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Dell Inc. is an American privately owned multinational computer technology company based in Round Rock, Texas, United States, that develops, sells, repairs, and supports computers and related products and services.


I've been in the Computer Refurbish/Repair field for 17 years. In that time I've personally fixed or rebuilt over 20,000 desktop computers. I've encountered every brand and nearly every model of every brand over these 17 years. The Dells are just better engineered than all the rest. You can tell that they are made for business class IT departments and that the designers thought about "down times." They also know how internal IT repair really works. You don't need a screwdriver to ever replace the Hard Drive, or Optical Drive in a business class Dell computer. All Dells past Win '98 had System Pre-activation so you didn't have to ever type in an activation code for an MS OS if Dell branded media was used.. And, when it is important to lock down a computer, the case design is not easy to get into. Dell designers thought about all this stuff. Dell also made their machines Linux ready.

Dell is a computer brand that helped define good computers. Even though Hewlett-Packard may have started the computer business and apple revolutionized it, Dell refined their computers to an art. I have had Dell desktops and laptop from the late 90s and early 2000s that still are perfectly functional and refuse to die.
Dell also has an amazing diversity of different computers, all of which are customizable to anyone's personal lifestyles. Their customer service is great and their warranty are just lifesavers sometimes and I hope to never buy anything else, with the exception of velocity micro.
- masongilbert74

I have many friends with different laptop brand acer, asus, toshiba, hp, apple, Samsung.. After 5 years the only one that has never been repaired and still working is my laptop DELL INSPIRON.. If I will going to rank among the brands.. My number 1 choice is DELL, 2nd is APPLE, 3rd is TOSHIBA, 4th is SONY, 5th ACER, 6th is LENOVO, 7th is ASUS, 8th SAMSUNG and the worst of all brand is HP.. 5 of my friend's laptop didn't last 2 years.. DELL more power!

APPLE computers is a closed system which means it uses only its product and software like itunes for listening and downloading music; therefore, apple computers do not need to antivirus ;meanwhile, pc or windows it is an opened system. It can interact with apple products and others. From my experience with computers as a technician, Dell is #1(design and performance).

I've had Dell computers for years and I cannot say a single thing bad about them. They're stylish, affordable, and reliable. I hear people complaining about Dell and how often their computers break but I don't get what they can possibly be doing to their computer that it would break so often. I've 3 different Dells in a span of over 10 years and have not had to repair any of them once.

Their customer service is really bad. If you can get past the language barriers between you and the service people, you will find that they are not very patient with you. They are also not helpful. Two of our computers were damaged by the downloads from their technicians. BEWARE! If you give them your credit card number, they will charge you for things you never wanted, and never ordered.

Best of all manufacturer's for post sale support. Well made solid performance. Innovative design & forward looking for future markets. Close computing. Solid enterprise server line, innovative storage servers. The list keeps growing.

Apple attempted the server market for a while. I worked on them. Pri& you had extremely limited, proprietary expansion. If it wasn't for the iPod we wouldn't be talking about Apple anymore. They no longer have the graphics & publishing professional market sewn-up. The loyal hang on, but many have defected. Beings proprietary in product & licensing will be their undoing. Anyone remember Microchannel?

Dell is a great solid long lasting computer that should be forever. I have had about 5 and none have failed me. No matter what kind of software they have loaded onto them. Plus you can buy them at so many locations for a great affordable price. I don't see why anyone would want another kind. They are truly my favorite.

Great preformance. Lasts forever I've had this one going on 7-8 years an it hasnt slowed a bit. only maintance I've done on it was a changing the battery. I also don't use it all the time like most people but it hasnt failed me yet. great for businesses and practical uses - vividerzero

Why is Dell in the third position? I have no clue! My computer sucks! I had a problem with microphone and it take me weeks to return the computer! They finally sent me a new computer and the problem is back again!

My Dell Dimension from 2003 is still performing very well to this day. It was my daily machine until May 2016 but continues to be used occasionally. The whole "dude you got a Dell" thing only started because of one model which had a bad power supply that failed shortly after warranty which affected Dells reputation for a few years.

Best ever and is gonna beat apple in 2013 or 2014 and for me the most precious. Dell is my favorite brand and is gonna remain the same. We are lucky to have such kind of computer brands. And is better than apple but the only problem is that dell do not produce phones or else apple is nothing in front of dell

I think dell is the best brand because apple you have to have an upgrade every month and some times it cost money. I am using a dell right now and it is great to use if you have more than one kid only because most of the time if your kid is in a higher grade they have to use your computer.

I think that my 10 year old Dell dimension 3000 computer still haven't given yet, my collection of 12 dell computers all over 6 years old, except for one who has unfortunately is not with us anymore, they are all still alive to this day and are still usable and reliable,

Go Dell

Solid computer with easy to use programs. It is easy to fix and easy to buy an upgrade because of the low price. Overall the best laptop purchase I have ever made.

I have had no-name brands and commercial brands. All did their job. For the money and features and communication with the company, Dell seems to me to be the best of the lot... and there was a lot. Honestly, many no-name brands are fine. It's who ya gonna call if sometining goes wrong or you don't understand something. I'm very happy with Dell customer service, tech support, and value.

Never had a problem that wasn't fixed easily by my warranty. I know that I am hard on computers its only fair to mention that. For most people these computers have no problems and awesome start up and run time.

I'm a huge fan of Dell. Dell has a good prize and a variety of configuration. By the way, their back-up service is amazing. I've been using my Dell for more than 3 years, and it's still working efficiently.

Dell computers are a very high quality computer. They have a wide range of computers and prices from middle school computers to full on work computers. They have lots of back up in case something goes wrong which it probrably won't and is extremely quick to fix. They are generally good value for money and would highly recommend to anyone.

We are located in Hawaii and have used Dell computers for many years. Yes things happen and hardware support is sometimes needed and in our experience Dell support is very, very quick.

Online Customer Chat was so helpful and friendly. I aboslutely love Dell's products. Honestly, I recommend them when others ask me what brand they should choose, I reply Dell.

Fantastic customer service, even better than Apple. Apple only has 90 days. Dell has unlimited AND it doesn't matter if you are out of warranty. 5 stars

I HATE DELL. I've had 2 dell computers and they both sucked. Could not go online with a gun to its head, so you can't download anything good and the only thing to keep you company is chess. If you ask me, put this in the -100 and Microsoft here.

A Good Computer for Gaming, I Think it's better than Acer as they have made computers longer and have a better reputation

There's no denying it, dell simply makes the best laptops out there. Macs still don't have the capabilities a Dell laptop has. All in all, dell provides more entertainment and solid performance.