Top Ten Zodiac Sign Partnerships

The Top Ten
1 Gemini and Sagittarius

True we are the best

2 Cancer and Taurus
3 Leo and Aquarius
4 Capricorn and Pisces
5 Gemini and Aquarius
6 Libra and Gemini

Yess yess yess libra people go so well with me, we always go deep into conversation and truly make the best of friends! They understand and care about me and wow they're truly anazing.

7 Virgo and Pisces
8 Scorpio and Pisces
9 Leo and Libra
10 Aries and Aquarius
The Contenders
11 Pisces and Scorpio

This list is 97% wrong

12 Gemini and Cancer

Well, opposites attract!

13 Virgo and Scorpio
14 Aquarius and Leo

No I don't want to date aquarius!

15 Pisces and Capricorn
16 Taurus and Cancer
17 Aries and Sagittarius

This two has a lot in common and mostly can understand each other.

18 Scorpio and Capricorn
19 Libra and Leo
20 Cancer and Libra
21 Gemini and Leo
22 Aries and Pisces
23 Gemini and Virgo
24 Taurus and Capricorn
25 Aquarius and Cancer
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