Best Soccer Players of 2012-2013

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The Top Ten

Cristiano Ronaldo
Ronaldo is better faster stronger more versatile in his scoring messi has xavi and iniesta ronaldo doesn't and still makes people speechless and has scored in all vital games were was messi vs madrid vs chelsea
Cristiano ronaldo is the best end of story screw messi cristiano ronaldo has broke records all over the world.
Messi has been impressive and so has Ronaldo.. To be honest, I think it'd be quite unfair if Ronaldo doesn't win this time. "He can be a one man team messi can't because if xavi or iniesta are not playing he is bad". Ronaldo individuals records are outstanding, despite the fact that Messi can be the top scorer in la liga this time.. Remember, Ronaldo was the top scorer the previous season of la liga.. Yet he didn't win as real madrid wasn't champion. So, as real win will la liga this season, Ronaldo has the chance of getting much closer to the Ballon D'or title. It's due to him and his personal efforts that real madrid will win back the la liga title again. Yet, the decisions are only in the hand of the FIFA. All remains to be seen now.
[Newest]He is the great player in history
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2Lionel Messi
He holds the ball with amazing dribbling skills and with blistering pace, can be nightmare for any defensive lineup or for any player
He has glue on his boots, For me he is the best football player after ronaldhino gone from Fc Barcelona...
Unfortunately, Cristiano Ronaldo was born in the wrong place, at the wrong time. Messi rules the soccer world whether CR7 and his fans like it or not.
[Newest]Where is steven gerrard
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Neymar brings art back to soccer - which is why Brazilians got their fame in the first place.
Neymar is like the best new kid in town. It's a joke for Rooney to be in the top 3 in this list that's Neymar's spot. Messi and Ronaldo are beast though. Still though- Neymar is the perfect example of why Brazil are such a famous football team- like that other guy said.
He is the best futball player I have ever seen my really long 37 year life I am voting for him because I think he should in the top three of being the best futball player
[Newest]He is the best
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4Robin van Persie
Best striker around, one of the best finisher, a goalscorer by nature and a great future, he should stay at arsenal
He Experienced bad injuries at the past, But he came back at the premier league to took 3 individual Trophies! Player Of the Year, Golden Boot, PFA Players Writers!
Robin van Persie is amazing for his age and having 2 kids, he has still pulled through to being the 3rd est player in the world. Of course Ronaldo and Messi top that list. Stay strong, cute and an AMAZING striker big guy!
[Newest]He is the best player
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5Wayne Rooney
Rooney's form is awesome currently, he keeps on scoring and has good skills to keep Manchester United winning.
He's an unbelievable player, and scores in big games
He works harder then any other soccer play I've seen! And has the urge to go on and try to win every game! He also can play in any position. He's very strong, skillful, can score from distance with a powerful shot, very good header of the ball, can take free kicks and corners, can put in good tackles and can run the pitch all day long if you asked him!
[Newest]Best player in the world!
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6Andres Iniesta
3rd best in his team right now! But if he keeps at it, I think he can at least be top 10 5 in the world.
He is the best. His fast mind tackles, passes, scoring abilities made him so... THE BEST. AS he was the hero of the victory of Spain in world cup HE got his name a bright future. ANDRES INIESTA.
He is Europe's 2012 best player, he has everything a team needs to win, he doesn't depend on team mates, just like messi, he has glue on his boots.
[Newest]#7th that's stupid more like #999

7Zlatan Ibrahimović
Zlatan Ibrahimovic strong good technical and power shoot
Ibra deserves to be in the top ten. He is a very good Swedish player
Zlatan ibrahimovic should be one of the top 5 players and no in the top ten players
[Newest]He has got everything
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8Gareth Bale
I think Gareth bale should be in the top three after winning player of the year, better than Rooney and Neymar by miles. In my opinion he makes spurs one of the best teams in Britain annd if he did move club to a top team like man you he would be even better than he already is and he is welsh
One of the best footballers around in my opinion he's second best in the premire league just before rvp. Bale has everything needed to become one of the best footballers around. At the least I would expect him at 15th in the world!
Best player in barclays premier league I support tottenham he is a assect for tottenham to have him he is extremenly fast I would be over the moon if I was that good at that age and holtbye is very good in his starting ages at tottenham I can see that bond with Gareth Bale and Holtbye these two players are awesome give them praise vote for these two star quality players they are upon the best keep the skill these players have skills
[Newest]Good player and highest bought player in history of soccer.
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9Mesut Özil
Had the highest assists in the la liga for 2011/2012, is unnoticed but plays well very efficient and consistent. Has been nominated fo Ballon d'or as well
Heart of real madrid team as well as heart of german national team!
In 4 years time mesut ozil is going to be the best player in the world
[Newest]Well overall he is the best for scoring the winning the goal for Germany in the 2014 world cup against Algeria to settle the scores!
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10Xavi Hernandez
I wouldn't agree more. Where sheer talent exists credit much go. These are some of the finest talents that we have of the day. Maybe of all times after the talents of 1998 to 2002 era. Messi is born for soccer and to live it. No doubt he is numero uno in the world at the moment with his prowess in ball handling and manipulation abilities not to mention his breathe taking pace and the phenomenal ability to convert goals out of nothing. Cristiano Ronaldo redefines soccer with his mesmerizing pace and dribbling abilities coupled together with the tenacity to score goals from any range. Xavi on the other hand simply owns the middle park once his game unveils, his terrific ball possession capabilities and the ability to pass accurately and make the ball move is refreshing to watch. The rest of the list is obviously undebatable.
Xavi or Iniesta should be 3rd..
Is a good player I like how he play
[Newest]He should be rank #22 not #3

The Contenders

11Fernando Torres
Fernando torres is the best player of all times... He's so perfect at football and so good-looking too, so sexy, so cute... Torres and messi are the best... You should be at top ten torres, no those who are in this list... Viva torres... Your fans love you very much, continue as you are... Always the best..
Fernando torres is the best of all times... So good at football, so cute, so sexy, so good-looking... He and messi are the best... You should be the second at the list... Viva torres, always will be the best... Spain will win just with torres... Love you...
Fernando Torres is the best player and whan I say best I mean BEST EVER TO LIVE YA READ! He was born to play soccer Fernando Torres has got glue on his boots when ever he gets the ball there is no going back the goalkeeper should either move or let him score as he will score against worlds number 1 goalkeeper Ikka Casillas and still not even Manuel Neur stands a chance against this striker known as Fernando Torres. He plays for Chelsea and spain. He is way better looking than any other soccer player I know of even Mr I'm the pretiest there is Cristiano Ronaldo.
[Newest]Really he is great player...
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12Franck Ribéry
Amazing goal scorer who when is healthy can be virtually unstoppable from making plays, scoring goals and finding every open player on the field to pass to
As the commentator said during the Basel vs Bayer game. Ribery in form is too fast too strong too clever... Simply unplayable
Feet like hands! Smart and the best play maker in the world. One of the few players in the world who seems to get better with age.
[Newest]His shot is wonderful

Should be in the top ten when it comes to skill passing shooting the only thing that separates him from neymar or messi or ronaldo is speed he still has all the moves
You guys are crazy where he should be is at least the top 15
Most technically savvy player in the world. He needs to get back to football in order to re-establish his dominance in the game. In his hayday, he was simply the best I have ever seen. He has all the skills to be the best player in the world, but he has to get his mojo back!
[Newest]I don't know about today. But definitely best player of all time.

Kaka has been the centerpiece for Brazil for many years. He was at one time during his younger days considered one of the best in football.
Kaka may not be the best player, but he is one of honest player.
He has the fatherly figure in a game termed as football...
I thank kaka should deserve number one he is a really good player and a I high reckoned he deserves 1
[Newest]Kaka is my favourite player

15Radamel Falcao Garcia
How is he not 3rd he is a complete masterclass and is by far the best out and out striker in the world seeming messi's a false 9
Well This Falcao deserves at least the third please behind the two stars who's name we don't have to remember... Falcao was very important in the winning cup final of the European League Cup... He was also the man of the match in the Super Cup against Chelsea and I think most of the biggest clubs (like Chelsea) are dreaming to have him in their team... He is also important of the third please Colombia has at this moment to place themselves for the world championship 2014... So I would ask all the people who doesn't know this guy much... Follow his movements, he will become a star one day!
"El Tigre" is one of the best strikers in the world today. The Colombian Superstar even surpassed Jurgen Klinsman's 15 goals when he scored 17 in his UEFA Cup campaign.
[Newest]Does anything to get the goal.

16Robert Lewandowski
This guy single handedly DESTROYED Real Madrid in the Champions League Semi Finals in 2013! Nobody has ever scored 4 goals against Real Madrid in one game! He did it with style too
Scored 13 goals in 19 matches for Borussia Dortmund. Will transfer to MU in 2013.
Lewandowski is the best at bicycle kicks
[Newest]No need to comment just watch his goals and you'll see how great he is

17Luis Suárez
He is very good as a soccer player. He saved liverpool against chelsea. He's incredible!
Neymar, rooney, hernandez, torres and kaka rated ahead of suarez? What? Who ever created this has no knowledge of football. Neymar is yet unproven, dominating the brazilian league doesn't make you anywhere near the caliber of messi, let alone ronaldo. Rooney works hard, but isn't in the top 10, hernandez is used mainly as a sub, so how can he get the nod over others, such as bale? Torres is useless and a shadow of his former self at chelsea, and kaka, well kaka flopped ever since he turned his back on milan. Watch footballers play, you don't rank them for being good looking, or disciplined, you rank their player style, unlike the fool who published this.
I'm Josh and I say that Luis Suarez is the best!
[Newest]Suarez is the 3 best player in the world not 17

18Didier Drogba
Scored in the UCL Final extending the game and therefore winning Chelsea's first UCL Cup
Didier deserves it, he was the diving force that led Chelsea to win the champions league.
Didier Drogba is the best soccer player in world because he doing great things for chealsea & national team ivory cost.
always he taking his team to top.
[Newest]He is an awesome player
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19David Villa
David Villa is an amazing finisher and better than most the footballers under him.
David villa is a great striker he can curve the ball like no one else. Skill of neymar, control of messi, speed of C. Ronaldo and he has a boot and a half. He should be in the top three.
If he wasn't injured he would have easily been in the top ten.
[Newest]David Villa is a great passer and an amazing finisher. No wonder he is Spain's top goal scorer...

20Arjen Robben
He is a complete winger with a lot of pace, skill, dribble and an amazing finishing ability. Further more he scored one of the most amazing volleys ever.
His left leg shot is awesome!
Arjen Robben is very fast and scored 12 goals. Arjen missed a penalty against Petr Cech in Europa Champions League. He and Franck Ribery make a good partnership.
Arjen Robben is the best right winger in the world 2013 and should be in the top 10.
He has some of the best dribbling and has an unbelievable fast pace. They don't call him the Flying Dutchman for nothing.
Plus he scored the deciding goal in the champions league final in the 89th minute.
[Newest]You should be the worst

21David Beckham
He should only be used for corner kicks if you could have a player do that he is an amazing soccer player and the player to show the world bending I loved the appearance he made in the 2012 London Olympic games he just needs to get better on the field but still he is one of my favorites
He should be before Andres Iniesta. Because they he is one of the best players because he has so much talent and because he is the record holder for many soccer awards. But people think that it is just a game to these stars of soccer but they love to play this sport and the people that can't play make these lists to make gossipe but they should not think of what other people like and rank them on a boring chart. You are the ones that are not good enough to play some of the way that these players play so you should not rank them or give awards you should just stop judging and just enjoy the art that you are watching because people have been doing this for there hole life to make stuff like this to happen for the people.
David beckham is best player ever in football history lionel messi not a number 1
[Newest]Best player in my eyes

22Iker Casillas
The best goalie ever to play for Spain in my opinion. He also is the best goalie in the liga
He should be in the top ten. He deserves it. He saved spain many times.
He is the best goalkeeper of all times!
Being a great fan of him has to make him so popular
[Newest]He is a goalie though

23Sergio Agüero
Aguero is by far d best premier league forward, he is just magical
Aguero is the de second best player in epl what he doing here
Yo yo yo yo its aguero dribbles the ball with the skill of a pro and when he shoots he score messi move down for one more
[Newest]Easily the best player in the premier league

24Eden Hazard
Once there was an cowboy, looking up for a duck singing and stuck in a bathroom and saying "Woke up this morning on a beach, started walking in my regular pretend. Welcome to the jungle heard. Well have a nice day and Edin Hazard! Love you, best player of all! EVER! :D You are my man, remember, I will see you in my life! You are so sexy and hot. Damn, hot for the sausages! YEA :DD
He has great skills and I surely blief after 2 year he gonna be like messi and ronaldo good luck hazard
Wait for some yers he be like messi
Amazing player surley should be in the top ten.
[Newest]He is an excellent, marvellous, fantastic player

25Bastian Schweinstiger
I believe that in the Center Midfield role he is quite smart and can find anyone anywhere, also providing cleaver through balls! To me he has to be one of the greatest midfielders in the modern football world!
He is very good at seeing the field and making plays
The best player to look out for in the match for germany
[Newest]Love bro win next World Cup don't ruin your streak

26Manuel Neuer
He's one of de best goalkeepers around
He young and brilliant
Best keeper in the world by a lot. If he gets replaced at bayern I will jump off of a cliff onto jagged rocks so I die!
[Newest]Best keeper to step foot on a football pitch.

27Sergio Ramos
Best defender forever and ever!
Best defender in the world ever
Should be in the top 5 players
Scores great goals very strong in the air and great foot skills
Simply the best
I think SR4 is in top 10 players in the world!

[Newest]He rocks best defender in the world

28Frank Lampard
Well, he is the only player to score 10 or more goals 5 times continously and he is 35 years old which means he had reached his best form at 30! Also he has been the pivot for England and Chelsea for the past 11 years.
Frank lampard shouldhave been replaced with xavi because no any midfielder has scored much as'frank lampard'
He is one of the very star player of the world. So he should be in top ten list.
[Newest]He is the hottest player ever

29Andrea Pirlo
Has been Amazing on the EuroCup and won the Serie A. His Team, Juventus was unbeaten, this season.
Andrea Pirlo is one of the best midfielders in the world. Despite poor pace he has genius passes and he can find team-mate in situations, where any other player couldn't. Huge advantage of Italy and Juve
The man is amazing, he was the midfield general that led to Juventus getting the unbeaten season, alongside Claudio Marchisio in the centre of the midfield, Juve also had other great players that helped them such as Buffon and Giorgio Chiellini but Pirlo really made a difference. And then the EUROS came about and he stole the show, player of the tournament by a long-shot his awareness of his teammates is unbelievable and in the last season he has been without a doubt the best midfielder in the world not saying he has been so consistent throughout his career but for what he done this past season was just amazing and to be honest I think people need to look beyond Barcelona and Messi & Ronaldo when looking for the Ballon d'or.
[Newest]Pirlo is a wonderful Centre Midfeilder who is probably the second best passer (behind xavi)in the world. Has a great awareness of the people around him and is a great penalty taker. For me any team would be lucky to have him

30Juan Mata
Mata in Valencia was excellent, and in Chelsea he is awesome
?. How could mata be this low. He can score way out of the penalty box and is awesome at dribbling. Start voting for mata.
By a long shot the best midfield playa in the BPL! Bar none
[Newest]Mata! Mata! Mata! Fab! Fab! Fab!

31Edinson Cavani
Obviously one the best strikers of the world.
2012-2013 he has 29 goals in 30 games for Napoli and Uruguay. Easily in the top 5 players in world football behind Messi, Ronaldo, Ibrihamovic, Iniesta and Chiellini.
He is amazing he is top 3 striker in the world
[Newest]The best right footed player in the world

32David Silva
Silva dribbles like he is racing the wind he should at least be in top 20
This is a bloody bad and worst site for top ones. DAVID SILVA should be among the top ten.
Silva should be at least in top ten, the fact that he passes more than he scores shows that he is a play maker. The dribbling ability of silva is clear when they show his many assists.
[Newest]He is the best player in the premier league, he deserves top 10

33Steven Gerrard
Stevie is man who knows kow to play football, even guyes like mehmet scholl sayed that he is a brilliant football player like he has never seen before
Gerrard actually had played at liverpool when he is young! I am his number 1 fan! He is also a very good player till now!
Simply a God amongst men.

He was the best player ever from 2005-2006

He played the best performance ever in the most entertaining football match ever. Twice! (FA Cup Final and Champions League Final)

Watching a highlight reel of Steven Gerrard's career gives me chills every time!
[Newest]The heart of liverpool. A legend. Not a single bad game. What else is needed to say.

34Philipp Lahm
Have you ever seen him playing? I'm telling you. He is awesome. He never miss the ball and he can go through all the defenders of the opponent team and score but remember he is a defender. That makes it unbeliviable!
So only 2 of the top 30 players in the world are defenders? That's just ridiculous and this is coming from a centre forward. No team is complete without a solid backline and this guy is the best of the best. There is a reason Bayern don't concede- this man is never caught out of position and never misses a tackle. All this and I haven't even mentioned what a threat he is going forward. What an incredible work rate! Have a team made completely of Lahm and they would be a serious threat, can't say that about many players.
What an excellent soccer player, he is also a great leader for his country and club.
[Newest]Have you gone out of your. Lahm should be in the top ten just after neymar.

35Angel Di Maria
He has one of the best left foot in the company following messi
He's a great play maker, great goals corer, he should be in the top 25.
[Newest]Angel has the skills and speed to get best player. I don't know why he isn't.

36Marco Reus
He is a superstar for Dortmund. He is an excellent center forward. He should be between 60 and 50 because he gives 100 percent each game. German superstar, one of my favorite players. He usually starts for Dortmund.
UNDERRATED, he has everything you want in an attacking midfielder: speed, pace, dribbling, shot power/accuracy, pass/cross accuracy. With Gotze gone, he will be the one to watch next season!
Marco has amazing dribbling skills, great passing accuracy, and has amazing shot with both feet. Accompanied by gotze, reus definitely deserves to be in the top 10

37Stephan El Shaarawy
Stephan El Shaarawy OK
Amazing player young talent give him some time and he will shock the world. The next generations legend.
He is a fantastic player with really nerve skills just needs some space and more time during international and club matches and he will be the up coming legend.

38Karim Benzema
Karim Benzema should be at least 11th or so. No one
can beat Karim Benzema!
He run so fast, and scoore many goal for real madrid. He better than kaka
Karim Benzema scored a cracking goal against Manchester City in the 87th minute on Tuesday 18th September, subsituting Gonzalo Higuain. One of the best strikers in the world, and he has a great curl. The 3rd best player on Real Madrid by quite a long way.
[Newest]Karim is the best French player in the history of football after cantona.

He is a great dribbler and he always brings the attack up the field. Then he feeds Demba Ba or Fernando Torres and they score. Oscar is a great player.
Should be number 1. Has a great left foot. Accurate foot. Suburb shot, sick moves, best dribbling, sweet tackling and is good looking 2. He is the best player in the world by a mile dudes
Oscar is great he deserves to be in the top ten I think he is a better player than neymar
[Newest]So dumb stupid thing! Idiots

40David Luiz
He keeps the goal safe no one can pass not even ronaldo
He is a fast strong player
He my favorite player I think he's the best defender

41Thomas Müller
Its a pleasure to watch him play
One of the best prospects from Germany.
Thomas Muller is on of the best attacking player in the world. He deserves for top 10. I don't know why he is in number 66. Unfair.!
[Newest]Winner of football

42Mario Balotelli
Mario Balotelli is amazing! And of the way he plays football is truly unique. Also, he even lead Italy to the final's of the Euro with two goals within 37 min against Germany. I find that astounding. His technique and skill is beyond great. But overall in my opinion, he should be in the top 20 of the worlds greatest soccer players now a days. He wants to be better than Ronaldo. And I believe he can do it.
A little immature but with time he will be one of the greats.
Entertaining, crazy like Maradona T.V. quality. He has qualities of genius, you know; cannot figure out to tie shoes, blows his gasket anytime, he is not afraid to try he is young strong he is a ladies guy. If he doesn't do drugs or alcohol he has a number 1 slot waiting for him... Good luck Mario
[Newest]He is so good and he has so many sick moves.

43Gerard Pique
Pique is an absolute amazing defender. With out him Barca would lose a lot of their games especially against real madrid


He is the best defender ever!
His is THE best defender Barca would have!

44Cesc Fàbregas
He's the young milfieder from Arsenal that can imitate the mifield he's one of the best player on the Barcelona team he's very good and have many potential that can lead him to be the best player of our time, he hope to accomplished that goal and he was the captain of the Arsenal team who got buy by the Barcelona team he hope to bring success.
Cesc Fabregas is a great midfield player, He was the Arsenal captain, First time in LA LIGA 3 assists in 1 match CESC FABREGAS, Cesc Fabregas is better than Xavi, Iniesta & Ozil no doubt, He is awesome
No is are 13 in the world

45Peter Cech
Petr cech is phenomenal keeper who has done very well with chelsea over the last decade
Easily the best keeper in the world right now. Not only that but he's also not afraid to come out when he needs to. I mean who sustains a skull fracture and still plays at that level? Duh... Peter Cech
Petr cech has proven his class for years now as the epl best keeper.
[Newest]Hope you get you helmet off

46Abedi Pele
He is the best footballer in the world. He should have been on number 1 ages ago
Pele will always be the best player
This is not the Brazilian Pele. Laugh out loud
[Newest]I swear ill kill the person who made this

47Kevin-Prince Boateng
Kevin Prince boeteng is the best player of ac milan and ghana when it comes to soccer he can be a amazing his dribbling and his speed and his overate should be 100 when he scores a goal he can be acrobatic and flipping.
He's sexy and has strength also speed good shot power with a lot of inspiration
Because he is my favorite soccer player

48Joe Hart
He's an amazing goalie!
Joe Hart can take England to a great position with his goalkeeping tricks in other words he is the best keeper
Simply the bestt goalkeeper, but not better than iker casillas from yAkha Mvandaba

49Mario Gotze
Gotze has some of the moves I have seen in a while. People always talk about the Spanish league and English, but they never mention the competition in the German league. He makes up the midfield for Dortmund, and can always be relied on for the German national. He has amazing passing accuracy, shot power, and can dribble through many defenders without losing his cool
He is in few years time to become the best midfielders or even win the player of the year award.
I think he must be one of the best ten player
[Newest]You are awesome great moves and the best in the world cup 2014

50Carles Puyol
Puyol makes every other defender in his team better. He plays the art of defending. The very best.
Finishing he's career but still he is the best defender of the world!
Xavi is third world best player
[Newest]Best defender in the world. He is one of the best leaders and captains in soccer.

51Wesley Sneijder
Sneijder one of the best playmakers ever however pirlo, inesta and xavi is in his way. A part from that his mentel abilty is very good. However his free kick and coners are perfectly placed
The best midfield in the world
His the best player
[Newest]He is the worst player in the world even kids play better than him.

52Lukas Podolski
I just think lukas brings power and talent to games and the fact that he is moving to one of the top clubs in the world ( FC Arsenal ) means that he is pretty good
Lukas is a very experinced and determined player I always count on him in an arsenal match.
Excellent midfielder on arsenal

53Shinji Kagawa
So far this season he seems to be head and shoulders above the other Manchester United players. I can see Kagawa is the type who'll consistently perform well.
Time will tell but this is one of the few cases where I can see a top player in the making.
Kagawa is the best because he is faster stronger goalscore and I think soon he will become one of the best player in the world
Definitely the most promising player at United. Just need to build the team more around him.
[Newest]The best jape nose player ever!

54Diego Forlan
One of the best free kickers in the world... Especially after the 2010 world Cup.
You are really stupid and don't know how to eat pizza properly
You have to eat from the pointy end. Not the base so please start eating burgers instead that's a better opinion.
He has the best right/left shoot in the workd
[Newest]I like him very much I always play with him in FIFA14

55Yaya Touré
Yaya Toure can attack, like when he basically gave city a chance to win the title by scoring 2 goals. Also, you probably not find another player who can defend and go forward in 1 game.
Whomever made up this list is out of their mind. YaYa Toure is a top 10 player, with a doubt the best midfieder in the EPL. Y'all are crazy.
Yaya needs to be in the top 10
[Newest]Yaya is amazing. Best midfielder! Deafeningly!

56Alexis Sánchez
He's a great player. Very fast and talented with the ball.
He is really well doing and now it is my most favorite player
One of the best midfielders of barca
[Newest]He is the 9th best player for me

57Gianluigi Buffon
He is the best goalie this world has ever layed eyes on. It is true. He deserves to be at least in the top 10. Lioel messi isn't even as good as he he used to be. Gianluigi is truly amazing. I love him! He is BEAUTIFUL!
Winner of countless trophys including the World cup and Best goalkeeper of the decade(2000-2010). Probably one of the best goalkeepers of all time
He should be in the top 10 he is ultimately one of the best goalkeepers of all time and is the only goalkeeper I have ever seen save 3 penalties in a row
[Newest]The most mature goal keeper and captain in the world of football. He is never ever selfish and with out any doubt the best one.

58Theo Walcott
Pace. That's the abilety that welcott is an excpert at. As he is the fastest man in the bar prem he will not be unknown.
Heis a great player for these reasons he is fast, he has got a very powerful shot and is aggresive for the ball. So I love aresnal to but still it is Theo Walcott vote for him so hemoves up to at least 50
He's an amazing player

59Edin Džeko
Third best striker for man city scored a wonder goal vs tottenham and best player in his international team
He is man city SUPER SUB should be in the starting line-up
Edin dzeko is the best he's gets headers all the time and plays for bosnia they calls him the bosnia diamond

60Gonzalo Higuaín
Very good on the ball, can make pacey runs and very sweet shots.

One of the best madrid players
He is very good at having sex

61Klaas-Jan Huntelaar
Pure natural scorer of many different types of goals, needs to be playing for a bigger club and needs a bit of strength though.

62Edwin Van De Sar
He is the best goalie I have ever seen
The best keeper ever. And with one of the longest professional career in the top.
The best goalkeeper in the world for me...

63Demba Ba
In the first half of the season Ba looked to be getting the Golden Boot but after the January Ba sadly wasn't even getting in the top 5 his Senegal teammate took the show but Ba still scored over 10 goals which any striker would be proud about
High quality and bring his team forward.
I love this player. I personally think he is better than Lionel Messi

64Francesco Totti
He is the heart of A.S. roma. I can't believe how he stays below no.50. Infact in his prime he was better than messi and ronaldo. He is one of the most prolific player of the serie A. Probably deserves to be in top 50
The top scorer in Serie A since the WWII: that is just a number. But if you consider he managed to do that while still being top assistman for his team every season and playing most seasons as a midfielder, you will understand how it is incredible he is not in the top 50, even before looking at his skill and goals.
Still manages to be the centre of Roma and Serie A at the age of 36, He is one of the best, a true Champion!

65Alexandre Pato
Pato is too good to be number 70
He is the top scorer for AC Milan
He Has A lot Of potential and will become one of the best in a few years he is the one of the best finishers and has a lot of positioning almost never offside like MESSI
Pato is extremely skillful to the point that he is needed in all ac milans matches
[Newest]Pato deserves to be in the top 20 not 80

66Miroslav Klose
He is truley one of the best finishers in the history of the game.
Klose is allways running hard for the ball and deserves to be put 2nd in the league. Klose shoes outstanding goals with both his head and feat at all times! When klose is setting up a goal he is allways calm and will never stress like messi or ronaldo
Klose is one of the best finisher right now, he scored 14 goals in a three fifa world cups m he is the 2nd scorer after Ronaldo of all time and he could be the first next year
Klose deserves to be one of the top players.

67Jack Wilshere
Come on he's going to be better than Christiano Ronaldo he deserves to be in the top 10. The 3rd best player I've ever seen. After Lionel Messi (Best player ever) and Neymar
I disagree he should be 37th
Jack wilshere is a legand for arsenal and a really strong runner

68Julian Draxler
He should be in top five because he is a great german national player and schalke 04 player in the bundesliga
Should be a lot higher. Biggest talent in Germany in my opinion.

69Diego Costa
Diego should be 4
You should be in the top ten
How can diego costa be 96
[Newest]Why is he 69. He should be 7

70Marco Fabian
Best Mexican player today behind Gio and Chicharito
He's not the best player in the world
It's chi chariot and gio are a tide.
A player with great future!

71Thiago Silva
He is probably one of the best of Brazil very quick likes to keep it strong at the back and one of the best defender in the world
Thiago silva is like 18th
His strength scares attackers

72Jakub Błaszczykowski
For me he is best soccer player ever played in poland.
BvB star player he will be one of the best soccer players in 5 years time.
He also is best midfielder in poland.
Blaszczykowski is the best dribbler on Poland and so is lewandowski

73Emile Heskey
Emile heskey is horrible. Once he scored one goal in a season
He is big, he is black, he's got the skills to pay the bills! Look out Australia, you have an absolute man mountain coming your way! I hear he eats rugby players for breakfast?
So strong and can even deal with chuck norris who is ninja
Heskey is just pure quality

74Samir Nasri
-He's the best whatever you say!
-Watch him play and you'll find out, like against Chelsea on August the 12th he scored the third goal to make them win and against Southampton (their first match in the Premier League) he scored the winning goal again to make it 3-2. If he hadn't scored then they would be 15 points behind Man you right now! So there!
Simply the best and will beat all of those players combined together
His dribling is good

I think should at least be in the top 15. He talent has gone un noticed for a long while, but now while playing for brazil in the fifa confederation cup, he really showed the world what they missing out on. What really makes him a super right wing is his quick outbursts of speed, he incredibly phace at which he holds the ball and he super accurate shots
He should be in top 20 what
Hulk is perfect compassion
[Newest]Hulk is the 22 best player in the world

76Xabi Alonso
Worse than donovan he doesn't score much goals but should be ahead of some people he has great passes great midfielder one of the best mids of all time donovan ahead of him you should watch alonso pass the ball its AMAZING!
Alonso should be in the first 20 he.General of mildfield
This is crazy. He should be 20. A great player for sure

Götze is a world class player. He's got great dribbling technics and he's very sharp. Should be 40 or under

There's nothing to say this guy will ALWAYS just be known as the best of the best...
Over 700 goals in his career he definitely was the best player to ever live
More goals than games

79Hatem Ben Arfa
Hatem ben arfa has been a sensational player for newcastle united and has the ability and technique to be in the top 20
He is the BEST player ever in my opinion

80Lukasz Piszczek
This guy should be on the worst football players list, pure garbage

81Raphael Varane
He is great, I think after few years he is going to bo the best deffender in the world
In 2 years, will be the best defender in the world

82Mario Mandzukic
Greatest fighter from Bayern
Mario is the best player ever! Love him so much!
This guy is crazy..marion and pirsici smrde a fico dzaner

Very talented player better than neymar

84Alessandro Del Piero
He is a legendary player
An Italian legend he has played for years at juventes and has scored over 200 goals and he is not poor on the national team
He is a legend of Italian football.

85Raul Gonzalez
The best player in football history. VIVA RAÚL
A really good striker he Ono

He is one of the striker

86Michel Bastos
He is good ply in the world.

87Santi Cazorla
Is a good player
Lovely feet, great touch, strong in the tackle
Cazorla is top class
Even for spain
[Newest]Amazing skill but always gets pushed of the ball

88Ashley Young
Young is young and his young ness makes young fast and great!

89Sergio van Dijk
Go Sergio and PERSIB Bandung..
Best player, his relaxed but dangerous field

90Dani Alves
Dani Alves is not only a phenomenal defender, but he can attack on offense just as well as other midfielders, and is the cause of many great goals and opportunities. He is also a bad ass, which is a plus, because everyone's afraid of him.
Dani alves is the best defender I ever seen he is the only man that make cristiano ronaldo life hell
Dani alves, his a perfect right back, with the pace, precision, accuracy, technique, aggression.
[Newest]There's no way he should be in the top 30 at least

91Javier Hernandez
He always try his best, he went from being a little guy who had a dream to a man who make it true. He doesn't care if he scores 10 goals, he always says the victory is because of the team.
Very dicipline, a player to look out f or in the future
He is amazing and every time mu puts him in he scores
[Newest]Chicharito is not the best player in the world nor in manchester united nor in what ever team he is he will never be one of the best player in the world.

92Marek Hamsik
2nd best player for Napoli cool hairstyle amazing at skills and good at defending
Favorite player ever! Way underrated! Fast as anything! Can bend it like beckam! And has the best Mohawk ever!

93Igor Akinfeev
One of the best keepers around

94Aleksey Berezutskiy
Good at banging guys
That guys right he banged me last night.
Never heard of him probably shoudnt be on this list

95Zoran Tošic
One of the greatest talents! In a few years he will play in one of the best clubs and be one of the best players in the world
He isn't goalkeeper but he is one of best Serbian players and has amazing free kick and he is really fast


He is the ultimate goalkeeper best ever.

96Javi Martinez
Most expensive bundesliga transfer!

97James Rodriguez
He is the one of the five better than rooney and van persie
This Colombian superstar and new Real Madrid player should e in the top 10 after his great performance in the World Cup and his importance to any team
James is a very good player and may have lost in the world cup but he is really good one of my favorites.
[Newest]Should be number 1. He is amazing and was fab in the world cup

98Pappis Cisse
Brilliant player and has scored loads of sensational goals for newcastle and he hasn't even been there that long. If he doesn't get sold he will carry on a better sensational role as a newcastle united player
He scores when he wants and he showed it against Chelsea
He's the best player in the premier league he's better than roony van persie and cristiano he scores wonderful goal... I think he is 2 in the world for being a god footballer

99Antonio Valencia
Best winger in the world. Nobody wins the line like he does and he makes the best lob pass in the premier league. In little time he won the #7 in the manchester united and become one of the best players in Manchester united. Old Trafford loves him. He has become Rooney's best partner.
In my opinion Valencia should be in a better position, he won manchester united best player of the year.
He has been the best play maker in the team.
Valencia is a beast. Did you see that marking he had on Nasri in the Utd-City Game? Wow. And Vidic was talking to him about being better at defense. He should take vidic's place in defense he's that good. But then again, he is the best winger in the world, and he makes the best lob passes in the premier league. If he could make his relationship with rvp better, than this valencia, rooney, rvp triangle could destroy everything! Also he is very good looking
[Newest]Don't thank me thank his goaLs

100Sergio Busquets
Best Defensive midfielder all time
Busquets is the best defensive midlefielder Barcelona has

He should be in the top 25

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