2014 World Cup Teams Who Deserved More


The Top Ten

1 Costa Rica

Costa Rica were the underdogs of their group, up against European giants Italy and England and American (South America & North America) giants Uruguay. Coming out the group stage in 1st place with 7 points, They clashed with Greece in the Round of 16, and won 5 - 3 on penalties. Then when they faced the Netherlands in a quarter final clash, they lost 4 - 3 on penalties, which was the last of this amazing team. - SaintsBoi

2 Nigeria

Nigeria have never got past the Round of 16 before, and failed to do so in their clash with France, losing 2 - 0. They deserved much more than what fate had given them. - SaintsBoi

3 Algeria

Algeria are below Nigeria because Algeria are clearly a stronger team than Nigeria, and Germany actually struggled to defeat them. Nigeria were obviously the weaker team against France, and struggled to get a goal in. - SaintsBoi

4 Bosnia & Herzegovina

It was hard who to put first; Bosnia & Herzegovina or the USA. This country had Edin Dzeko, an amazing footballer who plays for Man City, and Asmir Begovic, Stoke City goalie. (Teammates with the same person who knocked him out the world cup! (Peter Odemwingie)) - SaintsBoi

5 United States

USA's Tim Howard holds the record for most saves in a single match - What was up with the American defense?!
Anyways, It was sad to see Belgium crush the USA. Which leads us to our next team. - SaintsBoi

6 Belgium

It was sad to see Belgium leave - especially when they'd worked so hard just to fall back down again. - SaintsBoi

7 Switzerland

Who would have thought European underdogs Switzerland would have made it to the final 16?! The highest they've ever made it in a world cup is the final 8. Sadly, they couldn't reach that - thanks to Argentina. - SaintsBoi

8 Portugal

Portugal's Cristiano Ronaldo is known for being one of the world's best players right now, and of all time. Unfortunately he can't hold the whole team, no matter how amazing he is. - SaintsBoi

9 Spain

Spain practically won the 2010 world cup but 1 - 0 victories, and I guess they were the team to beat this world cup, so everyone pretty much found out their tactics (apart from Australia) to try and knock them down. Well, that worked. - SaintsBoi

10 Uruguay

Not many English people or Italians like Uruguay any more - let alone Luis Suarez. If you're English, or an Italian, admit it - you were rooting for Colombia in the round of 16. Because of Luis Suarez's biting antics, it pretty much sent Uruguay home. But it made Barcelona want him. So Boo Hoo for Uruguay, yay for Luis. - SaintsBoi

The Contenders

11 Mexico

They were cheated by dutch - Juniorxtrm

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