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Apple Inc. is an American multinational technology company headquartered in Cupertino, California, that designs, develops, and sells consumer electronics, computer software, and online services.


I used PC since the mid 90's. I switched to Mac in 2005. I have not had any issues with my iMac, my MacBook Pro, my iPhone or any of my iPads. I had thousands of crashes with PC. Viruses and hard drive castraphic failures with every PC I have ever owned. The shortest was 6 month with a PC laptop. The longest was a PC desktop at 3 year before total failure. I have had my iMac 24" since 2008 and the only issue I have had in 5 years was with my disc drive. Took to Mac repair shop and they fixed for free. That was 1 yr 9 months after purchase and extremely heavy use. MacBook Pro purchased in 2009, no break downs and one crash while running a windows program and no viruses. IPad and iPhone owned every model since second gen. And never had a single issue at all. Programming, virus, battery go bad... Nothing. If all you can afford is PC? Then stick with it! I spent close to 8 grand for all my devices since 2008. But I haven't had to pay for any repairs and none of my technology is out of ...more

The debate between Mac and PC will live on forever. The funniest part is while Apple consumers and fanboy's pour their hard earned clams into a new MacBook Pro every 2 years or less, a new iPhone every year (if the screen survives that long) and finally a new iPad for ever kid in the family, plus the infinite must-have accessories, us PC toting android users are taking advantage of open source development and the freedom to build our own to save money and spend more time with friends and family enjoying the world; less time obsessing over screens and next years model.

Apple does have a narrow window of practical use; photo editing and simple video editing. Truth is, match your apple's specs to any PC; what do you find? About a 50% price difference. Most high-end professionals that are serious about their work and the tools they use to produce the best possible end product rely on PC's because of the universal approach to hardware and software integration, customizability and ...more - arauf

I have a dell windows 7 computer but it does not compare to an apple. Apples are way better. Using it right now. I have a windows and a iMac. Great for gaming which is what I do. For people who like to relax with it and do stuff its also great for that. I have an iPhone and other apple devices so I'm used to apples. But that's not the reason. Great for work situations. Basically anything can be handled on this thing. They got an app store for people who need an app for something. I recommend this computer too the max. Get one.

Overpriced. Has a niche audience and has obnoxious ads on T.V.. I wouldn't care so much about this if the Apple audience wasn't so vocal in media.

Labour that gets the workers to the point of suicide and when they're not jumping out of windows they're getting poisoned by the stuff that is made with the technology! I could go on for countless days about how bad this company is but in short, popular (and overpriced to oblivion) doesn't mean good quality, get that through your heads. - AGK

Quality products that are built to last and worth the extra money! Compatibility within Apple products which enhance the stream-lined nature between devices. All my devices that I've bought for Apple demonstrate they are reliable and in my life for the long haul! Great company and uniquely well-made products in the market today!

Apple is for people who are easily pleased with crisp graphics. I have used Macs and did not like them at all. iPhone? No thanks! Do an iOS update and you may not be able to use it. If it's beyond the first year warranty, you may have to pay. All because you got a notification and went ahead to upgrade. Elitist company with pathological secrecy. Has greater resemblance to religion than technology. - Libra888

The computer is so fast and smart any one can be satisfied the computer does very quickly downloads. The computer can also backup your files which is excellent. The computer has the best security networks so your computer will not get viruses. The best thing is so common to use. Anyone can use this apple computer it is the best

Used to work at an IBM dealer. Went into the family business and were having many software (virus, malware, etc) and hardware issues. Switched to Apple and users stopped complaining. Cannot tell you what is difference it made allowing us to concentrate on actually doing work

Apple is excellent. Although that high price is out there, it certainly makes excellent high-quality laptops and its desktop is simply great. My cousin has a Macbook Pro from four years before and it's as good as new. It could gabble about this for hours on end - just excellent. Excellent, do you hear me?

I love the quality and look of all apple computers, my sister and dad both have one and I always use them. They rarely overheat and they have a great and clean layout so its easy to use. I don't like PC because they seem to be much slower than a good old trustworthy apple computer. I do lots of video editing and it is easy to upload footage into lightroom or iPhoto and transfer it to adobe premier for editing. I use mostly all apple products so it is easy to upload music to my iPhone and iPad when still editing pictures or video footage. It is a great computer for multitasking and design.

Apple is rubbish. To over priced, between $1000-$3000. I used to have a 6 year old apple computer and it was so slow. I also had a 13 year old compaq cq61 and it was 10 times faster. I think compaq need to be first. Compaq are also value for money and a lot more faster. Apple definitely need to go up the ladder and compaq need to go up the ladder.

I have owned a mac for a long time and I am a gamer. Do not get a mac for gaming get a pc they are the best for gaming. Windows 7 is better however I am getting a pc in the next month for gaming probably a dell

I had the very first Apple and never deviated. I tried a Dell laptop, but still had my Apple desktop, it was so confusing to me, I gave it away to a deserving student. Apple is so user friendly, if you can read, you can get through apple applications. It simply can't be beat.

I used to like Apple until one day I got one and realised that NO WHERE ON THE BOX DOES IT SAY CHOCKING HAZARD, I then proceeded to consume the product, and it was incredibly painful. It was gluten free though so that's a plus

Macs are well built, reliable and smooth machines that may not be great for gaming but they are excellent for video editing, productivity, coding, watching video, typing and surfing the web.

I think apple is the best brand because it has amazing features which hardly any other brand provides us and apple has achieved a height of popularity in business world too. May it be apple ipods, iphones everything is so amazing that you get addicted to it!

Apple Macs have an amazing design! They are designed around the software inside, so everything is just....THERE! On Macbooks, you have a Magsafe power adapter! And the software any hardware is made by the SAME COMPANY so all the cogs mash together! - henrydwatson

Apple is a very good computer brand. It's high quality. I think Apple products must be little bit cheaper. Apple company produces very valuable products than the other companies. That's why I say Apple is a very good computer brand.

Its great with its light weight, user friendly and modern design. Its also unique looking than other computers. The best part is, NO VIRUSES. You don't have to worry and spend your money on antivirus programs. So its great.

Apple is a very good computer brand and I have a Mac for about 5 years now and it has never let me down when I do my reports and researching. It is a very good computer. The laptops are very good as well. I have tried out a Macbook Pro and it is excellent.

I think apples are really great computers and even though they are really expensive they are totally worth the money! They are really great

APPLE brand is the best every body in the whole world likes it! I have a HP laptop and it is not that good but it is still good enough. I put apple brand the first and LG the second and HP the third. REGARDS YOUR VOTER

This is the most epic computer ever go for apple if you want high quality, great graphics and fast internet depending on your network, I am working on a macbook pro right now and I bought in 2007

So organized, fast, cutting edge. Obviously could still use some better features, but seeing as they have continued reigning in the computer and phone industry and are STILL coming out with new technology, they deserve to be at the top.