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101 Nash
102 Wiesmann
103 Daewoo

Daewoo so are awesome! I own a Lanos sedan four door and it is so smooth it should be number one so much better than bmw

104 Packard
105 GTA Motor

In is so badass - VENENO1200

106 Oldsmobile V 1 Comment
107 Roewe / MG

Not the best car, but its cheap and good. - Dann

108 Renault

Not the best, but this company has been working a lot in ecological automobiles and it has one of the best designs. -

French car Renault Duster I drives for my daily routine never fails my assignment ever though it may not be the best car I love them heartily.

German engineering became so popular over the world that we tend to forget French cars, which are surprisingoy well built.
Even though my renault avantime is not sporty enough, it runs perfectly after 360 000 km. It's a stylish and fun to drive family car. After ten years all the family still loves it. BBC topgear has proven how good this car is.

Renault is great.They are the toppers in SUVs. I have a Duster. It is very strong, fast and comfortable. But recently, I am experiencing worse services from the service center. So it is a 50/50 brand

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109 Cutlass

Model not brand

V 1 Comment
110 Chrysler

even I mistake them for mercedes

Cool reliable cars. A few really cool ones like the Chrysler me four twelve

Unfortunately we, American, we sold it to Italian for peanuts, shame.

Best cars ever! - Brxtney

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111 Saab Saab

Just the best by far. Mercedes and BMW they don't have the passion of these cars! This is my opinion..! And I agree that the Hadling is by far the best in a car

Has true power in the gas, the handling of a Saab is far better than its German competitors who are in good shape as well

The cars with the best building process, and has charming Scandinavian design. -

There's a reason Saab often topped the J.D Power survey's list of "consumer loyalty". Once you've driven and owned a Saab, you never turn back.

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112 Fiat

I have FIAT LINEA, and I love it. Like here said Engine never fails, and safely and built quality is awesome. One day yes, it will become top car in the world beating all the other brands.

Fiats are small, ugly, cramped, weird looking, quiet, fuel efficient... Yeah I don't care a bit about fuel efficiency

Always problems with Fiat, not reliable at all, ugly design, bad engines.

This will become the best car brand by far... WHEN PIGS FLY!

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113 Hyundai

Besides Ford (and possibly Chevy in a couple years), Hyundai is the only brand that is making cars that are: stylish, affordable, good, luxurious (Equus and Genesis), fast (Genesis Coupe), game changing (Sonata and Elantra), reliable, safe, uses good materials, new, gorgeous interior, cool technology, and so many more amazing features that beat almost any other brand out there. Thinking about a Toyota Camry or Honda Accord? One look at the 2011 Hyundai Sonata and you'll know that this car beats the others in every catergory. Thinking about a Toyota Corolla or Honda Civic? Look at the 2011 Hyundai Elantra and it'll be the same story. The most amazing thing is that Hyundai can make cars that are so much better than the competition, and yet still cost less. Even the areas that they are lacking a good car (subcompacts and large sedans) they will soon update the car and vault it to the top of its class. Examples of this will be the 2012 Hyundai Accent and 2012 Hyundai Azera. Looking for ...more

Hyundai is the best brand because they offer more features, better looks, great safety and reliability, and other advantages for less than those other brands. Please look at some Hyundais, you will not be disappointed.

Why is this last place this is the best car brand that ever was made number 1 they have cool door handles number 2 the back seat has a net so thing wont fallout why do people not like the car brand

it's best

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114 Kia

Affordable, value for money

People should take a second look!

Matches exceeds other brands costing more

When I bought a car in this establishment it was really a greatest ca ever

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115 Suzuki

Excellent reliability. Less expensive than Kia and Hyundai. Fun to drive.

It is nice car

It's a excellent job

Unpretentious, reliable, and great fun to drive

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116 Kantanka

I really love this car because, it is able withstand shocks and vibration when movin on rough road it has a cool interior decoration and it has a hard body interms of collisions

117 DS Automobiles

Is a new French car brand, not yet really known but more and more appreciated specially in China.

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