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61 Spyker N.V.
62 Proton

Malaysia cheapest car are ever and comfortable to drive, save 75% fuel, nice body kit and much more.

Has improvement quality and performance

Nice car ever

Everyone able to own a car due to the price. good job

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63 Mahindra

This is all rounder car.. like in price, maintenance, running, and smooth in driving. you should try it and enjoy...

It's car's are best to drive on road or off road...



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64 Mini

The most fun car to drive!

Best car ever it is every fun to drive and the most beutiful car ever



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65 Lada

Original Ladas were made under the licence of Fiat. They were built around the reliable, simple and beautiful design of the car of the year 1967: Fiat 124. Unlike the originals, Ladas did not rust that easily. They weighted 100 kg's more and also had better heater and back brakes.

Later models had also great characteristics. Nivas were still partly based on Fiat 124, but they were outstanding off-roaders. Russians knew perfectly, what it takes to make cars for extreme conditions. Samara had German touch in their design, when Porsche helped Lada with the engine design.

First Lada 110 -models had issues with reliability, but they were still not bad. Think about cars like Ford Pinto, Yugo, Trabant or Aston Martin Lagonda. Lada 110 was not that bad at all, especially the newer generations.

Today, Lada has successfully came up with simple, low cost and reliable cars. Kalina and Granta may not have all the bells and whistles of the more expensive cars, but they are a ...more

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66 Iran Khodro

It is very nice

This is nice car

One of the best cars ever!

It'a like a jock...

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67 Buick

My 2006 Lucerne has been the most reliable vehicle I've owned over 45 years. I have maintained it to the max and it has only failed me once; New Years Day, 2014 the fuel pump module went out. Great car, very comfortable...

Never owned a Buick until this year. I am 61 retired and have owned both Mercedes several Ford's, and Jaguar. I will tell you that my Buick Verano was quieter than the Jag. and handled just as good. My Verano is a 2013. I am still surprised.

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68 Bajaj V 1 Comment
69 Impala Impala

Really cool car had one for 7 years really durable seats, really big trunk super cool although it's sorta ugly

Impala is a model not a brand

Pic related

70 Scania Scania
71 BYD Auto V 1 Comment
72 Saipa

very nice

73 Perodua V 2 Comments
74 TofaƟ

Legend of TURKS

75 Saleen V 1 Comment
76 Daihatsu

Most affordable car for new family...

Good reliable car.

My brother has one and we fly down cranebrook people be hating - jaycriley13

77 DeLorean

John delorean made the best car that can travel 88mph doors open amazing popular car in back to the future

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78 Morgan

One of the last handmade great sports cars.
Beautiful, fun to drive. In a class by itself.

Morgen is the car beans with the mist class and style, they are so beautiful and rare

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79 Smart

I have owned mine 1 year not to reliable but big size difference because I also drive a bmw 5 series drive that most of the time smart is so cute and small.

Smarts are stupid. Way too small. Seriously. They're microscopic cars. Maybe two people could fit in there...DO NOT RECCOMEND

Are you kidding people smart cars at number 98 they're so cute and you can just go out with your date without anyone disturbing you in it

To unerrated! It's the BEST brand!

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80 Street & Racing Technology V 3 Comments
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