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List suggested and partially made by a blonde, so, relax you fellow blondes, and enjoy some laughs!

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21 How did the blonde die in a helicopter crash?

She got cold and turned the fan off!

That's good and I'm a blonde

She asked the pilot if she could try and fly. The pilot said yes. - naFrovivuS

This is the best lmao

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22 How many blondes does it take to change a light bulb?

1 to hold it 400 to spin the house

They couldn't figure out how to get to the store to buy a new lightbulb.

None, no matter how many there are they still can't figure it out

How many blondes does it take to know what one is, first of all? - EliHbk

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23 Why did the blond climb the glass wall?

To see whats on the other side!

A blonde is in her car she can't find her gas pettle, steering wheel... So she called the cops they came and she found out she was in the back seat of her car... Please commet!

That was good I like the fact that the blonde had the same amount of stupidity as the rest of the jokes

She thought she was looking at another room.

Lolololollololololo funniest thing ever!

24 How do you make a blonde's eyes twinkle?

Shine a flashlight in her ear

You shine a flashlight in her ear!

25 What does a blonde do when she is horny?

She cuts off a deer's antlers and glues them to her head

Pokes you like a hornet. - naFrovivuS

26 Why did the blonde got to jail when she got pulled over?

Because when the cop asked for her licence she said "don't you have one to look at? "

They weren't legally blonde

She tried sassing her way out. - naFrovivuS

27 Two blondes were walking through the forest and they came upon a set of tracks. They began to argue about what animal had left the tracks. Ten minutes later, they were hit by a train.

I'm a blonde and I totally got it! That's something I would totally do!

Ha me and my sister rofled for like 20 mins haha she never laughs :LL LAWL
Bu we spent 5mins trying to get that joke :L hahahaa BLONDES!

Never heart this one before. This was the only one in the top ten that actually made me laugh.

That's great - EliHbk

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28 Why can't a blonde make Jello?

Because they can't figure out how to put 2 cups of water in that itty bitty box.

29 How can you tell a blonde in school?

She erases her to notebook when the teacher erases the board

Yea I do that all the time

30 Why did the blonde on her way to Disney World never arrive?

She saw the sign DISNEY WORLD LEFT, so she turned around and went home.

Laugh out loud! I'm a blonde too! - funnyuser

I've been to Disney world 6 times thank you very much.
And I'm blonde.
But this is funny. - alexx3

31 A blonde is in the middle of a movie and she sees something she doesn't understand, what does she do?

I don't know eats an orange then walks back home to play some game about cooking instead of actually doing it because she is really really lazy so I guess that the world isn't going to end said the hobo but then it did and he was sad

She texts her friends, and then yells out to the whole theater "What's Going On? " - Turkeyasylum

32 A blonde, red head, and a brunette are lost in the desert and find a lamp that gives them 3 wishes what do they wish for?

The blonde and the redhead wish to go home, the blonde says, 'i'm lonely I wish my friends were back! '

The brunette and the red head wish to go home and the blonde asks for her friends back

33 What do you get when you put a bunch of blondes in the freezer?

You get flavorless popcicles


Not a brainfreeze... Blondes have no brains­čśé

34 What happened when the blonde tried to commit suicide?

She killed her twin sister by mistake!

Snort! Good one! Laugh out loud! I'm telling Catlin this, and she'll never regret it that bacon pig! SNORT ha! I love jokes

She couldn't figure out how to trigger the gun. - naFrovivuS

She's alive and well

35 What does a blond do when you say, Look, it's a dead bird?

She looks up and yells Were?

Laugh out loud I laughed at this one because I had a blonde friend who actually did this! A friend yelled "Look! Dead Bird Flying! " And my friend quickly looked up and yelled back "WHERE?! " I died laughing!

I have done this plenty of times and I'm the stupid blonde out of all my friends too. So I guess it makes sense.

No, it's not, it has wings. - EliHbk

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36 What is the blonde skeleton in the closet?

Last years hide and seek champion

The 1979 hide and seek champion

37 How do you get a blonde on top of a house?

Tell her the drinks are on the house

Tell her to use a ladder, she will need directions.

38 How to keep stupid guy or girl (blonde) excited?

You write 'please flip' on both sides of a piece of paper

39 How do you keep a blonde in supsense?

Give her a piece of paper saying "flip over" on both sides. That's on this list about 5 times. - Turkeyasylum

Will tell ya tomorrow

Tell her the snake at the socket needs some water, because shes drying out.

Haha. That was funny as heck

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40 Why did the blonde cross the road?

So she could get to the end of the rainbow to greet the chicken

She saw her friend and went to greet her. - naFrovivuS

This one is so funny. Should number one, I have told it to all of my friends lololololololololol.!

So she could get to the other side of the u-turn...

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