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21 Advanced Micro Devices (AMD)

Best processor

The creators of my computer's super awesome Ryzen 3 - Supergameplayer

How would computer manufacturers make pc and mac's with out AMD and INTEL and NVIDIA after all they make the cup's and the chipsets and the graphics chips in fact if it was not for AMD they would not be the new Xbox ONE or PS 4 or the Nintendo wii and they would be no apple or HP or ASUS or DELL or Acer. manufacturers like these design and build computers made from the hardware of AMD INTEL and NVIDIA and all the other hardware manufacturers they are the real stars of the show and that why AMD INTEL and NVIDIA belong at the top of this list.

I like AMD 64.

22 Corsair

They have really solid products with great customer service and warranties that back them up.

Have a corsair cooling fan in my gaming desktop. It has never let me down.


Really cheap for performance and specs. That's all there really is to it. Lets not forget the fact that it looks amazing!

Great Computer, Awesome Specs!

It is great, not great FANTASTIC

Best value for custom builds

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24 MSI

I bought one last year, a GE70 for video editing, to replace my old and obsolete but still own HP DV7. However, the GE70 failed after a year having Power Issues and short-circuiting itself, the battery and power supply. I don't recommend this if you need a laptop 24/7 computing, processing, encoding, uploading, and do other tasks related to video editing or simply 24/7 computing needs. The motherboard will fail. Also the build quality of the first GE70 was bad. Pure plastic which can be folded easily and maybe that's what caused a bad motherboard. It is a mystery why it failed, but one thing is for sure, I will never buy and MSI again. It was my first and last.

In my opinion MSI laptops are the best out there! Great specs and they are really reliable with an excellent tech support. They handle games very well on highest settings and most models are very appealing by appearance. MSI are the best out there!

MSI only do windows systems. Try buying a laptop without an os and they will tell you all about OEM's etc chapter and verse, and will even claim that no one can sell a laptop without an os. Don't buy off them as they are mates with that Bill Gates moron.

One of the two best gaming brands for laptops and desktop systems without a doubt.

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I like that brand because it is my laptop brand! And it is really good to use for a long time! 1

26 Razer

Great company has amazing gaming equipment along with epic computers. This gets my vote although a little expensive.

The best computer out there, "Built for gamers, By gamers".


I love their products! Sleek design, great quality, looks nice, and powerful!

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27 Pensonic


28 GamingPC
29 Packard Bell

It's the best gaming computer out there I play games with very high requirements and I play In the best grafics so never shows any probs it's boss

Cool for games

Don't know why its 60th. I have one and its really awesome, I fell its the same as HP because its made by Hewlett Packard (HP).

31 Gigabyte
32 Logitech

Its a very nice brand mostly on mouses

Best for Keyboard and mouse its for for more than 7 years

I have one and it broke down a day after I got it that brand sucks y u even put dis brand on here?!

33 Touchmate
34 Hitachi

It is nicest brand of computer I have ever used

35 Turbo X

Sort of brand fantastic faster and features

36 System76

Any computer which comes with Ubuntu as its only choice of OS really has its priorities in order.

37 HCL Enterprise

It is a nice brand.

HCL Strong In Sales & Service, Reliable Brand In India.

HCL is the best.

This is a very nice

38 Radioactive PC
39 Sun Microsystems
40 Q
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