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61 Three people got captured by the police and are about to get shot on a windy island

One says Tornado! The shooters turn and look. She ran away.
Another says SUNAMI! And runs away
The blonde yells fire and she dies - Badgerflame

62 Why don't you say dumb blonde?

Tautology ladies and gentlemen.

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63 How did the blonde get an A on the test?

She dyed her hair brown and thought she was smarter.

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64 A blonde is in a boxing ring, the brunette keeps punching her, people tell her to punch back but she wont, why wont she?

She does not want to break the diamond on the ring.

She's afraid she'll get a red flag.

She can't reach her back. - naFrovivuS

65 What did the blond's left leg say to the right leg?

Between us we can make a lot of money

66 Which M&M'S You Like Best?
67 A blonde, a brunette, and a redhead are seeing if they can win a swimming contest.

The brunette makes it 1/4 the way and calls for a helicopter. The redhead makes it 1/3 the way and also calls for the helicopter. The blonde makes it halfway and swims back to the start. When asked why, she said, "I got to the halfway point, and I was getting tired, so I swam back."

68 A blonde, a brunette, and a redhead are told they can win $50,000 if they do not laugh at 100 jokes. The brunette laughs at #30. The redhead laughs at #68. The blonde makes it to #100 and laughs, saying: "I just got joke #1!" V 1 Comment
69 Yo momma so fat that when we drove around her with the car we ran out of gas
70 Why can't blondes drive?

Shes in the backseat asking for the steering wheel and gas pedal

71 How many blondes does it take to screw in a light bulb

I don't know but it takes only one to screw up 3

What's a light bulb

1 to hole the light bulb.
The rest to spin the house. - naFrovivuS

72 A blonde and a brunette were hanging off of a building. The bystander could only save one. He picked the blonde, what happened

The brunette was smart enough to hang on and the blonde just was stupid enough to let go. she was the only one who fell. the bystander caught blonde and she says thanks can I have directions to the nearest roof?

73 What did the blonde say about Eminem

A blonde and a brunette were on a hill. The brunette said"I like Eminem." The blond said "I like skittles." The brunette said "no...the rapper." The blonde said, "who cares about the wrapper."

What about Skittles? - naFrovivuS

74 A blond was driving a plane...

The office control asked the blonde 'this is office control here, are you hearing us loud and clear? '
She replies 'sure captain, I can here you! '
So he says 'can you please tell me your height and your position please? '
She replies 'sure captain, I'm 5 foot 8, and I'll be sitting around de front'

75 Why did the blonde scream?

She was looking in the mirror and she thought her twin was across from her when the mirror suddenly broke

76 If a blonde wrecked a car what would she say?

She would say "what's the number for 911"

77 How did the Blonde die drinking milk? V 1 Comment
78 A blonde was pulled over by a policeman...
79 What do a blonde and the Bermuda triangle have in common?

They both have swallowed a lot of semen/sea men. - westofohio

80 What do call a blonde with 2 brain cells?

Pregnant - westofohio

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