Player Of All Times From Iran Team's - RaminLp

He is also the best football player for Iran. I voted for reza g because I dident know you couldent vote twise

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9Ahmad Reza Abedzadeh

Eagle of Asia! No keeper has shown skills to be good as his!

He is the best goal keeper in Iran

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10Arash Borhani

Arash borhani is a best player after Farhad Majidi in Iran. The fans of esteghlal are love Arash Borhani.

He is a star that shines in Esteghlal

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11Jalal Hosseini
12Khodadad Azizi

I think Japan should be better or Korea

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13Pejman NouriV1 Comment
14Mohammad Reza Khalatbari
15Masoud Shojaei
16Mojtaba Jabbari

I think you'll find that Mojtaba clearly is the best Iranian football player!

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17Reza Ghoochannejhad

Reza is literaly the best player in Iran. I voted for him because he was the only person in the Iran to score a Goal in 2014

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18Nasser HejaziV1 Comment
19Mohammad Ebrahimi
20Erfan Mirzapour

Erfan is God of football

Erfan is the best player

He is the Cristian of Iran..

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