Top Ten Craziest Crayon Colors


Crayon colors have crazy names now-a-days. Pick what you think the craziest! [they may seem weird, but they're real colors] Don't agree with the list? Vote for an existing item you think should be ranked higher or if you are a logged in, add a new item for others to vote on or create your own version of this list.

The Top Ten

pet shop
How the hell can someone look at a crayon and go, "Hey this looks like the color of a pet shop! " what! I can't even think straight now. I'm trying to imagine what kind of color this would be!

Green Day is super sexy
I want to know what this color is it seems so very interesting haha... Walk up to someone and say your shirt is the color pet shop can you imagine the look you would get!?
What? Pet shop? I'm guessing its some type of brown.
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2Cadet Blue


4Raw Umber
I have a 64 box of crayons with Raw Umber in it AND ITS SUCH AN UGLY COLOR AND STUPID NAME
Raw... Umber, What the...
What colour is this...?

5Wild Blue Yonder
I saw this on a crayon and my life was changed
This is the best color in the history of the world
This is my favorite crayon color T_T


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6outer space
Um whats the color of outer space?

7macaroni and cheese
Well for one thing m&c is yummy and a very cool color
Ah I loved this color when I was little! I still have it.
Who named this crayon? Maybe he/she is so fat and he/she dreamed that everything that you see is food


8neon carrot
neon carrot?
i know weird right!


I love this color because I discovered it while working on a school project on the crayola company and my friends and I were all so confused! It's so ugly, too.
They make neon carrots? What!?
Green Day is super sexy

9fuzzy wuzzy brown
Fuzzy wuzzy brown just sounds like a wrapper with fuzz on it I like the name though its is weird to people theses days
This is the funniest color I've ever seen. Fuzzy wuzzy brown! Crazy! It sounds like wow wow wubzy. Weird things people do these days...
Fuzzy Wuzzy was a bear, Fuzzy Wuzzy had no hair, Fuzzy Wuzzy wasn't fuzzy, was he?

It's actually the cuttest among the 10 not the crazziest=)

The Contenders

11koala tree
Koala Tree. That's just getting a little too creative. I think that Crayola should at least call it the bark of an elderly tree that koalas climb during the day and eat the leaves and fruit off of it.
Hmm really koala tree I bet the same person made the jungle green... AWKWARD!
I didn't knew that koala trees existed xD... what color is that supposed to be? o. O It's so cool!
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13unmellow yellow
Hey let's throw an adjective in front of a normal colour and call it something new!

14jungle green


16Jay-Z Blue
It's named after a singer!? I guess it is one of the craziest Crayon colors! 😝😯

17Atomic Tangerine
I didn't know they sold atomic tangerines, I want one.
Kool ya... Wonder what it would do to people if it was used instead of the atomic bomb...
I could throw atomic tangerines at people...

18robins egg blue


20granny smith apple


22raspberry peach
Such a yummy color!

23Purple Pizzazz

24cyber grape

25Sweet Bitter
Nope not "bittersweet", it's sweet bitter.


Laugh out loud! Beaver is a crayon color!

28Banana Mania

29Magic Mint

30Outrageous Orange
Because Orange decided to be outrageous.

31Purple Mountain's Magesty

Who names something after a weed

Wha... WHAT I have never heard of orange! JK

It's a really weird name for a crayon.

35Antique Brass

36Piggy Pink

37Radical Red

38Razzle Dazzle Rose

39royal purple


41Mango Tango


43grandma's perfume

44Burnt Sienna

What... What is 'red'?
Is it new or something?
I've never even heard of it.
This definitely has to be number 1
I can't imagine what the board room was like. "Yeah, let's just make up out own word and pretend it's a color"
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46tickle me pink
You suck the butt
I didn't know people turned pink when they were tickled



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